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Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

Posted on Thu Feb 19th, 2009 @ 11:47pm by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Brig

Kristina had not been looking forward to this moment, in fact the thought had kept her awake most of the night. It was still making her agitated now. Dealing with a very angry Klingon was not something you did everyday, it was normally something you went out of you way to avoid.
However, K'Tan had to answer for his behavior yesterday. He was on a Starfleet ship now and how to play by the rules that had been lain down regardless if he liked them or not. She thought she had made them clear enough when they first met one another on the bridge, but as Kristina stepped into the brig she realized now her thoughts were misplaced.

It was still early, Commander Lorran had not arrived yet, but she knew it wouldn't be long until he did. K'Tan however appeared to be wide awake pacing his confided space with two strides before hitting a wall and turning back.

Commander Lorran stepped through the doors a moment later. He'd been up extremely early this morning sorting crew rosters and search teams for the upcoming mission. He had purposefully kept this until last to show that he had better things to do...and to have all of his other work in case K'Tan tried to kill him. He looked stern, his back teeth set together in a way that made the muscles stand out on his jawline. He didn't have his phaser with him this time, but the security crewman manning the brig did. He nodded to the crewman and the forcefield closing off K'Tan's cell dropped. "Lieutenant J.G. K'Tan, front and center!" he barked like a drill sergeant.

K'Tan moved toward Lorran and stood at attention, following regulations. This was not a Klingon ship and he had to deal with the situation. While his reaction to the Marine Captain had been normal in his eyes the cowardly Executive Officer shot him in the back. He responded with a harsh tone in his voice "Sir!"

Kristina lent against a wall looking relaxed but was under the surface she was like spring, coiled ready to leap into action when needed to.

Lorran could see in K'Tan's eyes and hear it in his voice that the Klingon had less than a stellar opinion of him, but that was his problem. "Lieutenant, I want you to listen good and hard." he said, taking a step forward so that he was face to face with K'Tan. The Klingon had a good two inches on him, but if that bothered him Vos didn't show it. "This is not a Klingon ship. This is not a Klingon crew. As such, you are required to follow Starfleet regulations concerning personal conduct and your treatment of others. Attacking a superior officer will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER be tolerated. I don't care if you beat the crap out of each other during your rec time, but when you wear that uniform you will show it the respect it's due. If I find that you've put one more toe out of line I will introduce you to the nearest airlock myself, am I understood?"

K'Tan looked at Lorran and nodded "I understand Sir, I will apologize to Captain Jorvin formally. I have broken the rules so I am not upset with you shooting me". The Klingon's hand reached resting on the Bajoran's shoulder as he continued "I've heard good things about you Commander Lorran. Regardless this will not happen again. I am sorry for what happened. Yes I understand what you say". His eyes turned to Kristina then back to Lorran as he pulled back his hand, waiting for the Executive officer to continue. For some reason the Klingon seemed to have accepted Lorran's authority and calmed down.

From her position Kristina was listening intently. Something didn't add up in her opinion. Klingon's were normal an aggressive breed and would rather argue themselves hoarse or spill blood before they admitted they were wrong. Or perhaps that was just her preconceptions talking. K'Tan was calm and collected as Vos lectured him, this was not the first time she had seen an endearing side to him. Then again, this could all be a facade. Only time would tell.

Commander Lorran flicked his glance over to where K'Tan's hand had rested on his shoulder and raised an eyebrow for a moment. This was going a lot better than expected, which made the Bajoran Resistance Fighter in him paranoid. Then again, Klingons weren't widely known for their skill at deception, so he was tempted to take K'Tan at face value. "You will report for away team assignment in two hours, Lieutenant. We're going back to the planet. Make yourself ready. Dismissed." he nodded, giving K'Tan leave to go.

K'Tan nodded and saluted "Yes Sir. What equipment shall I take with me?", he asked looking at Lorran with a smile, a half smile but a thing he rarely did. Waiting patiently for a reply he began to think of the mission ahead.

"Be prepared to spend a few days and nights on the planet, Lieutenant. I'll leave the weapon choices to you. Try to be...conservative, please." Vos replied, knowing that there was no way he could convince K'Tan to bring a simple hand phaser and nothing else. Klingons and their knives...he just didn't get it.

K'Tan nodded a little "Yes Sir". The Klingon turned to Kristina, nodded to her "Lt. Mason". Eventually he moved off to prepare as indicated. He had intention to be ready on time, and not be late for the mission. He had a good idea what he needed to prepare for the away team.

She returned a stiff nod as K'Tan passed. Kristina gave Vos a piercing look boarder lining on mistrust and disgust. Allowing K'Tan to pick his own weapon choices could be like letting a child wonder lose in a sweet shop armed with money. They'd both try and take as much as they could carry regardless if were truly necessary or not.

"I'd rather have a heavily armed Klingon with me if something does go wrong, Lieutenant." Vos returned the piercing look with a simple grin. "Besides, do you really think he would have listened to me if I told him to bring nothing but his sidearm?" He moved over to where Kristina was leaning against the wall and did the same, supporting himself with one hand. "K'Tan's a Klingon on a Federation ship. He's not the only one that needs to do a bit of compromising. We need to make him feel useful." he chuckled. "Cheer up, at least he won't be running around on the ship anymore. We'll be able to keep a close eye on him down there."

Her hard gaze softened slightly. "Putting his skills to better use would make him a useful addition to the mission." she mused. "Considering his outburst, and now surreal calm I think I might be keeping more then one eye on him at all times. I know he's a member of our crew, one that we have to work in close proximity with, but I'd I trust him as far as I can throw him Sir. And that's not very far at all."

"I agree, Lieutenant. Stay sharp around him for now." Vos agreed. "Let's get ready to head down."

"Yes, Sir." Kristina pushed herself from the wall. "I just need to give the security teams their briefing then we are set."


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