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Dwelling On Past Mistakes.

Posted on Thu Dec 3rd, 2009 @ 3:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Bridge of the USS Farragut and Observation Lounge

Daniels was slumped in the command chair of the Farragut while monitoring the docking of the ship with Starbase 611. It was a tedious job left mainly to the computer to handle, but due to his recent transgressions this was all part of his penance.

The worst thing was the newly created frustration from having his time with Helen interrupted and the lack of sleep he was starting to suffer from.

As the ship waited for docking access and an approach lane Jack sat there and thought back on how it had all started.


Jack remained seated while the rest of the senior officers filed out of the observation lounge, the staff meeting had brought up little of relevance, other than what had already been established before hand.

The real problem was when he let slip that Admiral DuVuor, thanks to him knew that the former members of her crew had mysteriously appeared 20 years later. So now here he sat waiting for Vos seal his fate, finally the observation room was empty except for him and Captain Lorran.

"Jack, cut the shit." Vos said, standing up and walking around the table opposite his first officer. He slid a hand across the backs of the now empty chairs. "After all this time I can tell when something's bothering you, and you've been out of sorts ever since we picked up the Kodiak. What is it that has you so damn angry? Why in the hell would you deliberately disregard my orders to keep things quiet when you contacted Admiral DeVuor?" he demanded. Vos wasn't yelling, but he was obviously a tad irritated.

Jack wanted to get defensive and argue that he wasn't letting his anger get the best of him, but he simply couldn't because it had gotten the best of him and now he had to answer for it.

"I did not intend to tell Admiral DeVuor when I contacted 611, but you know how she is once she asked why and I tried to avoid giving her a full answer she wasn't gonna stop till she got one".

"Come on, Jack. That's why the Prophets invented text communications. You didn't even have to hold a face to face conversation, but you did anyway, knowing that she'd order you to spill what you knew. I'm used to being able to trust you, Commander. I want to know why I'm reconsidering that trust. Now explain." Vos countered, sounding just a tad angrier. "What is it about the Kodiak crew that has your panties in a bunch?"

And that was the truth, he didn't have to update the Admiral via live communications he could have sent a pre-recorded message or even a text one. But at the same time he hadn't done it on consciously, but subconsciously he had know what was gonna happen.

"It's personal and difficult to explain" already he felt like he had let another confidant down, but this was a ghost he'd been carrying for to long. "Do you remember how Lt. Commander Mason was after the Kodiak disappeared?"

"Yes, but we all dealt with our grief in our own way. What does that have to do with this?" the Captain answered as he rounded back to his conference chair and sat down.

"Yeah well what no one else knows is that Mason took it harder than any of us, much harder" Jack grew silent again as the old memories started to come back to him "Not to put it to kindly she fell off the rails. The security department was very protective of her, so when they would find her passed out or get complaints by the shop owners I'd be the first one to hear about it."

For the first time he looked into the face of Vos and could see the growing understanding on it "I'd make sure she'd get back to her quarters and sobered up and that any reports of any incidents disappeared. It wasn't till much later that I found out why."

"Zeek's disappearance just about destroyed her and after... well you know, it just became easier to blame it on him."

Vos rubbed at the bridge of his nose. "And the fact that his disappearance is in no way Zeek's own fault; that you're judging him unfairly and putting the lives of those people at risk for some petty chance at revenge; this hasn't occurred to you?" he said a little more harshly than he had intended. He paused for a moment before continuing. "You know that as soon as Beverly found out she was bound to let someone else know. The higher up on the chain of command you get the less freedom with these secrets you tend to have. The Temporal Division will be sending someone, if they're not already at the station waiting for us. Any chance of getting Zeek back and sparing Kristina that horrible period in her life is just going to get much slimmer now. Do you understand what I'm saying, Jack?"


That conversation had been haunting him for hours after wards, even his aborted encounter with Helen had been more about desperation and a need to escape from his own thoughts.

It would seem he owed Vos more thanks, while he did intend it as a punishment it also stopped him from making a mistake with Lyons. The more time he spent with her the more he was falling and for the first time in a while he didn't want to screw up this relationship.

"Commander?" The young officer covering at Ops broke him out of his thoughts, from the look on her face and the rest of the bridge crew she had been trying to gain his attention several times.

Pulling his head together he got back to work "Report".

"We've made the hard dock with 611" the young woman was still a little un-nerved but had pulled herself together better than he had.

Getting up from the Captains chair he moved over to his own chair and station placed to the right of it. Scanning through the department conditions to ensure all areas were prepared to switch over to the station for power and computer control.

"Computer" waiting for the responding bleep to signify that it was ready for his command "Commander Jack Daniels confirming docking with Starbase 611, switch to blue alert and surrender computer control to 611 mainframe".

Again there was a slight wait as the computer worked to complete the command, eventually the the alert conditions on the bridge began to flash blue and several bridge stations shut down as part of the safety functions for being docked at any type of space station.

=^=Starship at condition blue=^=

"Alert the Captain and crew of the Kodiak that we've docked at Starbase 611" not waiting for the Ops officer to confirm the order he turned to the junior officer for Gamma shift "You have the Bridge."


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