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Permission to leave

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2010 @ 7:50am by

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Timeline: original

OOC: I figured I haven't had a run in with Alyssa yet.. >:-)

Jones had finished up everything he needed on the station, talked to the security officer, made his drops, and the the guild was loading up the Warden right now. Due to the nature of things he needed to go and get permission to leave docking from the Captain of the base. Wandering back up toward C&C he ran across the Captain's Yeoman. "I need to see the Captain to get my leaving papers signed off on."

"Well, I will be the captain in a short while. Let me handle this!", a stern voice from a shorter women called from across ops. She had short black hair cut in a severe bob cut but brilliant green eyes that pierced the gloom of the night that the station emulated when in the dusk hours.

"Ohh, well I thought that I would talk to the Commodore, but I guess you'll do." Jones stuck his hand out to the woman. "Walter Jones, Captain of the SS Warden pleased to meet ya love."

"I am not your love. Call me that again and your flight permit will be revoked. Do you understand me Captain Jones?"
Not once did she look at him instead she was focused souly on the information in front of her as she had found herself pulled into the waiting for information on the Kodiak. She had no knowledge of the people, but to loose three good officers before she had even taken command was certainly not the way to start.

"I understand what your saying" Unlike Beverly this woman is still too text book Starfleet to budge. "But something like that would probably anger your boss, and your bosses boss, and your bosses bossess boss, so lets cut this postering out and get down to business." Jones handed over a data padd with cargo and manifest as well as their "flight path"

"Do you intend to deviate from the flight path Captain?" Alyssa once again posed a question that was cutting through all of the crap and straight to the heart of the matter. "I don't intend to read something that you are not even intending to follow you see Captain".

"Fair enough, that is our "Official" flight path as dictated by the needs of our cargo and current contracts. As to where we are really going, you probably don't want to know and it would probably be best not to know Captain." Jones smiled at her she was more shrewd then she first let on.

"I know that you are being employed by Starfleet at some point in the future. Its my responsibility that you have support when needed. I don't need to know details just your destinations in a constant steady flow of information".
Now she looked at him directly eye to eye. She meant what she had said and there was no way she was going to allow him to leave until.

"From here the Hethas, then Klath'Be'Tor, A Gorn planet that I'd have to rip our my tongue to pronounce correctly, then an enemy station in Cestus. After that I might be back or I might move on to another station, where ever I can pick up my payment from the Federation I suppose."

"That would be here Captain. I look forward to your return... In one piece I hope". This was the first time that Alyssa had smiled at the Civilian Captain, but it was a warm hearted and genuine smile. Both knew that Captain Jones was risking his life and the life of his crew on Starfleets behalf, even thought he was under no obligation too. "God speed Captain!"

"Ohh, well thank you Captain, I'll keep an eye out for that crew of yours sicne we are headed out that way anyways." Jones turned and left the room, perhaps there was hope for her yet, as for the next person that he was going to see, he expected to be missing some teeth.


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