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Lunch Meeting.

Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2010 @ 10:01am by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Current Time

The Promenade was bustling with people and as Helen and Amber wove their way through the lunch time crowd, Helen was worried that they might not be able to find anywhere to sit and have lunch.

“Maybe we should have done the tour first-” Helen stopped mind sentence as she spied a recognizable face seated at a fairly empty table at one of the cafes. “Amber, there’s Chief Jrez, you will have to meet him and maybe we can also wrangle our way into joining him and his Andorian friend for lunch.”

"Sure," said Amber

Helen and Amber made their way through the crowd and approached the table. Helen gave the Trill a friendly wave. “Chief Jrez, I have someone here that I would like you to meet.”

Jrez rose politely. "Please, sit. And it's Akina. This," he added with a wave of his hand, "is Thalal zh'Simal." He looked in Thalal's direction and smiled warmly.

"Nice to meet you Thalal," Helen smiled and reached out to shake her hand. "I'm Helen Lyons, and." Helen turned and gestured to the woman next to her, "This is our new Cheif of General Practise Amber Winters."

Amber Smiled. "Hello. Nice to meet you," said Amber.

"I thought that we'd better grab something to eat before giving Amber the grand tour of the 611 medical facilities," Helen said as she and Amber took a seat at the table. "How are things in your department Che- ah - Akina."

"Mr Jrez, Sir!" a petulant voice called from the other side of the room. Helen froze and didn't turn to look as Serge Moschnost hurried up to the table, food piled precariously on a tray, and oblivious of everyone but the new Chief of Sciences.

"Sir, I am bring the good and bad news. The Good news is I am no longer being in engineering. In fact I am no longer thinking we have anyone in engineering. This is meaning I am free to work with Astrophysics and Temporal Mechanics, Yes? I am having theory on the nebula where crew are going missing."

He suddenly realises there are others at the table, "Oh, I am being sorry for interuption. Hello Doctors..."

Serge holds out his hand to greet Helen and Amber, and in doing so lets go of one end of the tray which promptly pours the entire contents into Helen's lap.

The whole table became a riot of activity; all of it focussed on Helen Lyons, none of it serving any useful purpose.

Jrez, still standing, reached out for the dispenser of paper napkins, pulled a few out and tried to mop up the mess. All that seemed to achieve was to spread it further and embarrass Lyons. Thalal started picking up bowls and plates, only to clash heads with Moshnost when he bent to do the same thing.

Serge was blustering the whole time about how "Sorry I am being". HE really did seem to have more thumbs than was physically possible.

"Everyone, it's fine. Don't worry about it." Helen held up her hands, trying to hide her embarrassment and also to keep any more helping hands away from her. She then bent to help pick up the crockery that was still on the floor, all the while pointedly avoiding Serge's gaze.

Amber looked at Helen. She was sorry she could not help her from everything landing on her clothes. "Helen, I think maybe we should get you changed into something else."

"I think you're right Amber. I'll just go to the wash room to try and get most of this out, then I'll go and get changed. Stay here, I shouldn't be to long. Then maybe I can get some food inside of me instead of on me..." Helen then addressed the rest of the table. "If you will all excuse me for a time..."

Amber nodded. "Lets just hope your next set of clothes will be able to stay clean." Amber smiled as she was trying to kid with everyone.

Serge grimaced, "I am thinking this is not going to be too good. I am only being here three days and I am making people angry. Especially Doctor Lyons."

He sat down miserably, "I am thinking perhaps it was not good to run out of my room and leave her there on the floor with no clothes on."

He suddenly realised the others were staring at him, "Oh, no! I am not taking her clothes... except her underwear... but I gave it to her at her office... the underwear... I gave her..."

Serge just groaned and fell face forward onto the table, "English is being so difficult to find right words."

He straightened again suddenly and turned to Amber, "Hello, I am Ensign Serge Maschnost, Astrophysics and Termporal Mechanics... and am possibly being Station joke."

"Nice to meet you," said Amber.

Serge almost smiles. He looks back at Jrez, "Am I being interupting?"

“You’re...welcome to join us...but....” Jrez was not sure what to say next. How to be diplomatic? Moshchnost was a bumbling...well, fool wouldn’t be too harsh a description. Idiot was more the word which came to his mind at that moment.

Thankfully, Thalal stepped into the breech. “Serge, sit!” she instructed quietly, but firmly. “Oh, quiet.” She smiled at him. “You’ve done enough damage already.”

“There, it wasn't so bad,” Helen said arriving back at the table. “I got most of it out....” Helen's voice trailed away. “Why is everyone staring at me? Have I missed a spot?”

Thalal leaned towards her. “It’s not so much what you’ve missed as...where you’ve missed it,” Thalal she whispered.

Helen immediately looked down at her uniform pants, looking for something untoward or out of place, but could see nothing...She looked quizically up at Thalal.

“It’s probably best if we go back into the ladies’ room. These men are leering enough already without me detailing the problem.”

"Okay, sure..." Helen said uncertainly as Thalal took her by the arm and escorted her back to the ladies room.

Once in the ladies, Helen let forth a groan when Thalal showed her the stain that she's missed.

Thalal fussed and bothered but achieved the desired result. A combination of soap gently rubbed into the offending place then toilet paper discretely applied – both wet and dry – removed the potential stain.

"Perhaps I should just get something to dump on Serge," Helen muttered as Thalal worked. "Except that whatever happens to him seems to rebound on me threefold! Infuriating man!"

Thalal stood back. Satisfied that the problem was no longer visible, she stepped aside. “Be thankful you only have one male. I have.... She clamped her mouth shut. The less said about her own problems, the better.

"One male! I barely even have that! I've had the sniff of him as he ran as quickly as could away from me...I don't know what came over me, now all I do is kick myself everytime I see him. And the snickering I get from the nurses..." Helen groaned again and hung her head over the basin. "What am I going to do?"

"Thank you Thalal. I owe you one. Maybe we should do a girl's night out soon?"

“I’d like that.”

"I'll see if Amber and a few others want to come as well. Then we'll show these so called men how to really enjoy themselves!"

Helen took a deep breath and stepped back into the cafe and quickly made her way back to the table, taking her seat before anyone could say anything. It was then Helen noticed that she now sat between Amber and Serge. Damn!

Amber looked at Helen and asked, "Is everything okay Helen?"

Helen gave Amber a smile and nodded. "I'm fine. I'll be better once I've had something to eat." Helen then turned to the man next to her. "Which reminds me Serge. I promised to take you out on a lunch date didn't I."

Serge was about to leap up to offer to get Helen something but when she turned and addressed the question to him he sat down again in shock. This is probably just as well really.

"Me. You are wanting to be seen with me again? Even... Even after the food... and the coffee... and the... the... Is not nice to be making fun of Serge, Doctor. I have feelings too. You may laugh at him behind his back, yes, but I is not having to be here to listen."

Serge got up, a picture of pathetic resistance, "You were being a nice lady. Now you are wanting to hurt me and I am not understanding why. Good day to you. Thalal, Akina, Amber." He nodded to each in turn then moved from the table and made his way from the restaurant.

As they watched him go, Helen couldn't help but notice a small group of Engineers who scowled at her before returning to their meal.

"What did I say?" Helen asked the table at large, not quite understanding how asking someone out to eat can be taken as an insult.

Amber shook her shoulders as if she did not understand either.

Helen gave herself a little shake. "Well, Thalal and I are thinking of having a girls night out. Would you be interested in coming?" she asked Amber.

"Sure," said Amber.

"Excellent. We'll wait until they find the Kodiak and use it as a welcome back party for Leanne and get Annabelle to come along as well. And Thalal, you should invite anyone you think would be interested. The more the merrier." Helen said this all in a rush, she was still flustered from Serge's strange reaction to her simple question. Maybe she should just let matters lie as they are. After all Helen was only new to the station herself, she should let herself settle in properly before even thinking about involving a man in her life.

Jrez rose. Thalal placed a cautionary hand on his arm but he smiled and nodded to her. He understood why Serge had reacted the way he did; if he was going to be the mentor Thalal believed he could be, now was a good place to start. He hurried out to catch up to Serge and have quiet chat with him.

As he passed the table of Engineers he heard low mutterings. One of their number looked up at him. “You’re welcome to the bumbling prat,” he said. Nods and murmurs of approval greeted the comment.

So, the scowls were aimed at Serge for another regrettable incident, not at those at the table. Or maybe it was a bit of both. Jrez quickly took off his Head of Science hat and put on his Command Chief one. “One more comment like that and you’ll be on report, Crewman....Reynolds, if I’m not mistaken. Ensign Moshchnost is a good officer. He’s intelligent and he has a gift for his speciality.” Jrez was tempted to add phrases like ‘socially inept’ and ‘wet behind the ears’ but he refrained. “It wasn’t his fault he was posted to Engineering – blame the higher-ups for that stuff up. We’ve all had experience of bureaucracy stuffing us around and we’ve all had reason to be thankful for those around us helping us through. I expect you all to help Ensign Moshchnost now.”

He knew his little speech largely fell on deaf ears but if only one of them reacted positively that was still one more than a few minutes ago.

To his surprise more than one of the crewmen on the table approved of his words, "leave him alone, Dick. He's trying hard."
"I think he's sweet."
"I've a good mind to tell the 'good doctor' exactly what I think of the way she's treating him."

Jrez saw Serge powering towards the Astrophysics Lab. He had to run to catch up to him.


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