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Under Watchful Eyes

Posted on Thu Dec 10th, 2009 @ 9:42am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Ensign Charlie Johansson

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Sickbay, 611
Timeline: Twenty Years into the future

Lieutenant Commander Annabelle Brenari smiled polity at Henk's sarcastic comment. "I can assure you this won't take long and I will not have to ask you to go through this again."

Fortunately the collection of witnesses including the Admiral, Captains Lorran, Lake and Commandant Harrison had departed the infirmary allowing Annabella to carry out tests in peace. Though the misplaced team weren't exactly silent as they voiced their thoughts on being examined again.

"The sooner we end this witch hunt, the sooner we can get working on a way home. I thought we cleared all of this up on the Farragut, but it seems twenty years can't even begin to touch Starfleet's cautious nature." Zeek said as he hopped up on a bio bed. Normally he was not so outspoken infront of his subordinates, and at the risk of being hypocritical, he couldn't stay quiet any longer.

"Look," the Doctor snapped jerking away her scanning equipment. "I understand your frustration but place yourself for a moment if you in mine or the Admiral shoes I know Captain Lorran has already had you all checked on board his vessel but our equipment is more sensitive then his. We have to rule out anything at this point." Her bitter tone had faded part way through her speech.

Restlessly she picked up the scanner again and passed it in front of Charlie watching its reading with interest. "You're already seen the stir you've created and I'm afraid for a while longer you'll be treated like animals in a zoo to be stared and studied until Starfleet can decide what to do with you all."

Brenari then moved to Henk who made a move to argue again. Sensing this she lifted her gaze: "Don't move," she scolded him.

Yes Ma'am" Henk said as he stood still. He just looked the woman in her eyes. He thought he found something familiar in her eyes. For the moment he blocked it out of his eyes.
Instead he began to sing songs in his mind. He began with new songs, and ended with songs that where very old.

Bella narrowed her eyes against the strange collection of melody's the lieutenant was occupying himself with to settle nerves or to block out the strange situation he was in. She had seen the way he looked at her as if trying to recall her as a younger woman. Pulling away a little Bella summarised taking a small blood sample that as a junior officer twenty years ago clearly meant nothing to them. It hurt a little but wouldn't distract her from her work.

Noticing her silence Zeek turned to Leanne "Maybe we're not really us after all? Maybe we're Romulans in Human clothing." He said with a chuckle and a wink, trying to get her to relax a bit. He knew that comment probably wouldn't go over so well with the Doc, but he was doing what he could to lighten the mood.

"I'm sorry, I'm just thinking over all of this." Leanne chewed on her thumb a little bit and looked at Zeek, she appreciated the thought but the implications of what had happened, and what exactly happened with Beverly? Leanne looked at Brenari. "What exactly are you testing for?"

Having now completed Henk's scans Bella moved onto to Leanne next feeling a wave of trepidation rising. This woman use to be her mentor, her guiding hand, the one who slowly introduced her to common practise until the day she vanished leaving a gapping hole in her wake.
Brenari had watched helplessly as the crew began to fall apart one after another. She tried to desperately to help those who required it but in certain cases the scars were simply too deep to be healed not even the moving hand of time could dull the heartache one patient in particular had endured. Bella shot Zeek a criticising look wondering if she could tell him Commander Mason lost her grip on reality, drank herself into a stupor falling into the depths of depression which she never returned from.

Blinking away the image of the tears shed on that fateful day Brenari studied the readouts from the scanner again to regain her composure. "Primarily I am cross-matching your DNA against the existing medical files in the library as a second confirmation. This wouldn't be the first hoax we've seen in your absence." She lowered the scanner and quickly pressed a tiny hypo to Leanne's wrist extracted a droplet of blood. "This equipment should also be able to paint a clearer picture to what happened, how you ended up here and the affect it had on your physical and mental status. Research has taught us over the years an event like the one you all claim to been in leaves tale tale marks if you look hard enough. To be openly honest Leanna I don't know exactly what I am looking for."
Moving onto Zeek next Brenari resumed the same procedure for the final time finding it now ten times harder to concentrate under the eyes of those she had once respected and admired. Now however they were misplaced individual that were responsible to many downturns on the station. They were sorely missed, not a day would go by when you could hear someone say 'I wish... was here...'
Even Bella had wished that herself. Leanne was the next best thing to a sister other then her one whom Bella had plotted out of her life since childhood as she feared to greatly. Yet when news reached her of Cassie's death it shattered her heart and filled with so much guilt and sorrow the Doctor lost her drive and passion. Between the tears and wails she had wished Leanna was there to giver her a shoulder to cry on. Instead she was alone truly alone.

"I just hope this is over soon. I can't speak for the others, but I have questions that I need answered before we go any further into this mystery." Zeek was not a naive as he sometimes projected. Many of those he served with aboard the station were here one again, but once face in particular was not. They had the answers, all of them, and he would be damned if he would be kept in the dark any longer.

"Everyone has questions I'm afraid Commander, and until we have word from the Admiral or higher you know I cannot give you the answers that you want. I'm sorry but just for now you are going to have to stay in the dark a while longer." Brenari's eyes softened sympathetically. "You're be pleased to know the tests are done and I can confirm....again that you who you claim to be, but of course you already knew that."

"Commander Shire will you help me escort our visitors to guest quarters? I assume you remember the way?" Bella asked returning the equipment to the station and gesturing for them to follow.

"Very well, lead on." Zeek sighed.

"Can I go to the holodeck instead?" Henk asked. "I need to blow of some steam. Otherwise I might get in a fight with the wall. And I'm afraid the wall is gonna win."

"I'm afraid the holodecks were closed down a couple of years go," Bella answered. "After things settled down the station faced decommission all the civilians left including Toka who disabled the holodecks as a parting gift. We've been trying to fix them every since but with no luck. I'm sorry Henk I could arrange a punch bag if you like?"

It's better then nothing." Henk said as the walked further. "I was hoping that everything was better maintained in 20 years."

At the front Helen turned to look over her shoulder; "Providing you don't mind a few bruises you can let loose some punches my way."

The Doctor gave her old colleague a warning look. "I don't think that is very approbate Helen," she narrowed an eye. "I don't think Captain Lorran would be overly impressed that his security chief resorted to fighting to help settle in a lost comrade."

The younger woman shrugged. "Perhaps but I think right now the Captain how bigger things on his mind at the moment." She lead the group into the turbolift which they manged to squeeze into. A moment later they scrambled out into the curving corridor filled with silence void of all the bustle and laughter the others remembered last they stepped on this very deck.

Causally leading the way Helen kept her eyes to front not allowing them to dart to the room numbers she once knew the occupants. Templar housed lots of ghosts even for her.
Stopping abruptly she paused to allow Bella to insert her key code which made the door slide open breathing fresh lease of life again. "Everything has been reactivated but you still might find some kinks in the systems just give Lieutenant Eckhart a shout and she'll arrange someone to look at it for you. All four of you will be housed in this section next to one another, and a guard placed outside the door so don't get too adventurous."

Henk walked towards his room and opened the door. He looked around and sighed.
"I guess the station is almost out of commission?" Henk said.

Despite Bella's glare Helen followed Henk inside. "Almost," she answered. "She's just a listening post now with a skeleton crew. Jenny the chief engineer," Helen suddenly chuckled. "The only engineer on board has the biggest job keeping the old bird a float let alone fixing the holodecks."

"Too bad" Henk said. "She could be a fine station with a makeover. Maybe when we were still there we could make things change"."

Helen offered him a sad smile. "Look I'd better go and make sure the ship is secure. Just give me shout if you need anything, even if it is only a punch bag.

"I know where to find you." Henk siad as he looked at Helen.


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