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Times Up

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2009 @ 6:31pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.


The Vesta class starship created much of a stir as it dropped out of warp around the old station. The pinnacle of Starfleet Engineering, Vesta Class starships were slowly being seen more and more throughout the fleet. This one was odly enough under the command of Director Jason Ascott. Trading the defiant he was being escorted in for something larger was one of his brighter ideas of the day. He knew Beverly wouldn't follow orders and was probably already plotting Zeek and the other's return. No matter though, no ship here could outmatch the USS Starke in speed, or firepower. Jason was feeling pretty good about his position.

"Ensign, open a channel to the station" Jason said from the Command chair.

"Aye sir, channel open."

"Starbase 611, this is Director Jason Ascott onboard the USS Starke. Are you prepared to receive my team?" He said with a bit of cold malice in his voice

Beverly heard the call come through but for the briefest of moments took no action. She was still reeling at the sight of the flying fortress that was the Vesta Class Starship. It had almost three times the amount of firepower that the station held, and it was also the newest form of firepower within the fleet. The combined forces of the Station, Farragut, Genesis and General Jorvins War Cruiser stood no chance against it. Still her resolve was set. She tapped her combadge, "DeVuor to Doctor Brenari. Get Zeek and the others down to the shuttle bay. Get them back on the Kodiak".

"Right away Admiral." The Doctor had been prewarned of the arrival of Ascott and the urgency behind moving those caugbht up in a loop in time.

She closed the link to the Doctor, not wanting to put too much information over an open channel and finally turned back to the main screen.
"Open the channel", she said to the Communications Officer. "Director Ascott... Your earlier than we expected".

"Slipstream technology, wondrous thing it is. I assume you are ready to receive me? All I need are transport coordinates. If possible, I need all four officers in one place, as I plan on debriefing them all at once."

"How about one hundred meter off our docking quad?" The bitterness in her voice was palpable once again. Just seeing him dredged up a wash of emotions that she no longer wished to feel for him. "As for the crew of the Kodiak they are currently having a physical done on them that my Doctor does not want disturbed."

"Tisk tisk my dear, such hatred. I merely asked out of courtesy, The Starke's transporters can beam through the antiquated shielding systems on your station." He rose from his seat and moved closer to the viewscreen "Shall we continue this conversation in person? Say...your office?"

The expression on her face could have killed an entire battalion of War Crazed Klingon's, but Jason seemed to take it in his stride.
"If we must. I will meet you there in a few moments... Director!"
Before he could say anything else Beverly made a cutting gesture to the Communications officer instructing him to cut the communication.

Jason smiled. He was getting some sort of twisted pleasure out of all this. Nodding to the Captain sitting at his right he leaned in closer and lowered his voice to a whisper "No ship leaves this station. Disable them if they do."

The older man looked stunned " want us to fire on Federation ships?"

Jason rose and made his way to the turbolift. Before entering, he turned back to the Captain "Anyone leaving that station becomes a fugitive, and will be dealt with as such. Do I make myself clear Captain?"

The man nodded. Satisfied, Jason made his way to the transporter room.

===Starbase 611, Admiral DeVuor's Office===

The shimmer of bluish light filled the office as Jason appeared. Beverly was already waiting on him, something he hadn't really expected. "Nice to see you in person again Beverly." He said with a smile and a slight bow

"I wish I could say the same about you!"
Beverly was stood with her hands on her hips behind her desk, a look of anger and bitterness twisting her features. "What do you want Jason?"

His smiled faded "You should know what I want. I'm going to debrief Commander Aerelon and his crew, then take them back to Manhiem Station with me, their vessel too. This is the first encounter Starfleet has had like this in decades" He said, raising his hands towards the ceiling as if he was holding something important "Those four, lucky bastards, will become the forerunners in experimental temporal technology. With their involvement, and the records from their vessel, we may actually be able to create controlled time travel!"

"Aren't you forgetting one thing Director?", her temper was up and the rage was pouring like wine into a goblet. Her fists were balled and each and everyone of her old and tired muscles was tensed in the hope that it would contain her and hold her in place instead of leaping across the table and landing her fist on the end of this arrogant bastards nose.

"And what would that be Admiral?"

"Those lucky bastards as you put it are all Human beings and they have civil rights as well as sentient rights", her finger had shot up and was pointing rigidly at a wall, as if the four of them were standing next to her. "Maybe you should spend more time in the universe than at that desk. Your beginning to sound like a Borg and less Human each day that passes you cold pig!"

"Don't think I haven't forgotten about that. Hell I've known Zeek longer than you have!" His anger was starting to boil. He was half tempted just to beam them out now and torch the entire station, but such actions caused more paperwork than he was willing to deal with. "You want to send them home to avoid some of the loss you and those close to you have suffered over the years, I get it. Think what we could do if we can advance technology temporal technology! The massive Borg invasion thats left us crippled could have been stopped! Everyone who dies, the trillions who lie dead on the worlds that share their fate could have been spared! we have that chance. You should be honored that your friends will be the ones to usher in that new era. Zeek will finally gain his dream Command, Leanne will see her medical efforts bear serious fruit! All this can be done with their cooperation!"

"And what about the relationships they had. Leanne can't go back to Vos now, not now he's so bitter about her loss", she was beginning to feel exasperated with him and with a large sigh she allowed her hands to flop to her sides. "What happened to you Jason. You were so sweet and loving... Now... Now I don't know you anymore!"

"The Borg took everything from me...and now we have the means to erase the Borg from history, save countless lives and civilizations. Think about it...Risa will once again be a paradise, Wolf 359 will be just a grid location again just to name a few!"

"But doing what you are doing, how are you any different from the Borg. Your using Sentient beings in not too dissimilar a fashion as the Borg".
Her tone was softer now as she tried to reach what little humanity remained within her old flame.

"I am NOT like the Borg!" He yelled, slamming his fist into the wall "I'm calling upon Starfleet officers to fulfill the duty they signed on for." He sighed, releasing a bit of the anger he was keeping inside "But I've wasted enough time here. I'll make use of one of your more private conference rooms for the debriefing, assuming theres still power to them. Please have them meet me there as soon as possible" He said. Without waiting for a response, he hurried out of the room to bug one of the Ops officers. Beverly had stepped on a sensitive nerve, one that Jason would not let go lightly.

"Deck three sentient seven core two. They'll be there in fifteen minuets", she lied knowing full well that all four had just gone down to the hanger deck. Quickly her mind worked as she watched him leave her office. Formulating a plausible plan to make sure she still won.


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