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Off Hours

Posted on Sun Feb 22nd, 2009 @ 3:03am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Ten Forward
Timeline: (Back Post before beam down)

Mike and Podi walked into the crowded ten forward, they looked around for a table amongst the people, Mike saw Dr Ulonova sitting down alone, he pointed her out "You know the new Doc, Podi?"

Podi shook his hand from side to side to indicate a 'sort of' gesture. "A bit, I mean I saw her on the Bridge before, but we didn't exactly talk. Shall we take a seat?"

"Ok... lets get a seat, it's always nice to meet new people."

"I just said that." Podi sighed jokingly and followed Mike towards their target table.

As they pushed their way through the masses of people, Mike almost was breathing heavily, he was making headway and Podi was tagging along. They finally got to the table

"Do you mind if we sit with you?" Mike asked the Doctor

Leanne looked up from her data padd at Podi and Mike, she wasn't really expecting anyone to come up and talk to her since she hadn't met anyone. "Umm, not at all, I was just looking over some of the data that was brought back from the last away mission." She moved the padd out of the center of the table and looked at them. Leanne tried not to sound nervous, she wasn't good at meeting new people. "I'm Doctor Leanne Ulonova, but since we are off duty you can just call me Leanne."

Mike smiled "You have met Podi I hear, I'm Mike Lake, the chief ops officer." he extended his arm for a handshake, as he always did with new people.

Leanne took Mikes hand. "It is nice to meet you" She reached out for Podi's hand. "Yes, on the bridge the other day. Why don't you guys take a seat?"

Mike looked across to Podi and then back to Leanne and smiled "Thankyou."

"Thanks." Podi smiled and took the seat next to Mike. An uncomfortable silence came over the table, which Podi spontaneously decided to end. "Does...anyone want anything from the bar?"

Leanne looked at Podi "I just ordered but, can you bring me some coffee? I just got done with my shift and I'm exhausted.

Mike nudged Podi on the arm "I'll go the usual, Bundy and cola."

"Coffee, Bundy and cola...and something a bit stronger than synthahol in a large mug." Podi grinned cheesily and got up, to head towards the bar. He leaned against the bar as he made the order.

"So, Leanne, what lead you to the Genesis?" Mike asked, watching Podi ordering the drinks, shaking at the thought of him spilling a drink.

"I wanted to get out and see the stars. See new and interesting things. I was stationed at Jupiter research station before here and when I saw the chance to get on a ship I took it. To be honest I didn't really think that I would actually get accepted here since I haven't been on an actual starship before." Leanne looked over to the bar at Podi, she longed for her coffee and couldn't wait for him to bring it back. "What about you Mike?"

Mike smiled "I spent a year on the USS Wales, a Soverign... I got in a little trouble there and eventually left because... sorry, I'd rather not talk about it. Safe to say I saw oportunity for advancement and took it. And don't worry about fitting in, we have a good crew, you'll fit in pretty quickly, we're all from different walks of life."

"That is what I'm hoping, everyone has been great here so far. I'm sure that we'll all get along smashingly" Leanne looked across the table at Mike and decided not to ask about the Wales, maybe when she got to know him a little better it wasn't a good idea to bring up things like that especially when you first meet someone. She took a quick look over at Podi to see how the drinks where coming then turned back to Mike. She hadn't realized how handsome the two men where when they first walked, she caught herself looking at Mike and turned away real quick. "So... ummm... have you and Podi known each other a long time? You two seem really close."

Mike nodded "Yeah, we were room mates until the accident, where we both got a promotion. Can't say that not sharing a room with him now isn't a bad thing" he gave a small chuckle "So tell me a little about yourself, Leanne."

"There isn't much to tell really, I grew up on Earth outside of Moscow, I joined Starfleet and became a Doctor." She tried to think of something else interesting. "Ohhh.. and I have a cat named Raymond." Leanne looked up as Podi walked back.

"Here we are, hope I'm not interrupting anything.' He elbowed Mike gently and placed the drinks on the table. 'One bundy and cola', he handed Mike's drink to him, 'one coffee' he passed Leanne's beverage to her, 'and my something slightly stronger than synthahol in a large mug.' Podi used his patented cheesey grin 'Bottoms up".

Mike accepted his drink "Ah, thanks, Podi."

Leanne took her coffee and took a sip of it happily, this like the coffee from the Commanders office was bitter too, she made a mental note to get her own recipie into the replicator. "Thank you Podi, you aren't interrupting."

Mike looked across at Podi "Yeah, nothing. Anyway, been enjoying yourself so far, Leanne?"

"Well, other then the massive amount of reports that I've had to go through so far, it has been pretty good."

Mike nodded "Yeah, I hear you." Mike chuckled "So, I have been interrogating you for a bit, what do you want to know about me?"

Leanne giggled a little bit, she tried to think about something to ask Mike but not sound like she was being overly nosy. Was it ok to ask about his personal life? She had only really met him a few moments ago. "Well, hmm.. what do you like best about engineering"

Mike chuckled "I'm... not an engineer per se, I did majors in piloting and science, ops lands in between there, so does engineering, I guess. But I guess just helping Podi and blabbering on about the Genesis news is always fun."

Leanne turned bright red when she realized that she had gotten Podi and Mike's jobs mixed up. She tried to think of something to change the subject but failed miserably. She noticed Podi had just been sitting there the whole time drinking out of his large mug. "You've been real quiet Podi... what is your story?"

"Hm,' Podi had finished his 'something slightly stronger in a large mug', and had not talked very often because of this, 'Oh, you don't want to be troubled with my story. It's not exactly very...heartwarming."

She looked at Podi and decided that it wasn't best to push the subject. She really liked the both of them and didn't want to alienate both of them by doing extensive historical digups into their mental states. She took a sip of coffee and leaned back in her chair. "So... either of you have girlfriends that are going to come after me for sitting with you guys?"

Mike looked at Podi "Well... Podi's married, I'm in between girlfriends at the moment" he then had a fit of laughter "Mind you, I reckon Lt Mason has the hots for me."

"Well, let's not jump the gun.' Podi leaned into the table a bit more, 'he has the hots for her." Podi leaned back into his chair, immediately saw the look on Mikes face, and quick as a flash got up to get another 'Podi usual'.

Leanne giggled a little bit. "Lt. Mason, ehh?" Leanne finished off her coffee "She is cute! Have you asked her out yet?"

Mike frowned at Podi who was walking away from the table and muttered "Now look what you have done you babbeling ti." he blushed a little "No, I haven't asked her out... I'm convinced she would deck me... I'm gonna wait a bit to get to know her a little better, you know how it is."

"Trust me, I know how it is taking it slow would probably be the best idea, especially with someone who could probably break your arm in 4 different places. I could fix it after the fact, but I'd rather not have to at all if it could be avoided." Leanne smiled at Mike then looked down at her coffee mug. "I'm going to go get something a little stronger. Do you want anything?"

Mike looked at his empty glass of bundy and cola, he kind of swirled it around a bit and looked up "Yeah, I might hit another one of these." he got up and waited for Leanne.

Leanne walked with Mike up to the Bar and handed the bartender her glass. "I'll take an Irish Coffee this time please." She watched as the bartender went about his buisiness. She looked over at Mike and Podi, "I'm glad you guys came up and talked to me, such a big ship you know?"

Mike smiled "I've gotten lost a few times thanks to boof head here. The quarters incident, thats one to hear..." he started chucking "Now... when Podi and I got onto the Genesis back about a year or two ago, we got our quarters assignment and Podi actually believed that he could find the room without any bloody help what so ever... it was just great. We had to go back to Cmdr DeVour and actually ask for directions."

Leanne gave a little chuckle, "Well if it is any consolation I have been asking the computer for directions since I got on board. I think it is getting sick of me... I sensed a bit of annoyance in it's voice when it gave me directions down here."

"Let's not forget who it was that when I wanted to ask for directions was to stubborn-headed to give in and ask. If you say me, I will kill you. And who's fault was it that you got people mixed up and introduced yourself to Beverly thinking she was Captain at the time. Hm, not mine.' Podi took another swig of his 'usual' and moved his seat a few inches to his right, slighty further away from Mike. With a grin, he quietly chuckled to himself. 'Hm, yeah, *sigh* good times."

Mike opened his mouth, but was interupted by the chirp of the com =^=Lt Lake, Lt Wesdon and Lt Ulonova, please report to the transporter room.=^= Mike casually tossed his glass onto the bar and smiled "Well, duty calls..." he said in a dull tone. The three made their way out of ten forward for the away mission.



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