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Posted on Wed Jan 20th, 2010 @ 5:39am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.


Jason waited patiently for the team from the past to arrive. The light at the end of the tunnel was beginning to shine, with every step closer they took. As they entered the room, he smiled, but not a happy one. His smile was filled with devilish desire. Finding out what they know was just one link in the chain to a better tomorrow, and Jason would be the one to usher it in.

"Greetings friends. I'm Director Jason Ascott, from the Temporal Investigations Office. I'll be asking you a few questions about your arrival here and, pardon the pun, your future." He turned to Zeek, a face that hadn't aged a day since the last time they saw eachother "Zeek, its good to see you again."

"Cut the crap Jason. Livia gave me the 'report', about how you've been selling out your friends left and right. Ask your questions, then leave us the hell alone." Zeek was in no mood for his shadyness

Henk watched as Jason and Zeek talked to each other. Slowly he looked around in the room.
"I'm not you friend, and I don't want to ansew your questions." Henk said. "Because you already know the answers."

Leanne sat back for a moment, taking the lead of Zeek, Temproal politics weren't her strongest.

"Yes indeed, I understand the circumstances of your arrival, but thats not why I asked you here." Jason said, ignoring Zeek's comment. "And before we continue, I understand you are all a bit bitter towards me given my position, but don't forget who you are talking to" He turned to Henk "And remember to mind your manners Lieutenant"

Jason took a seat at the head of the table where the three officers were seated "So, how would the three of you like the opportunity to usher in a new age of prosperity for the galaxy the likes no one has ever seen?"

"How?" Henk said as he leaned forward.
Suddenly it hit him. It was that simple.
"You want to use the nebula to travel through time. To change history."

Jason smiled again "Close. The Nebula is of no particular interest to me, I can find ten more if I wanted to. You three however, are a very big interest of mine." He stood and brought up a screen in the middle of the rather dark room The image displayed many readings that only Leanne would probably understand "What you are seeing is the signs of temporal degeneration. Every time you travel through time, your body's genetic structure is altered slightly. For some reason, none of you show any sign of it, and I need to find out why." He moved closer to the group "Think about it, you three could go back in time and prevent the Borg from ever existing, you could be the ones responsible for saving trillions upon trillions of lives!"

"And change history, change the fedaration." Henk said as he looked Jason straight in the eyes. "And by doing so change the entire history of the galaxcy. I thought that you guess would uphold the timeline, not distroy it."

"The is medically unethical." Leanne had stopped for a moment to read all the diagnostics on the screen. "I'm sure if you are looking to create some kind of new eugenics project out of us. I'm not going to let you." Leanne stood up and moved closer to him. "You are a monster."

Zeek stood up, but as he opened his mouth, no words came out. He grimaced in pain as he grabbed his stomach and fell to the floor. "AH, it hurts, help!" He faked as Leanne rushed to his side

"I need to get him to sickbay, I think the chornoton radiation poisoning is finally starting to overcome him." Leanne checked him for a pulse and bent down to hear his breathing. "We have to go now.. or you are only going to have two people to try your sick experiments on."

"Fine, but don't think of trying anything. The Starke's transporters can beam you from anywhere in the station." Jason replied.

"That is fine, we just need to get him out of here." Leanne leaned down and helped Zeek off the ground and walked out of the room.



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