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Matlh and Jones

Posted on Wed Jan 6th, 2010 @ 6:26pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Ambassador's Office
Timeline: after the meeting

Jones had gotten the jist of his crew. Something about a traid deal and an apology and an angry klingon. He figured that it would be best to at least go down and talk to this ambassador about this. He had dealt with Klingons in the past, by his recollection he was up on them three to two and hoped. Wandering down to her office he looked around for anyone to get her for him. After a few moments of being ignored he decided to try something that might get there attention.

"WHO THE HELL IS IN CHARGE HERE?" Jones yelled in the general area of the office and looked around, hoping to at least get a minor aide to at least tell the ambassador he was here for her.

Haqtaj only had one aid, Vartog, and he was busy organising paperwork for the quarantine expidation of her goods. Fortunately Haqtaj had been expecting jones and on his outburst came out. She was an impressive sight, all 6'4 of her.

She smiled broadly when she saw the Human, "Captain Jones, I presume? I am so pleased to make your accquaintance. Would you like to step into my office. I believe we have some business opportunities of mutual benefit to discuss."

"I would definitely be interested in hearing what you have to say ambassador." Jones looked at the woman and smiled. "We can do it in your office, or out here, whatever you prefer, unless your aide doesn't like to watch that is, or you don't trust them."

Matlh glanced over at Vartog and barked an order in Klingong Vartog nodded and made himself scarce. Haqtaj geatured to a chair and poured some red liquid into a metal cup and offered it to Jones.

"Captain Jones, you are a man of business, and you will understand that your reputation will gain you and lose you clients repsectively. Those who wish to transport goods in a hurry know that they are safe with you, but those who have diplomatic passengers will be unlikely to choose you as their courier. It is an important thing to maintain. Your crew also has a certain bluff and bravado that goes with being in your industry."

Jones took the cup of wine and took a long drink from it. He couldn't stand the stuff but insulting a klingons wine usually landed you in the infirmary. With her it would probably be a fifty fifty chance of who was going to land there. "What can I say, my crew doesn't like to be insulted, even though we might not have a nice tidy uniform, they demand a certain amount of respect." Jones leaned back in his chair a bit, trying to read what this woman was getting at.

"I too have a reputation to maintain at the station. I want the people here to know that when I speak my people listen, and that my voice carries the authority of the Empire. Unfortunately most of the Federatoin wouldn't know a half breed from a Full blood Klingon. This is where I find my self in an unevniable position."

"The first trader I find, who I can give a significant and lucrative trade opportunity too ends up insulting and alienating the chief security officer on this station. So I ask myself, can I trust htese people to behave tehmselves when they go into Klingon space as a representative of House Matlh? Can they demonstrate to me that they are capable of acting with honour and respect?"

"You see Captain, I am not looking for a package delivery service, I am looking for someone who I can develop a working relations ship with. Someone I can trust to show represent the good name of the House Matlh even if that means an occasional diplomatic gesture. Do you understand me, Captain Jones"

"Well, I appreciate that you are referring to me as captain." Jones took another sip. "But, the Federation and I haven't exactly had the best working relationship in the past, and I was defending my crew member, I understand that appearances, especially to the members of the Federation, are important, but one such as your self should realize and respect that honor and reputation must be preserved. Even if it does mean throwing an insult or two at a stuck up security officer." Jones smiled at her, "Besides, my man didn't even throw the first punch." The old captain stretched out in his chair a bit cracking his back. "As for respect my dear ambassador, accosting my crew, when they aren't even authorized to negotiate on behalf of the ship with a job opportunity is a slap in the face to me." He placed the almost empty mug down on the desk and looked straight at her.

"No one insults my crew, a diplomatic gesture may be warranted when signing a peace treaty, but I'm not going to order Martok or anyone to apologize to that security officer, if they feel that honor would be served in apologizing then it is on their own will, I think you could respect that. If you want to talk business, lets talk business, but an apology, especially one coerced by me by my crew is off the table." Jones leaned back. "An honorable woman such as yourself should truly understand and appreciate that."

Haqtaj considered, "Certainly a forced appology is of no use to either of us. I realise that Martok was assaulted and defended himself. I wonder though what the Security officer did to cause him to be so offended that he should lash out at her? And I did not negotiate the trade with your crew. I specifically asked to speak to you. I knew that to be a Cpatain, and I do not use that term lightly, in this day and age means you have a wisdom that may have escaped your crew."

"I think perhaps you have misunderstood me, Captain. My lucrative trade offer is open for negotiation but only to people I know will be able to maintain access to this station. What good will it be to me if I give you the contract and tomorrow you insult the Admiral and are no longer alowed to dock? I am not saying that part of the deal is that Martok appologises. Let me try this another way."

Haqtaj picked up the half drunk glass and placed it back with the others, "I want a ship whose crew will support me and who can ask me for support intimes of need. To support me, you must help me maintain the appearance of Klingons being a civilised race who do not fall to blows at the slightest provocation. The example of your crew, as representatives of me will go a long way towards that. MY position will lend legitamicy to what ever "Extra curicula" activities you are doing, and you civility while trading on this station will provide proof that I am able to contain those under my authority. It works out well for both of us."

"I personally don't care what you think of the Security-Hom who guards this place. I don't care if Martok appologises, or stays on the ship, or whatever. But if your crew are going to continue to make trouble then I cannot afford to be connected with you. I ask for a show of respect for me and my position, not for the Federation, or the Human in question."

Jones smiled at her, they must not of told her what was going on in the Cestus region, not that they would. "Well I assure you my beautiful ridged friend, that after the next caper that we are pulling off, they'll probably give me the keys to this station, backed on the word of an Admiral, that is, if we live." Jones looked at her and smiled, for a Klingon woman she was attractive, something about the teeth. "Do you have anymore of this wine?"

Haqtaj smiled, "300,000 litres. But it needs someone to ship it to the station. That is part of the lucrative trade opportunity I am offering. Real Blood Wine'a, not the replicated filth. And live food for the Klingons who will be coming to the station. Plenty of adventure for any ship's captain, to have a hold full of Targ. Part of my agreeing to take this post was for my brother to provide me with as much as I wanted. Unfortunately I neglected to arrange transport. The trader who takes the consignment would have regular access to the Klingon Territories, and and comercial opportunities they could find there, as well as regular payments and my personal gratitude."

Haqtaj smiled, "So, is that worth a sign of respect to you? I assume you were interested or you would not have come. If however the price of humility is too high, I will leave the matter here... this time."

Jones leaned back a little bit, contemplating the situation. "As a Klingon warrior, would you apologize in my situation?" He wanted to try and throw her a curve ball. "I thought that apologizing was seen as a weakness among warriors of the empire." Jones looked at her and finished off the rest of his blood wine. "Your offer is tempting as well as having the potential to be very lucrative. I just am curious as to what a woman in your situation would do if the roles were revered."

Haqtaj looked keenly at the man, "You are asking the wrong question, Captain Jones. Is an appology a sign of weakness? Not necessarily. Begging forgiveness may be, but a formal appology can be a sign of respect for accidental transgressions."

She pulled her knife and held it out to Jones, "This blade is a representation of Klingon Honour. It has a blunt end, but it also has a blade. There are times when both are necessary. My name, Matlh, means scalpel. It is a precision instrument, far sharper than any warriors blade, and yet all but usless in a fight. It too has it's place."

"Captain Jones, there are times when standing up for your honour is all that you have, and there are times when you must insult one to gain respect from another. In the past I have fought the Federation with every instinct and skill I have. Today I sit here asking you to appologise to a Federation officer."

"So do not ask if I, as a Klingon Warrior, would appologise. Everyone appologises at some time. Instead ask if today is the day when an appology is going to be worth the cost. Is it the time for the Batlheth, or the Matlh?"

Jones looked over the intricately designed Knife that the Klingon had handed to him. He twirled it in his hand, watching as the light shined off of it. "I'll apologize to the security officer, but this had better be a lucrative deal, I've got a reputation to uphold."

Haqtaj smiled, "As have I, Captain. If it will show... good will, I to will appologise to any members of your crew who feel I was disrespectful."

She stood and ushered Jones to the door, "In the mean time, I will draw up the appropriate trade maps and pass codes. When the appology is complete, who will you send to discuss the terms?"

"I'll probably send Lottie, Tyl would probably rather sooner slit your throat." Jones looked at her. "Isn't there some kind of weird Klingon mating ritual we need to perform now?"

Haqtaj smiled, "Did you want to? I believe you would find me... crippling. I have already killed three husbands. I will settle for getting my knife back. Why don't you arrange the appologies and send Lottie over. Good day, Captain Jones. A pleaseure to be doing buisness with a real man of enterprise."

Jones handed the knife back over to here, "Expect Lottie sometime soon."


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