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Making The Break

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2010 @ 8:35am by Commander Lorran Vos & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Ensign Aaron Cross & Ensign Rann Tallion & 2nd Lieutenant Nathan Jeffries & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Timeline: 20 Years Future

Station Operations

Beverly had committed to a dangerous course and her thoughts were filled with death and fear over what may happen, yet if all went well then this version of herself would never have existed, disappearing in the blink of an eye and that troubled her. Still, she would not allow her friends to stay in this troubled and dangerous time. She had strode into Ops, waiting for the relay station to finally transmit the faked distress call, and during some routine maintenance of the main reactor the Kodiak was transported over to the old yet still reliable and fast medical ship USS Hope. Now the danger started.

"Lieutenant Commander Tarke", Beverly asked to another of of her old friends, this time her Chief of Security. "Have we received anything yet from the relay station?"
All the hope a fear echoed in her voice wanting nothing more than to get this troubling fight underway. Her eyes fell onto the mammoth form of the Vesta Class Starship on the screen. None of them stood a chance and she knew this.

"Yes Ma'am." Cailyn said as she read the message. "A colony ship has send us a emergency message. It has over 200 people onboard."

"Good. Signal Brenari and get her over to the Hope. Have her launch as soon as and tell her to take Zeek and the others with her", she arranged her uniform and faced the screen. "Open a channel to the Vesta".

Knowing Beverly well enough to predict her orders, Thomas was already at work with his left hand signaling the Doctor. As he sent out the orders, his right hand raced across the aged controls in front of him in order to reach the Vesta Class vessel. A grin that had crossed his face thousands of times over the decades formed yet again, this time accompanied by a glint in his eye that had been missing since the end of the war. His aging bones still craved action, and so help him there was about to be some action! "On screen." He called out calmly, even though his subconscious was jumping up and down like a little boy.

"Director Ascott. We have received a medical distress call from a damaged freighter. It appears they may have been hit by the same anomaly as the Kodiak. We are dispatching the Medical Ship Hope to assist them as neither yourself or us has the facility to deal with two hundred colonists".
Her words were clipped and to the point, making it sound even more dire than what she had hoped.

"Interesting. It seems that your vessels are the only ones receiving this distress call. Mind if we escort your medical vessel?" Jason replied in his typical smug attitude.

"That won't be necessary Director. Beside your ship may just get in the way. Don't worry she's only staffed by medical personnel and a limited number of Security. Answer me this. Would we really try to do anything with an out of date Medical Frigate. Honestly Jason give me some credit".
Hoping that the ply and appealing to his pride would help win him over. She kept her stony face but inside she was a bag of nerve's.

Jenkins signal came at long last urging Bella into action, scrambling the preselected crew into gear calling ahead to have the Hope complete the preflight checks before making a detour to collect the unusual passengers. Just hoped as she dashed through the ageing station that Jenny had been able to smuggle the Kodiak onto the Hope without arising suspicion.

The door into the suite where the 'time travellers' were being held opened smoothly for her, eager to correct the mistakes that had trained the last two decades.

"Come on," she called waving to them. "Beverly has given us the signal we don't have much time."

"Right, Leanne, Henk, get onboard the Kodiak, but don't fire her up fully yet. We don't want Jason alerted to our plan." Zeek said as he followed the medics onboard the Hope. The Kodiak was already loaded onboard the Hope, awaiting the return trip to their own time.

Henk quickly followed the woman and they ran towards the Hope.

They moved quickly and softly to the docking port where the final preparations were already in their final stages. As soon as they crossed the threshold Bernari rapped her badge: "Bernari to the bridge. Is the Kodiak aboard?"

"Yes, ma'am everything is in place."

"Good, retract the docking clamps. I want us out in space before Ascott can react."
Her walk continued ending onto the squashed but particle bridge of the Hope where Bella immediately cut a line to the centre seat as she had done times before. This time however the pressure of endangered lives was not upon her shoulders, instead the weight of knowing the move would end her career if failure and the many other consequences that would follow. But driving her own was the hope that they would succeed and save lives of those that have once loved.

Cargo Bay

Henk said in the Kodiak ready to launch as the word came down. He closed his eyes and slowly began to take deep breaths. Trying to clear his mind he let his hands glide over the console.
"Baby we need your help"henk said as he talked to the ship. "Take us home, and I will make sure you get treated well."

I'm glad its not just me who talks to the machinery," the slightly breathless voice of Jenny Erckheart came from deeper in the shuttle. "First I talk nice, then if that fails a good threaten goes a long way." She smiled drawing up to the cockpit where Henk was sitting. "She'll make it, especially now I've banged out the dents."

Henk quickly turned around.
"Who the hell are you?" He asked a bit harshly.

Instantly Jenny turned defenive crossing her arms and jutting her chin. "Only the person who's put your rust bucket back into service. Be greatful I know a lot about your time period otherwise your 'pride and joy' wouldn't surrive the jounry back."

"Just stay out of my way." Henk said a bit harsh.
He didn't meen to be that harsh, but he didn't want to be distracted by know. There was to much hanging on this flight.

Station Operations

Beverly watched with a previous eye as the Hope pulled away from the station. In theory Jason's ship would not be able to read the Kodiak until she was a substantial distance from the station, that was when Bev, Vos and Jenkins would make their move.

USS Starke

"Lieutenant, check sector 213.5 for any signs of disturbance...something isn't right." He leaned back in his chair as the Lieutenant at the science station worked her magic. The fact that an antiquated medical vessel picked up that distress call before the Starke was cause for concern.

"Director, I've done this scan four times now. Theres nothing out there, no temporal disturbance, nothing." The Lieutenant replied.

Jason's smug smile faded as he turned back to the viewscreen "Tactical, raise shields and power weapons. Target every ship out here, plus the station." 'I'll be damned if I'm made a fool out of this'

Station Operations

Back in Operations Beverly watched the screen intently hoping beyond hope that things would turn out the way she hoped. Sadly the universe was rarely accommodating.
"Admiral...", was all the young ensign at the communications board said.
"I see. Contact the Genesis and beam me over. As soon as that is done raise the shields and go the battle stations. Get a tractor beam on that mammoth". Was all she managed to say as the transporter took hold of her and she was gone, leaving Jenkins and Tarke in command of Ops.

Thomas' heart sank as Beverly's form faded from view, but his head raced with current events. The moment she was gone, he was on the move. "You heard the boss, get those shields UP!" He hollered to those around him. His blood was racing and he felt twenty years younger. He jogged his way towards the engineering pit, knowing full well it and it's keeper would be the determining factor in the station's contribution to the following events. "Give me everything you've got Jenny, we need to be able to take a hit!" He called down, immediately turning back to the rest of the crew in Ops. For a brief second he was caught off guard - there was a crew in Ops! "What are you waiting for folks?" He asked, rhetorically. "Dust off the weapons are brace yourselves for combat!"

USS Genesis

The blue shimmer released her and she found herself surrounded by mostly fresh faced Ensigns, but one thing did stand out. The first officer of T'Arjia's science station was standing at the tactical station, waiting for her orders.
"Raise shields, battle stations. Clear us from the station and engage the enemy".

USS Farragut

"Red Alert" Jacks voice cracked through the eerie silence on the bridge like a thunder clap before the standard lighting dropped to half to be replaced with the crimson warning lights.

"Looks like we're in for a fight" he said to Captain Lorran while watching the Vesta class on the viewer.

"Then let's give them a bloody nose they'll never forget. Set quantum torpedoes to maximum yield and ready attack pattern Echo-7. Fire at will on those phasers. I want every one of our hits to land on their engines, understood? I don't want them following the Hope with that Quantum Slipstream Drive, they've been bragging about. They do NOT leave the area." Captain Lorran slammed his fist down on the arm of his chair as his bridge crew went to work.

Helen looked up from her work as the sickbay lighting started signaling the Red Alert. She rose quickly from her seat and rushed into the main sickbay. "Okay people," she said clapping her hands together to help grab her staff’s attention. "Get ready to receive causalities, we can only hope that we don't see many." She then glanced up in annoyance at the still flashing red lights. “Computer. Return lighting in Sickbay to normal – we don’t need the added distraction at the moment.” And then Helen turned to help with the preparations

USS Hope

Taking a steady breath Brenari gave the order to move away from the station casually but prepped for an emergency if required. And naturally like everyone else in the stalemate the shields were raised and the weapons on hot stand by.
Increasing speed the Hope pulled away from the station and around her the escorting vessels moved in unison, like an advancing wave of arm moving as on unit facing a cannon. Lambs to the slaughter perhaps, but they were all on the same side. That was the only card Brenari was hoping would save them from a massacre.

IKC Liaison

Centurion Vrek appeared at Admiral Haqtaj's elbow, "The Human, Klingon and Trill are aboard, Mistress."

Haqtaj nodded in acknowledgement then leaned forward, "What is your appraisal, Lepta?"

The Ferengi shook his head, "She's a Vesta class. With two of us we could take her down, but on our own..."

Haqtaj grumbled something under her breath, "Gareth? Any luck breaking into their automated systems?"

The Cardasian Intelligence officer smiled, "I think I can mess with their targeting sensors enough to put them off by a few degrees. Enough to make it hard to target the Kodiak. We will need to be very close for me to send the signal though."

Haqtaj stood up, "Maintain the Phase Cloak and match course and speed to the Federation craft."

Then she turned and smiled at the newcomers, "Vartog, Jrez, Maschnost. So glad you could join us. I have been looking over your plan with some interest. Let me see if I understand it. To activate the Tachyons in the Nebula we need to release a focused energy pulse of a certain level and frequency. Coincidentally that frequency coincides with the Standard Photon torpedo discharge."

Serge nods, "That is correct. We believe it was a number of photons detonating simultaneously that brought them here, and the same should send them back. Of course there may be some minor distortions meaning they arrive a few days early or later. This is good since it means they will miss the pirates who attacked them."

Haqtaj held up her hand, "As always, you talk too much. Akina, tell me, we follow them to the Nebula, protect them till they are in position and fire everything at them?"

“That about sums it up,” Jrez replied. “With your permission, Ma’am, Commander Moschnost will direct operations. He has the best knowledge of when to fire and the size of the charge. As for myself, I can probably be of assistance to your Intelligence officer. If it was he who broke my little surprise package then he’s good at his job but I probably have better hands-on experience of current Federation protocols. We might not need to be as close as you might think....”

Vartog had been standing to one side all this time wondering just what he was doing here. He saw the glares from Haqtaj’s crew as Jrez spoke. Looked like his old liaison skills were going to come in useful again.

Haqtaj smiled, "Be my guest, Akina, but it was not Gareth alone who broke your code. You may remmember a certain Ferengi book seller on the station some twenty years ago? He certainly remembers you and anticipated you would try something like this one day. He personnaly gave me a code breaking sheath."

She indicated one of the brightly lit stations, "Your help is appreciated. Vartog! Work with Lepta at Tactics. Give everythig you can into our shields. I don't know how much we can soak up but I want to be around long enough to blow up a Federation starship.

To Be Continued


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