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A slap in the face, a slap on the wrist (Backpost)

Posted on Thu Jan 21st, 2010 @ 9:26am by

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Security
Timeline: original time line, before Kodiak returns

Jones as still stewing on everything, the Klingon had a point, sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot, and a trade contract with a Klingon house was no small thing. All it entailed was a small apology to a faceless federation puppet. Walking down to the security corridor Jones stopped at the Yeoman.

"I need to see Commander Mason, it is about official business." Jones looked at the girl and grinned, it looked like she was fresh out of the academy.

The charming smile had the Yeoman twirling her brown pigtails in her fingers, a blush rising upon her round cheeks. "She's in the security office, would you like me to escort you, sir?"

"Sure, have your phaser ready, I hear that she bites." Jones smiled at her. "She in a good mood?"

Falling into line, still stroking her hair the Yeoman giggled. "She has a record for that I know. As for her mood. I would guess not good. Their was some trouble at one of the bars last night, and from what I've heard she was blind drunk having an argument with Commander Aerelon. She's properly still nursing a hang over."

"Just my luck then huh? Well better to face the beast when it is subdued with a headache then at full force I guess?" Jones smiled at the young girl, hopefully she never had to leave this station, she probably wouldn't make it out in the field.

"Still you're a braver man then I. The Commander can be quite scarey."

"Yeah, I ran into her earlier. Something special there that one is."

"I suppose that depends on how you defie 'special'" The Yomen gave a flirty wink and guestered with her hand. "The office is just ahead," she pointed again. "Good luck."

"Thanks." Jones pressed the button on the door and walked in to the lair of the chief of securities office. He wanted to reach for a phaser but remembered that he didn't bring one.

The shrill chime of the door bought a hand to her temple grimacing. She turned slowly to the silhouette that entered, her eyes narrowing at the sight. Slowly Kristina lowered her hand, sat straighter in her seat trying to look more daunting then she felt.
"Jones," she said softly. "What the hell do you want?"

"I'm glad to see you too love." Jones smiled at her, "Generally if you have a hangover that just means that you need to drink more to keep up the buzz." He slowly approached the desk and produced a data padd. "I've already gotten the captain to sign off on my flight path, I just need you to sign off on the cargo then I'll be out of your hair for a bit."

Instantly that made her suspicious. "I'd rather inspect this cargo of yours before I sign. Wouldn't look good would it now if I were to assist pirates on illegal raids. Just because at this moment you have the Federation's backing won't erase your shoddy record."

"Shoddy record?" Jones seemed to be taken aback slightly. "You'll find that all of my cargo meets all Federation standards for status A, B, C, F3W, and 57B shipping regulations for volatile, semi volatile, and inert goods. I'd be more then happy to give you a tour if you'd like." He smiled at her.

"Yes, this time maybe you'll be above board. I'll look forward to crossing paths at a later date to prove my point." She cocked her head to one side. "I'd rather not take th tourist's trail around your...ship." Mason's lips were tight in reponse.

Jones just kept smiling at her, it was all he could do to not blow up at her, especially considering what was coming up. "Well I'm glad that you can understand that I am merely a simple merchant, just here to buy and trade as well as bring fine goods to the people of the Federation. Which brings me to my next point. I wanted to apologize for any... inconvenience that my crew may have cause while aboard your fine base." It almost killed him to say it but there was bigger things at stake.

The last statement set Mason on set for a moment. Not for a long time had anyone apologised for their behaviour that she had had to mop up, let alone an entire crew's worth. They had to be a catch.
She frowned bringing her elbows onto the desk leaning toward Jones. "Something doesn't wash. I never have apologies out of the blue.... what did you really want?"

"What, can't an old salt be apologetic for something?" Jones moved over at sat in the chair in front of the commanders desk. "Sometimes you just have to realize when you are wrong and go forward with it. If you still want to keep hating me that is fine, it is good to have a nemesis, just wanted to apologize for the little incident back there that is all."

She watched him sit and make himself comfortable. This man was a puzzle even to her trained senses. It seemed that he did actually care deep beneath his rough exterior their might be a real heart that makes mistakes just like everyone else.

Jone's wasn't like any other pirate Mason had encountered in the career, granted his mismatched crew fitted the bill save for that runty woman she had seen but otherwise brawl not brains. It was a wonder how Jones made it to where he was considering he could demonstrate a genuine ability to grovel. Then again, it could all be a fast.

"Just because I'm no top form won't stop me from flexing some authority." She retracted her elbows. "I accept your apology, but....I won't be signing this until I've inspected your vessel." She picked up the PADD. " Then you can bugger off before you get too comfortable in that seat. Agreed?"

"Agreed let's get this over with." Jones stood up and smiled at the woman. "Where do you want to start first?"

Moving around the desk Mason did not return Jones' smile. "At the begiging where else? My main concern is this cargo," she waved the PADD again. "Then we'll see where that leads me."


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