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Meeting Captain Crawford

Posted on Sat Jan 2nd, 2010 @ 8:03am by Daniel Ryci

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Operations
Timeline: Original Time Line

After arriving on starbase 611 Ambassador Daniel Ryci Went to meet Captain Crawford he headed to Ops as soon as he got there he saw Captain Crawford, "Captain Im Daniel Ryci Ambassador to the federation", Daniel said.

Alyssa had only been looking over the stations Operations centre, still not having taken command of this beastly beauty. It looked like a well oiled machine, each crew member knowing what they were doing and the spacing between certain tasks and time frames. She had a feeling that she would enjoy it here, even if it had been almost impossible to find any of the senior officers other than the chief of security. She assumed that the rest were out helping with the search along with all three of the stations support ships and the better part of its compliment of runabouts.

The speaker surprised her and she almost jumped as he started to speak but quickly composed herself.
"Ambassador... A pleasure to meet you. I can't officially welcome you yet but still nice to meet you".

"Thanks Captain" Daniel said then made introductions "This is my wife Daphanie Ryci", Daphanie shook Alyssa's hand "A pleasure to meet you Captain", she said.

"And you", she added as she shook the other womens hand. "Have you found your quarters yet or would you like me to have a Yeoman escort you?"
She took a moment to examine the Ambassadors features and his confidence that reflected in his eyes. He seemed to know his job and business and wasn't afraid to employ it when needed.

Daniel said "I have just arrived could you have a yeomen escort me please", Daniel said.

"Very well", lightly she stepped down into the engineering pit and found a young blond women. Gently she asked her to take the Ambassador down to his quarters and then return to her normal duties. "Now Ambassador, if you will excuse me, I still have a lot to review on the station before I assume Command Officially."

Daniel And his wife followed the yeoman to their guest quarters He left Captain Crawford to her work

A joint post by
Ambassador Daniel Ryci
Federation Ambassador
Captain Alyssa Crawford
Commanding Officer
Sb-611 (Starbase Templar)


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