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Posted on Sun Feb 15th, 2009 @ 8:27am by Captain Jorvin

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Jorvin had headed to the ships gym after the meeting with Henk in sickbay. He was off duty and spent 2 hours on his rigorous work out, then headed to holodeck one for another hour of battle training. After he had fought off all of the holographic enemy warriors Jorvin headed to his quarters for a quick shower before going to 10 forward for dinner.

After his shower Jorvin got dressed and left his room heading to the nearest turbolift.
"10 forward" he ordered upon entering. After the quick Jorvin entered the restaurant and went up to the bar. Having acquired a taste for human food he ordered pork chops massed potatoes and corn. With bloodwine to drink.

After a quiet meal by himself Jorvin went back to his quarters to go to bed before briefing his Marines at 0700 in the morning.

********************Several hours later************************************

It was 0700 and Jorvin had already rolled out of bed, got dressed and had breakfast. He was now headed to the Marine briefing room. Upon entering the room Jorvin saw that all of the Marines were assembled and waiting as he expected from them. The jerked to attention upon his arrival. "At ease" He said as he took his spot at the head of the room.

Turning on the viewscreen and bringing up a picture of the planet below Jorvin began his briefing. "The Captain has decided to send all but a skeleton crew down to the surface in order to search for survivors of the colony ship that crashed here" Jorvin indicated the crash site on the map. "You will be broken up into teams and assign to work with the fleeties. I know some of you don't like working with them but you will have to get over it. Now I want you all prepared with full battle gear and search and rescue gear. You are to all report to the nearest transporter at 0800. Dismissed" Jorvin said as he finished the briefing.

As he headed to his office he was stopped by his XO and Sargent. He gave them the assignment of breaking the troops up evenly with the fleeties. He then headed to his office to check his messages before going to the equipment room to gear up for transport. Seeing he had no messages Jorvin headed down and put on his gear. Grabbing his assault rifle, phaser pistol and several grenades. Along with a tricorder and binoculars. He then headed to transporter room 1 to meet with all the other senior officers.


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