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Leaving sickbay

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Leanne walked back into sickbay after the general message of going down to the planet and it was starting to creep her out. Thinking about the events since she left sickbay the first time just made her even worse off. She checked in with the medical staff who was busy preparing to go down to the planet.

"Make sure we have enough medkits and emergency transport beacons, I want to make sure that we can get people back here if something happens." The staff nodded at her and went back to what they where doing. Leanne headed over to Henk who was still on the Biobed, she checked his charts then turned to him.

"Normally I would want you to stay up here on the ship... but I imagine that you want to go down with us. If you feel up to it, I'll allow you to go down with us. I'll keep a medical sensor on you of course, but I'm sure you want to figure this out as much as anyone."

Henk looked at the chief medical. Slowly he sat upright.
"Thanks doc."Henk said. "Thanks for everyhing."
Slowly het slid of the bed and stood before his doctor.

As Henk slid off the bed, Leanne offered her hand to help steady him. She realized that he still wasn't 100% but he was doing better then when he first came aboard. "Lets get get your ready to travel." She motioned for a nurse to come over. "Help Mr. O'Brien get ready to head down."

Henk grabbed the nurse by here shoulder just to steady himself. He felt that his legs were still weak, but it should pass in a few days.
"Thanks."henk said to the nurse as he let go of her.
Slowly he made a few small steps, only to get his muscles lose.

Leanne walked into her office and hung her lab coat over her chair. She opened a cabinet and removed a standard phaser, medkit, 2 medical tricorders. The doctor strapped the phaser and the tricorder to her waist then returned to the main sickbay. She looked at Henk who was waiting with the rest of medical team. "I would have grabbed you a phaser too but I'm not sure if they want you to have one, but I did grab you a tricorder." She handed it over to him and smiled. "At least we should be able to see them coming, we'll let the marines and security deal with it after."

Henk took the tricorder.
" Thanks, I might get my phaser on the ground." Henk said. " I'm not going to throw rock at them."
Slowly he walked to the door. He began to feel his legs again. By the time he reached the door his legs felt almost normal. A still weak, but they will keep them up.
" Do you know where the captain is?" henk asked to Leanne

"I believe she is on the bridge getting ready for the away mission."

"Thanks."Henk said. "I will come back when I'm dizzy again."

"Here take this" Leanne walked over and handed Henk a hypospray. "This is just in case I'm not around for some reason, it has a dose of anti nausea/vertigo medication in it.

"OK."Henk said. "Don't you need to put a sort of transmitter in my neck, just to keep track of me?"

"Ohh I almost forgot" she walked over with another hypospray and injected his neck with a transmitter. "This will help me keep track of your vitals.." She looked at him and smiled. "I can't let one of my patients die the first week on the job."

"trust me, I don't plan to die any time soon."Henk said. "have a nice day doctor."
Henk walked slowly to the door.


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