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Preparing for War

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2009 @ 6:32pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Beverly moved with quick steps through the main of the Starbase, dodging around people as she went but not slowing down either. They had very little time to complete this or they could all end up with a court martial.
She ducked around another group of people before entering the runabout hanger and seeing a small gathering of people by the Kodiak.

As she neared she spotted Zeek, Leanne, Charlie, Henk and Doctor Brenari. Walking directly up to Vos, almost mimicking a very famous female Captain she stood within Vos's personal space and looked directly up at him. "We have a serious problem. The Director of Temporal Investigations has arrived. He is in command of a Vesta Class Starship!"

"It's a powerful ship," Vos agreed with his old, cocky smile. "Never thought I'd get a chance to give one of those a black eye and send them crying home to R&D." he said, sounding almost eager. "It looks like we're going to have one hell of a retirement party."

"Jason's really moving up these days. Livia told me about his position." Zeek said "I saw the initial specs for the Vesta when it was first being discussed, really powerful stuff, total experimental tech. Not something I'd enjoy going toe to toe with."

"We may not have any choice Commander. You are returning to your own time and its up to us to make sure you get there".
She had turned to face Zeek and the others but something about her was different. Some of the old fire had come back, igniting her passion and drive breaking from the monotony of the day to day running of the station.

Leanne's head started to swirl taking in everything that was going on. It was bad news, even back in their own time, and she had only heard stories, now she was going to be on the receiving end of an investigation but it seemed like Bev was planning on breaking the Temporal Prime Directive, maybe she could give her the medical files on her case.

"Right then" Zeek replied "If I may suggest, Jason isn't stupid. If we run, hes going to chase us, so I suggest this: we take the bulk of our force here, and make a run for the site where the Farragut found us. Leave one ship behind, preferably something that cloaks, as well as the Kodiak. Jason will more than likely assume that we're trying to outrun him and stop whoever leaves. We then use the other ship to head for the site with the Kodiak, pop back to our own time, and be done with this mess."

"Jason is holding the station hostage but I have a plan," Bevery said, once again the playful smile danced across her old features. "We can fake a medical distress call and in the process of transporting the medical supplies to the Hope we can transport the Kodiak into the Hope's shuttle bay. He has to allow the Hope to leave and when he cottons on, the Genesis and Farragut will be on hand to slow him down."
It sounded hollow even to her. She knew the power that a Vesta Class Starship wielded but it was their only chance. "The Hope has one of the fastest warp drives in the sector, if anything she is on parr with the watchdog out there. If we can give you a head start then all you need to do is keep going. Doctor Brenari, you will be in Command of the Hope. We will have the distress call come in in about an hour". Finally she stopped and looked at the four in front of her that still had the look of youth about them. "Jason wants to talk to all of you".

"Hold on." Henk said as he was trying to folow everything. "Vesta Class? What is that. I never heard of it. And how do we know that they don't bring there freinds into the game?"

"Henk...", Beverly smiled at the young man. "A lot has change in twenty years, any more than that I can't tell you as it might change your time line".

"That makes sense." Henk said as he walked around. "Do you think it will work? Well I mean It seems like an old trick. What if we gave him what he wants? Do you have an ship that looked like ours?"

"Your ship has been obsolete now for fifteen years ever since they brought in the Kingdom Class runabouts". She turned back to the others, Zeek and Leanne in particular. "The call is yours Commander. I know we can do this, but if you would rather live in this future then so be it."

Zeek looked at Leanne and Henk. He didn't know exactly what each of them lost by jumping to the future, and wasn't about to ask. After taking a moment to recount the events that were told about friends deaths, the decision was clear. He turned to the two officers under his command "Going back may mean that we'll die fighting in the many wars we've heard about these past twenty years. That said, I'd rather die fighting alongside friends than forsake them for this future. Lets go home."

"Well, according to Starfleet, we are already dead, I'm for it, let's get out of here." Leanne smiled at them, and then turned to Bev, "If we are going to try this, I ant to talk to you before we leave though."

"Very well. Once were done here and you've had your interview with Director Ascott".

"What kind of headstart do we need to reach the nebula?" Henk asked while thinking deelply.

"As much as we can buy you, but I'll tell you this. The Station, as well as Genesis and Farragut won't stand long against a Vesta Class Starship. Things have not gone well for Starfleet in this future and we have started producing more and more warships".

"Can this station take of the Vesta's engines?" Henk asked as he looked at Beverly with a look of detemenation in his eyes.

"Probably not. Like I said Lieutenant. All we can hope to do is delay them... even for only a few minuets".
She brought her hand up and placed it on Henks shoulder. "Come... we don't have long and he wants to see you now".



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