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Passing the Torch

Posted on Sun Jan 18th, 2009 @ 7:15pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.


She was walking, trying to work the emotions out of her, but it wasn't working. All she wanted to do was go to the Captains quarters and find him sitting, reading a book like he always did, but she knew that could never be anymore. She rounded a corner and found her quarters waiting. She accessed the panel and entered her quarters.

They were larger than her last ship. It had only been an Excelsior Class, so the living space hadn't been very plush. But in the four years she had served on the Genesis, she had become accustomed to the space.
She stalked through her living area, stripping off as she went. A shower sounded good at the moment.
She scattered her uniform across the floor and she padded barefoot through to the washroom.
She glanced at herself in the mirror and her eyes were still red after the tears at the funeral.

She turned the water on, and left her hand in the stream to gauge the heat. Once it was at the point where it was steaming, and almost to hot to bare she climbed in.
It was glorious. The water cascaded down her, warming her aching muscles, like the touch of a lover. She ran her hands through her hair, massaging the water into her hair.
Without warning her comlink activated.
"Bridge to Commander DeVuor".
She shut the water down, and climbed out, picking up a towel and dabbing herself down.
"DeVuor here, go ahead".
"We have a communication comming in from Captain Greenwood for you sir".
"Very well, route it down to my quaters". She wrapped the towel around herself and went back through her quaters to the display panel behind her desk. The face that appeared was a welcome one. Hopefully he would be carrying news about a new CO and EX.
"Good to see you again Captain".

Greenwood: "Good to see you as well Commander."

Ryan paused. He noticed she wasnt in uniform.

Greenwood: "Did I catch you at a bad time Commander?"

She glanced down at the pale pink towel. "No its fine sir, just got out of the shower", her smile faded as her eyes sank to the floor, "Its been a hard day".
She looked back at the screen, replacing her professional composure. "How can I help you sir?"

Greenwood: "As you know, the loss of your Captain and its Executive Officer has rendered the USS Genesis without someone to command her. After talking it over with others and getting approval, we have decided that there needs to be a commander posted before too long. We are short on available officers in the fleet and need to keep our numbers high."

Greenwood paused.

She nodded understanding, she assumed they would ask her to 'watch the store', until someone could be found.
"Understood sir. We have things in hand at the moment".

Greenwood: "Lieutenant Commander Beverly DeVuor. I am formally placing you in command of the USS Genesis effective immediately. You abilities over the years has gotten you this far. I know you will do your former Captain well to take command of such a fine ship. Congratulations Commander."

Without realising her mouth had dropped open. She hadn't expected this. Everything seemed muffled, and her entire face must have been showing her reaction due to the smile that her superior officer was now wearing.

Greenwood: " You might want to pick that jaw up. Dont want the crew thinking you are crazy."

Ryan smirked. He knew that she wasnt expecting to take command so he tried to lighten things up for her.

Greenwood: "Well Commander, I will let you get into your uniform. You are granted permission to leave in 2 days. Godspeed Commander."

She nodded, complete dissorientation raining chaos in her mind. "Yes sir. Thank you ..... sir", was all she could manage. She was about to sign off when a thought struck her.
"Sir, may I ask a favour?"

Greenwood: "Yes Commander. What do you need?"

"If the need arises, would you mind if I called you for advice. Command is very new, and very unexpected".

Greenwood: "Of course you can contact me. I might be busy with a few unruly pirates so I will get back to you as soon as I can."

Ryan said with a smile.

She offered a weak smile, "Thank you sir. Do you by chance know what our first assignments will be?"

Greenwood: " Well we do have a situation in the Lanoti System. The SS West Ridge has been out of contact for three weeks. We need you to investigate this. This is probably not the first assignment you were expecting, but you are the only available ship."

"Very well sir, I'll have the bridge set course as soon as our new arrivals get here". She confirmed her orders and ended the communication. Now all that had to happen was have the new command staff arrive.


Credited by: Commander Beverly DeVuor & Captain Ryan Greenwood


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