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A quiet Cup of Raktajino

Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2010 @ 6:08pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Promenade SB611
Timeline: Original Timeline

It had taken Jrez longer than expected to organise an informal get together with Cardel.

“Give the poor man some time,” Thalal advised. “He probably has a lot of ground to cover before he can get settled. If he’s any bit the reporter you say he is he’ll have done his homework before even setting out for 611 but even so... He’ll want to meet all the main players here; the senior officers, department heads and so on. I know for a fact he had an interview with the Security Chief yesterday. Even with your richly deserved promotion to Chief Science Officer, you’re low down in the order of things.”
Then there was Doug Swinton. Jrez had decided to invite the librarian to join them. Swinton was himself a man of letters and an an extremely learned person. He too had expressed respect for Cardel’s journalism in the past so Jrez thought he’d be interested in meeting the man face to face. Swinton was, however, busy restoring databases which had suffered badly at the hands of the Borg nanites. When they nanites invaded the computer systems, they left bank after bank of isolinear chips stripped of all their information. Much of it wasn’t vital to security but to a man like Swinton, any data was vital and lost data needed to be recovered as a matter of urgency. In his spare time, Jrez offered him a hand in collating missing files and seeking out sources for replacing them. Most they could get from Starfleet and its extensive databases but some things Swinton had collected over the years were difficult to track down.

That was where Jrez could really use his skills. He drew on his network of Ferengi traders. If anyone could procure the wanted files, it was them.

It started as it always did with the man in front of the door, a hooded mask over his head and a black garment over his body reaching down to the floor. His face obscured by the darkness that the hood created. His words always the same “Go back to the beginning”, his voice would slowly become louder and louder, his voice eventually started to push me back as a hurricane of wind would rush from whatever was under the hood always the same sentence “GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING!”. The dream ended as always with a loud gasp escaping my lips causing the night to be awoken by my scream.

His sweat was everywhere and his fingers still shook from the dream, his mind was always his greatest enemy inside his own head lay the foundations of a good journalist but under those foundation were bad memories, wasted opportunities and old nightmares that kept creeping back to the surface to remind him, to remind him that he did not hold sway over his dreams.

He checked the time and decided that he might as well get ready early for the cup of Joe with Mr. Jrez. He cleansed himself with burning hot water, attempting to wash away again the dreams from his body hoping against hope that the searing pain of the water would send the daemons back under the foundations of his mind.

He went into his closet and picked out a white dress shirt with a crimson tie that he favored for its simplicity. He slipped into his decade old dress pants that still fit him because of his distaste for sweets or fried foods. He finally slipped into a pair of European styled shoes and made his way out the door and into the promenade.

He went into the café and motioned for the waitress that he wanted a seat rather then a quick beverage from the bar.

“Could you get me a table for two?” he asked as she walked up to him.

“Certainly sir, would you like to order anything before your friend arrives?” she asked holding a padd in her hand awaiting his order.

“I’ll have an English Breakfast tea and two buttermilk scones until he arrives” he stated taking his seat at the table waiting for arrival of this new acquaintance.

Jrez was not surprised to find Cardel already in the café as he was running late. He’d been held up with an experiment running in Science Lab 1. Nothing of major consequence but the thirteenth Rule of Acquisition could certainly be said to apply here.
He walked over briskly, his hand held out to the reporter.

Anthony rose from his chair as a sign of respect and shook the mans hand, "Pleasure to meet you again....How shall I address you?" he asked not certain whether the man in front of him preferred first name bases or proper military titles.

Jrez smiled. "Akina will do. I suppose when we're in a formal situation it will have to be Chief or Warrant Officer but I'm off duty and.... Well, quite frankly, I've never really gotten the hang of military protocol. You'd think after twenty years I'd be used to it but there you have it."

Jrez had just sat down when Swinton walked in. Jrez jumped back up again.

“Please excuse me,” Swinton apologized in his rich, deep voice.

That voice, he thought to himself as he looked up to see one of his oldest correspondents and, most of all, one of his oldest friends; one who had not abandoned him to time or strife.

Jrez saw the look on Cadel's face. “Anthony,” he began, mistaking it for consternation, “I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of inviting the base’s chief librarian, Douglas Swinton. Doug, may I introduce Ant....” He did not get the chance to finish.

Swinton beamed. “No need, Akina, Anthony and I go back a long way. We’ve maintained regular correspondence for – how long is it now, Anthony? – decades?”

Anthony smiled. "32 years if I'm not mistaken"

"What brings you to this sector?" Swinton asked, motioning to the two men to sit down.

"Well...." Anthony said as he thought of an appropriate responce, he could of course start to bore his friend about the "Official Mission" of why he was here but he chose something more to the point.

'I'm here to rebuild my reputation and hopefully regain the respect that I used to receive from the viewing public before the Dominion War," he said



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