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Bad Introductions

Posted on Sun Dec 27th, 2009 @ 8:51pm by 2nd Lieutenant Nathan Jeffries

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Secuirty Office, 611
Timeline: Orginal Timeline

Nursing the hung over state and pounding head from the many drinks she had abused Kristina Mason was not in the most pleasant of moods when she swept in to the security officer pulling the many reports toward her with on hand blowing upon the steaming cup of coffee with the other.
Her eyes heavy with lack of sleep skimmed a memo regarding the Marines a source that she had thought unnecessarily on the station due to her hard working team. It seemed they had recruited a new face one Nathan Jeffries. She could only hope that he would be less headstrong and more thoughtful then Jorvin.
Oddly the thought had only just passed through her mind when the door to the office opened emitting a strange face. Her brow knitted catching his rank on the collar realising this must be him.
She looked at him coolly. "Can I help?" Her tone was laced with dislike

"Commander I'm Lieutenant Jeffries the Marine XO" he said entering her office standing firmly at attention not flinching.

Mason ached an eyebrow a spasm of pain shooting through her temple. "Good morning lieutenant welcome aboard"

"You look rough Ma'am"

The coffee mug twitched in her hand and her gaze darkened considerably. "Perhaps, but I do not need a sympatric hand."

"No I'm just saying easy on the Romulan ale it’s not exactly cheap"

Again the coffee cup twitched. How did he know she was partial to that beverage? Suddenly she felt uncomfortable under his gaze the previous euphoria of Zeek's kiss vanishing in an instant.
She stood sharply speaking plainly something she never had any issues with doing so. "What business is it of yours?"

"Just giving some advice!”

"Clearly you need to take a lesson of withholding your tongue." Mason snapped her eyes burning. "For God's sake stand at ease I'm not your bloody Captain"

He stood at ease. "Fair enough"

Another pained expression crawled across her face as she expelled the breath she had been holding her anger quick to flare with the pounding head. She retook her seat gesturing for the lieutenant to do the same.
"What can I do for you?"

"I have a request"

Naturally, she thought recline sipping the coffee. "Go on,"

"I need use of 3 of your officers"

"Three?" Mason echoed both surprised and annoyed slamming the mug down with a grimace as the hot liquid spilled upon the desk top and the thud hitting her delicate eardrums.
"What the hell do you need my officers for? They are not mercenaries for hire"

"To assist in briefing my staff on the proper security procedure"

She wanted to laugh but knew the energy that required would be needed for more important tasks. "As much as it pleases me to hear that wish to educate the apes in the marine ranks I still question the number of offices required. Just what do you want them to brief them on?"

"My Marines like to walk around the station carrying Phasers I think your department would be better suited to giving them lectures on Weapon protocol

Mopping up the spilt coffee with a spare tunic Mason had pulled out from the depths of her desk. "Is this a joke, lieutenant?"

"How did you guess?"

She looked up still with that bitter tone. "I'm no fool, I am aware of what training marines receive"

"Well in that case then I was expecting a slap and head butt"

"That might come later"

"Well in that case I best not piss you off even more"

"Best then keep you men under control and remembering their place in the pecking order."

"yeah just above the local Ferengi Trader yet just below the Bolian barber"

"Something like that," Mason answered looking up from the puddle she'd been soaking up. "Was there anything constructive you wanted to say, or are you here simply to waste my time?"

"Both really"

She crossed her arms staring down her nose. "I would love to be in your shoes with time to throw away in such a manner. There are countless roles to be completed with tight deadlines. So if you have nothing important to say I stronger suggest you leave before you receive that head butt or slap you were concerned about,"

"I'll take it i’ve been stabbed and shot it won't hurt as much

Gritting her teeth Mason remained seated positively seething. "Would you like me to make your career difficult, or failing before it can take root? With a few chosen words I can do that."

"No ma'am"

"Well then," she leant forward with a dangerous glint in her eyes. "Get out!" She warned.

He came to attention and saluted before leaving

Emitting a sigh Mason sat back peering into the depths of the now empty mug shaking her head in disbelief. Where did they get them from, she thought.


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