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The Arrival

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2010 @ 8:59am by Lieutenant Amber Winters

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Timeline: Original timline

==USS Horizon==
“Captain, we are arriving at the starbase shortly,” said the Helm.

“Thank you,” said Alex. Alex then looked at ops . “Please contact the starbase to let them know that we are arriving shortly,”

“Aye,” said the Lieutenant at ops.

==Starbase 611 Operations==

The little green blip on the monitor stared to broadcast identification signals and registry numbers and the system ID'd the ship as the USS Horizon.
Lieutenant Ed White was the senior most officer in Ops at the time given the fact that most of the actual senior officers were out in search of the Kodiak. He pressed an open comm-link to the Horizon and started to guide her in.
"Starship Horizon this is Starbase 611 command and control. Approach vector ninner ninner six five. Set vector to docking port seven. Lock off at one hundred meters and allow Starbase to take over the docking".

==USS Horizon==

Alex looked at helm. "You heard them and do what they said." Alex felt them docking the USS Horizon. They waited from orders from starbase before they did anything.

==Starbase 611 Operations==

Ed smiled at the smooth docking of the Horizon, proud of himself given the fact he had never guided a ship in before other than a shuttle.
"Welcome to The Templar Horizon. You are clear to disembark".

==USS Horizon==
Alex gave the crew her orders. Some will choose to stay on the ship, while others may decided to come onto the starbase. Alex's main objective at the moment was get Amber taken care of on the starbase before they headed out.

==Starbase 611==
With Amber by he side, Alex and Amber headed to Beverly's office. Alex chimed at the door.

Yet again Beverly was disturbed from her lifeless motions and routines. Still the worry was overwhelming her and her thoughts were almost fully focused on her missing officers even now as she packed away her belongings ready for the new Commanding Officer of the Starbase.
"Enter", she called out absentmindedly.

Alex could sense something was not quite right. She walked in with Amber trailing behind her and did not say a thing. She greeted the commodore as soon as they were acknowledged.

"Please take a seat", she indicated the small collection of chairs and sofa across the room. "I assume this is a report about the Kodiak?", she asked, her words still hollow not realising that the women before her were nothing to do with the current situation.

Alex and Amber sat. Alex looked at Amber. "Commodore," said Alex "We are not here about the Kodiak. My name is Commander Alexandria King of the USS Horizon and this," said Alex looking at Amber is Lieutenant Amber Winters this starbase's new Assistant Chief Medical officer of general practice. Now that you mentioned the Kodiak, you peaked my curiosity."

"I'm sorry. Its just been a steady string of reports today. One of my runabouts has gone missing in the nebula you can see", she absently waved her hand in the direction of the window. All that could be seen was a mass of swirling pink and blue gases. It was a small blip on the horizon, but you could still see it non the less. "So, your here to assist our medical department? Hopefully you'll get to meet Doctor Ulonova. She heads up our medical department, however, she is one of the missing so I need to put you to work straight away I'm afraid Lieutenant. Doctor Brenari and Doctor Lyons are the other Assistant Chiefs. Would you report in with them and from there they can get you settled in".

Beverly smiled, but it was a hollow smile. One filled with sorrow nd fear at her missing officers and friends.
"Now Captain. I understand that the Horizon is bound for the Bellatrix system".

"Yes Commodore," said Alex. "I will be heading right there after I am done here."

This time the smile turned grim. "I'll meet you there. I'm leading the assault on the sensor grid. The USS Genesis will be acting as my Command ship. What mission are you assigned too?"

Alex returned the smile to the Commodore. "We are assigned to the sensor grid ourselves, so it looks like we will working closely on this one." Alex was nervous about this mission, but she did not want to let the Commodore know. This was her first command and she wanted to prove to them, that she had what it took to be in the center chair.

"Well, I'll see you on the battle field then."
Beverly pulled herself to standing and smiled down at the new medical officer. "Come on Lieutenant. I'll walk you down to medical. I need something to take my mind of whats happening".

Alex nodded and headed back to the USS Horizon which left Amber with the commodore. "I'd like that", said Amber. "Would you like to talk about what has been going on around here?" Amber was only attempting to small talk with the Commodore.

"Not really Lieutenant, but thank you for the offer". She guided the young officer out of the office and through Ops until they were stood in the turbolift. "So whats your speciality Lieutenant?"

"I've done a lot for starfleet already. Through medical school I did take my residency in surgery so I am equipped to handle minor and major health needs here. I'm just a general practitioner here. My specialty should probably be not needed to often but if needed, I will use my specialty."

"Well, you should find 611 an interesting place. No two days are ever the same". The Commodore again smiled down at her new officer wondering were she might be in twelve months time, wondering if she might still be on station.


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