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Trying To Fix Mistakes Before They Happen

Posted on Fri Dec 25th, 2009 @ 8:04am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Beverly strode into the ward room, purpose and almost despair tainting her mood. She had to fix this and try and prevent the death of so many not to mention the death of her long time friend. The words that she spoke when she appeared still rang in her head, words that still did not make sense.
She dropped down into the chair at the head of the table, rubbing the bridge of her nose trying to relieve some of the tension that she was feeling, but it wasn't helping.

The doors started to open and she pulled herself straight in her chair not wanting to show weakness in front of the other Commanding Officers. She had to appear confident or this whole operations, most likely against the Federation Council would fall apart.
"Please come in and take a seat", she spoke to the arrivals.

Livia smiled "I've already got that covered." She said with a chuckle, nodding towards her hover chair.

Commander Serge Mashchnost came in with a pile of PADDs. He moved to a position down the far end of the table but near the display screen. If he had to give any of the visual demonstrations he had prepared then this was the best spot.

Jack sluggishly made his way into the briefing room, the Captains punishment of over seeing the docking of the Farragut with 611 had meant that he'd only been able to grab a quick cat nap before joining the boarding party.

Practically slumping into one of the available chairs he gave a half hearted greeting to the Admiral before settling down to try and fend off the lulled of sleep that was creeping in from the sides.

Captain Lorran arrived a moment later, looking about as anxious as anyone else. He supposed that everyone in the room had a desire to see their friends returned to their proper time and were just waiting for the other shoe to drop from the Federation ordering them not to "pollute the timeline". He wondered just how much progress Mashchnost had made as he glanced at the stack of padds the Commander had brought with him. He sat down next to his first officer, looking neutral but not necessarily still mad at Jack.

Jorvin's large form came through the doorway next. He glanced around the room at the others, nodding to some, and took a vacant seat near back of the room.

T'Arjia came in shortly after and moved swiftly to one of the last free seats. Once down, she leaned back, and laced her fingers together, elbows resting on the chair's arms

"Thank you all for coming". Beverly announced, keeping her voice as neutral as possible. "I'm sure your all well aware of the reason why I have called you all here. We have a situation that needs a resolution. More over, Starfleet and the Federation are not going to allow us within the regs to send them back to their own time...", she paused weighing up the moods and states of all in the room. "We have all suffered a lot in the past twenty years... All of us has lost someone we cared about or suffered things that no sentient being she have to endure. Because of that reason Myself and the Commandant are unwilling to allow them to stay in our time line."

She stopped allowing the information to soak into the people around her. It would be like a bomb shell to some of them, but she was convinced that she would have their support.

"So you are saying that we are going to defy orders from Command?" Jorvin asked.

This had suddenly grabbed Jacks attention and was now wide awake, he'd known even before coming in here that the conversation was likely going to be about how to get Zeek and the others back to their own time line, but to actively defy Starfleet orders?

"I hope it doesn't come to that... But I am unwilling to allow them to remain in our time line". Beverly's face was steel and wrought iron. Nothing was going to change her resolve.

"To obey an order that defies all logic doesn't make you a good Starfleet officer" Livia said "Kirk, Janeway, Picard, they all bent and broke the rules for what was right. I know in my heart that they need to be in their own time. Those who do not feel the same will not be thought of any less, but if you do not wish to support this action, I will ask you to leave so that we can continue."

"I am with you all the way." Jorvin said.

Serge spread his hands on the table, "I think perhaps we can mitigate some of the ambivalence and anxiety. Temporal recursion is unlikely to cause a noticeable permeation into the Current Time/Space Waveform. It is more probable that a dichotomous…"

He noticed Jrez shaking his head at him and tried again, "I do not think people need to be alarmed. This can all be explained simply with the use of Special Relativity and Advanced Astrophysics. Does everyone around the table understand what has happened, and has anyone other than Akina and I have a proposal for how to reverse the process? It seems there is a lot of talk about whether we should do a thing without much consideration on what is involved."

"To those of us who shoot things for a living, you shouldn't expect much in the 'coming up with ideas' department. I figure examining their sensor logs, as well as local readings would be part of the plan no matter what?" Livia said

Serge smiled, "Ironically, enough it might just be 'Blowing things Up' that gives us the energy we needs to activate the Tachyon burst within the Nebula."

Beverly smiled at the simple approach the Commandant still took even now. "I was considering using a tachyon field to reverse the temporal waveform in that area then send the Kodiak back through. It should from my understanding send them back to the exact point that they left".

It had been almost fifteen years since she had exercise that particular muscle and it really felt good to be back in the scientific saddle.

Serge frowned slightly, "Not the EXACT time, but it should be within a few hours or days. That may be a good thing to, since they would not be arriving back in the middle of a Pirate attack."

Jack decided now would be as good a time as any to put his two cents in "I've got a sensor reading of the temporal signature on the Farragut, we should be able to use it to make sure we get the right time frame to send them back".

Seeing the confused look from the rest of the room he guessed it was either because they had assumed that he was asleep or that they simply didn't see why that piece of information would be necessary "At least that way we can make sure they don't end up back before they left, who knows what that could do to the time stream?"

Captain Lorran couldn't help but smile. Seeing Jack taking a step away from his earlier anger was a relief, and it made him proud.

Shifting forward in her seat, T'Arjia spoke up. "I believe that the most logical course of action would be to recreate the events that led up to this timeslip as closely as possible. However, to prevent the Kodiak from going forward another twenty years, and instead back, it might be necessary to negatively charge the nebula's particles. A tachyon beam, as the Admiral suggests, would be one of the best ways of accomplishing this."

"Positive," Serge corrected. "Positive Tachyons travel Backwards in time. It was the negative ones that brought them here."

"Ah, of course. My mistake" T'Arjia nodded and leaned back

"I feel I should bring up an important point. Starfleet's not just going to let us go waltzing off to do this. If they find out we're trying to alter the timeline they'll send everything they have to stop us. I just want everyone to understand the gravity of this situation. That said, I'm in, but I'd like to leave most of the Farragut's crew aboard the station to avoid unnecessary casualties should something happen to us. A skeleton crew consisting of my senior staff and anyone in this room who wants to come along will be more than enough to do the job." Captain Lorran said.

"If necessary I can have my warbird follow, cloaked, just a precaution and a scare tactic." Jorvin offered.

"I'll join you on the Farragut Captain" Livia replied "My vessel is just transporting me and none of them have any idea whats going on. I'd like to keep it that way."

Serge smiled, "Jorvin, you will have heard of the new Klingon/Romulan Hybrid ships, Liaison Class? Not released for production yet, but with advanced phase cloaking, Sensor palet and weapons array? It seems Akina has managed to contact Admiral Matlh (some of you may remember her). She has one of the prototypes sitting less than 100 km away. I would be surprised if she wasn't actually listening in to this conversation right now. She has been monitoring all the Comms traffic and has confirmed that Starfleet launched an intercept force."

"Her ship will make a valuable addition to the fleet."

"As for changing the time line, I want to make everyone aware that this is a completely untried approach and , while it works in theory, may NOT change the time line at all. We may find that after we attempt to return the Crew to their reality we continue in ours and should be ready to face the consequences of that as well."

"It might be better for just one of us to be the fall guy, in which case I'd like to volunteer" he let that idea settle in before continueing on, "This way the rest of you can set things in motion and if things don't work out you all have plausible deniability."

"Sorry but that is my responsibility", she patted the once young officer on the shoulder. "As for our success rate... All we can do is hope to slow down temporal investigations. They have some of the most advanced Starships in the fleet. All we can do is buy time for the Kodiak to enter the Anomaly". She looked around the room, taking in the frightened faces that were about the table. "You were and still are the best crew a Commanding Officer could hope for. Each and everyone of you came to me so young and fresh, and now I see none of that freshness, but I still see the young officers from all those years ago. Lets get this done".


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