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Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2010 @ 1:02pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC]

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Promenade SB 611
Timeline: 'Normal' time

Jrez groaned. His head hurt. Somewhere behind his temple, someone was wielding a very big mallet.
Thalal stirred. She rolled towards him and smiled.
“How do you feel?” she asked sympathetically.
Jrez groaned again.
“How much of last night do you remember?”
Jrez tried to concentrate. It was a painful experience. “Not much,” he admitted.
“Let me remind you of some of the highlights.”
She rolled him on top of her and wrapped her legs around him. Then she pulled his face down towards hers. Her mouth was open, expectant; her antennae had tilted forwards towards him. She drew him to her; warm lips met warm lips. She wrapped her arms around him, stroking the firm muscles of his back. He responded in kind.
Thalal moaned. It was not from pain.

Jrez was standing in his quarters, feeling uncomfortable. At least he wasn’t trapped in dress uniform but even so.... He’d been promoted and people wanted to celebrate. He didn’t want either of those things.
“It shouldn’t have been me,” he said, not for the first time. “It should have been Moshchnost. He’s an officer and he’s a scientist. I’m neither.”
“Will you get over it, Akina,” Thalal scolded lightly. “We’ve been over this. You thoroughly deserve the promotion.” She paused in adjusting a hair clip. “You’re correct on both counts, but, as I’ve said before.... He’s only just out of the Academy. He’s raw – he has no experience whatsoever; importantly, he has no experience of shipboard politics. Yes, I agree he has the makings of a brilliant scientist. He is, however – what’s that term? - a geek. He’ll never be an administrator. That would be the ruin of him. Making him Chief Science Officer would only tie him up with a load of red tape. He’s better off without the hassle. And if you don’t believe me, ask Helen Lyons. I’d lay odds she’d rather have Serge just the way he is than stuck behind a desk feeling stultified.”
“No buts! Look at it this way, Akina. You have the perfect opportunity to guide and nurture Serge. Be a mentor to him.”
Jrez looked unsure.
“Not a father figure, Akina,” she said. Her brows creased as she pondered options. “Rope in Douglas Swinton. From what I hear he’s the perfect person to help mould Serge into the sort of officer Starfleet can be proud of and, more importantly, Serge can be proud of. But that’s not what he needs right now – what he needs now is someone to show him how things work. It will do him the world of good.”
“But I’m a non-com! He’s an officer.”
“There’s precedence. If you won’t do any research, Akina Jrez, I just have to do it for you. Miles O’Brien was Chief of Operations on DS9 throughout the Dominion War. You don’t get a much more high pressure job than that and he steadfastly remained a non-commissioned officer. Who do you think he was giving orders to? He’s not the only one either.”
Jrez considered that. He stood; silent, thoughtful. He knew he tended to downplay his abilities and exaggerate his failings – he frequently berated himself for doing so. Could he do this? Could he be a worthy Chief Science Officer? The more he thought about it, the more only one answer presented itself.
“You’re right,” he said to Thalal but he was much more saying it to himself. “I’m not T’Arjia D’Ras and I’m not Serge Moshchnost. I’m Akina Jrez. Akina Jrez has a wealth of experience and knowledge to fall back on – his own and that of the other Jrez hosts. There’s also all the crew on this station. The Explorer crew pulled together to help each other and I was a driving force in that. It just goes to show what can be done. I’ll speak to Serge, assure him that I didn’t want the position ahead of him; let him know I still consider him the chief scientist on the station.”
Thalal smiled. She didn’t think such an assurance would be necessary but if it helped Akina....
Jrez moved towards the door out to the corridor. It swooshed open. He was about to step through when a new doubt assailed him. He didn’t want any fuss made about the promotion. He certainly did not feel comfortable celebrating it. To him, it was but a small thing, not warranting ostentatious shows of jubilation. He consoled himself that it would only be a small gathering – himself, Thalal, Serge, possibly Helen and Lieutenant D’Ras if she could make time available before she left for her new posting. After all, who else would be interested in attending? Well...some of the Explorers maybe but besides them...?
Loud noise spilled out of the bar. It sounded like a large party was in full swing. That suited Jrez just fine – other people were enjoying themselves which would take the spotlight off him and his little group.
When he stepped through the door to the bar he stood dumbstruck. Clapping broke out and raucous whistling. It looked to him like all the Science department, much of Engineering and not a few from Intelligence were there. Even some of Thalal’s Security colleagues were present.
Beside him, Thalal stood beaming at him. Jrez felt tears well in his eyes.
A bright faced but nervous Serge walked up and shook his hand, “Congratulations to you, Sir. I am being proud of serving for you. I will be hoping we are working together for long time, yes?”
“Yes,” was all Jrez could manage to say. He drew a deep breath, ready with the speech he’d prepared. Thalal saw the pause and acted quickly. Spotting a face she knew, she called over a young ensign. Before he knew it, Jrez found himself in the arms of Natalya Svelt. She pressed hard against him, her bright, dark eyes locked his.
“So,” she purred, “You’re the one who will be in charge of the Sensors now? Do you like to watch, Akina?”
Before he could reply, she planted a big kiss on his lips and then spun away, slapping Thalal on the rump in passing. She giggled. “Can you keep him under control?” she asked Thalal lustfully.
Jrez didn’t know what to say. He looked to Thalal but she just smiled. Not that he had much time to react, people came up and congratulated him and offered to buy him a drink. Thankfully, Thalal steered his way through the milling throng towards the bar.
“Tonight,” the Orion woman serving behind the bar said, “all your drinks have been paid for. If this miserable lot can’t keep you supplied, come see me. I’ll attend to it. And if you can arrange to ditch the Andorian, all the better – I’ll make sure you’re properly serviced in many other ways.”
Now Jrez had two offers. He thought about it for a fraction of a second but it was no competition. He squeezed Thalal’s arm and felt the gesture reciprocated. “Thank you,” he replied to the Orion woman. He made sure he was polite but he could not resist letting a little twinkle into his voice. “Somehow, I don’t think she’s about to let me out of her sight. I think I’ll be getting all the service I need.”
“Did you ever doubt it, Akina Jrez?” Thalal replied, as much to the Orion as to him. Jrez took another deep breath to settle himself. Suddenly, he could not wait for the party to be over. He now had a third reason for not being there and this one pressed hard on him. He looked around at the smiling faces of his friends and acquaintances. He felt truly humbled that so many had turned out to be part of this occasion. That third reason would wait. At the end of the night, Thalal would still be there. All these people deserved his attention. He accepted a drink from the Orion and walked back into the throng to immerse himself in camaraderie and affection.

Helen had found her self a quiet corner to remain unnoticed. It didn't work. A young woman in engineer’s uniform appeared at her shoulder.
"Hello, Doctor. I notice you are trying very hard not to look at Lt Maschinost. I am not normally one to believe rumours but you are going to have to work harder at hiding your blush."
Helen glanced up at the woman. "And what rumours would those be?" Helen had never seen her before but could not help the defensive tone.
She smiled in a way that was disarming, "That you spent a night with Serge and din't sleep much. Acording to him you had him naked in bed before he was even aware and then tangled on the couch, and all over him on the floor. Quite the firebrand, Doctor."
She held out her hand, "Ensign Natalya Svelt, formerly of Risa. And don't worry. I respect a woman who can give as good as she takes."
"He told you that did he?" Helen said taking Natalya's hand. "He has a wonderful imagination then." Helen felt sorely tempted to tell her what really happened but decided not to. She did not need to explain herself to anyone. If people wanted to believe the worst then that's their prerogative.
"Ooooh. You have such soft hands." Nat gasped she held on to Helen's hand for just a little bit longer than was customary. "Well, that is what he told Vrell when challenged."
She suddenly leaned in and whispered in Helen's ear, "But we know better, don't we."
She leaned out an put her finger on the side of her nose. Then in a completely unconnected topic, "I understand you are a researcher? You must spend a lot of time looking at people's bodies."
“Sorry? Ah. No. Not really, more like tissue and fluid samples. They only let me near bodies if they are short handed enough to trust me to use my General Practise skills. I don’t have the best bedside manner.”
Nat smiled, "I've had to deal with a few fluid samples in my time. The trick is always what to do with them after you have collected your sample."
She closed her eyes and sighed, "Can you feel that music through you? It's intoxicating."
Helen cocked her head and listened, she hadn’t really been paying attention to the music. Her mind had been focussed on other things. “It would be if it had a bit more base to it.”
Nat growaned slightly, "Mmm. Something deep that moves you from the... heart."
She turned sharply and really looked at the woman next to her. ‘Is she for real?’ Helen suddenly had the distinct impression that she was being made fun of, and she was not in the mood to be the butt of someone else’s joke.
“Okay, you’ve had your fun. There’s no need to keep pushing the point home.” Helen sat up stiffly in her chair. “And contrary to whatever the current rumour is, nothing happened between myself and Serge, so please stop dropping all the double entendres.”
The Risan woman looked genuinely surprised, "I know. That much is obvious from the way you two talk. What is also obvious is how much you both wish something had."
Nat laughed easily at Helen's glare, "Oh, come now. I am from Risa. I know these things. I also know Vrell is jealous as all hell, but would never say so. It was very nice meeting you, Doctor, but I can see you are not in a very social mood. Can I give you a friendly suggestion. When meeting people for the first time, you might want to tell them your name."
With that Nat slipped away into the crowd and was soon caught up in the arms of an attentive Security officer.
Helen watched her go. What little good mood she had, was now completely soured by her conversation with Natalya.

Endrijure 262 watched the conversation between Lieutenant Lyons and the new woman from Engineering. From where s/he was standing, and given the level of noise in the bar, s/he could not hear what they were saying but s/he thought s/he could make a pretty good guess at the general tone and topic of it.
By hish reckoning, the rumours about a liaison between Lyons and that new science officer, Serge something, weren’t too far wide of the mark. S/he couldn’t work out how a bumbling fool like whatever-his-name-was could snag a catch like Lyons but it definitely seemed to be the case. Looked like the woman from Engineering had her eye on him as well. takes all kinds was all Endrijure could think. Whatever-his-name-was was not to Endrijure’s taste at all and the Engineering woman was – well, to not put too fine a point on it she looked like a go-getter of the first order. Endrijure would never admit it but she was far too much like the Hermat hirself for hish liking.
As for Lieutenant Lyons...well now, that was another matter completely. She looked like a tasty bit of goods indeed – far too good for the likes of a mere Science Officer! When the other woman moved away – and it did not look like there was any love lost between the two of them – Endrijure was quick to make hish move. S/he sidled up to Lyons.
“Good evening, Lieutenant.” S/he kept hish voice to a polite, conversational tone. S/he’d heard that that was how humans liked to be addressed socially. “You look rather forlorn.” S/he trusted that was the correct term but s/he didn’t really care, s/he trusted that charm would surmount any small language problems. It usually did.
Helen turned her gaze from the crowd at the new voice and tried to hide her surprise at what she saw - a short individual, though Helen's eyes focussed more on the canines that could be seen protruding from beneath his upper lip than anything else. "Not forlorn, just annoyed," she said trying not to let her mood colour her voice. Remembering the Risan's parting shot, Helen held out her hand, "I"m Helen Lyons."
“Endrijure 262,” the Hermat replied. “Petty Officer Endrijure 262,” s/he quickly amended. This was an informal affair but it was an officer s/he was talking to. At this moment s/he didn’t have any interest in rank, all s/he had in mind was a spot of merry making. S/he didn’t know who she was or what her stand was on protocol. It was always wise to assume the worst and act accordingly. “How can a pretty young woman like you be annoyed on a night like this? Everyone is enjoying themselves.” S/he held out hish hand. “Come, let me help you overcome this annoyance.”
Helen’s eyebrows rose in surprise at the comment, she looked at the Hermat’s offered hand. Perhaps she heard that the wrong way, because it sounded an awful lot like a pick up line.... Maybe Endrijure did not mean it in that light, but there was only one way to be sure. Helen leaned closer towards the Hermat and softly asked, “And just how were you planning to do that?”
“We Hermats have many means – depending on your tastes,” he added with a sly grin. “I’d be happy to show you. Not here though. I think somewhere with some privacy might be more amenable.”
Helen leaned back in her chair. "As tempting as your offer is Endrijure, I think your skill would be wasted on someone like me. You should go and find someone who woud be more appreciative of your Talents" Helen hoped that her rebuff was polite enough. Afterall, for all she knew this could just be their way of saying 'hello'.
Endrijure was not one to be put off quite so lightly. “I am sure my talents would not be wasted. I would not find it a waste and I doubt you would either. In fact, I think you’ll find it a wonderful experience. I doubt you’ve experienced anything like it ever before and probably won’t ever again.”
Hish hand was still held out, expectant. Hish eyes glittered as if no was not a word that existed in hish dictionary. Hish tongue ran over hish sharp canines almost in salivation at the prospect before hir.
“Ahhh.” Helen tried desperately to think of something - anything to get her out of this situation as she leaned further away. The way those canines were licked made Helen think that she was the dessert after a main course – perhaps maybe she was. This was definitely something she had never experienced before. Keeping her outward composure calm, Helen decided that the plan simple truth would be best. “I’m sorry Endrijure, but I will still refuse your offer. To put it simply, I am not interested.”
That came as somewhat of a shock to Endrijure. S/he was not used to hish advances being rebuffed, in fact, s/he struggled to remember when s/he’d last been turned down. S/he was about to try again but something in the look in Lyon’s eyes told hir that it might not be a good idea. She looked the type to put hir on report if s/he pushed too far. With a nonchalant shrug, s/he turned away to find someone else to share hish bed. “You don’t know what you’re missing,” s/he said over hish shoulder. He added a wink for good measure then left it at that.

As the party started to slow down, Jrez found a quiet moment to have a word to Moschnost. “You haven’t spent much time with Lieutenant Lyons,” he began, more to ease himself into what he wanted to say than anything else.
Serge was taking a mouthful of punch when Jrez mentioned Helen and sprayed the mouthfull all over Akina's shirt front, "I am being most sorry! By Yimminy, I was not trying to spray. I was just... I didn't expect... I didn't think anyone... Why would you ...?
He began desperately patting at the man's chest, trying to mop the spill but just spreading the orange liquid. He turned to the table and grabbed a handful of napins. Unfortunately, they were half under a tray of canapes, so when he yanked them out to hand to Jrez, the food tumbled out onto the floor.
Jrez stood patiently, waiting for the young officer to stop fussing. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll throw it in the recycler later and replicate a new shirt. Ensign.... Serge.... I just want to say that...well.... I think you should have been appointed Chief Science Officer.” There, he’d said it.
Serge froze, the handful of napkins still held out. Was he joking? Did he really think Serge, who couldn't decide which identical blue unifrom he should wear in the morning, should be in charge of a whole division?
“You’re the most able scientist on the starbase; you far and away outdo me. I’m just someone who’s acquired a bit of ability over the years. I have no theoretical background, no academic record. I’ve learnt by the seat of my pants. What sort of Science Officer will I make?”
Serge mouthed stupidly. Technically, even as an ensign he outranked the Trill, but... he's a Trill! There must be hundreds of years of life experience behind that mind. Serge was on his ninth day out of the Academy.
"Excusing me? I am not sure what you are saying, sir. I am thinking you are being confusing me with someone else, yes? My brother said if you threw me in a barrel of breasts I would come out sucking my thumb. I am not to be in charge of section. I do not think I will be in charge of anything, ever. I am not good with this. I am not good with any thing except Special Relativity, Applied Stellar Cartography, extreme Astrophysics, Newtonian Kinetics, and related fields. I am just not clever enough."
Jrez actually laughed. “Excuse me but I think you’d find the breast. But if you don’t hurry up and say something to Helen you might indeed find you’re left with just the thumb. I saw Endrijure 262 trying to chat her up. That Hermat, unlike most of hish species, is very outgoing and...well, s/he is lascivious. And if looks could kill, Nurse Vrell would have killed Endrijure many times over tonight. I think you’ve got a bit of competition there, Ensign.”
Serge was now totally confused. What did the doctor have to do with his thumb? And why would Nurse Vrell want to kill a friendly alien? And what does ANY of this have to do with him being an officer.
“I am not being a competition for Dr Lyons. I am not believing she is interested in me. I am happy with all women... Not that I am having all women. I am liking all women... not that I am liking your woman. I am liking your woman, Thalal. I just... I am thinking I am seeing too much of Helen. I am being concentrating on heavenly bodies instead.”
Jrez briefly considered commenting that Helen’s was quite a heavenly body but decided that would just confuse the poor ensign further.
So, Thalal was right. I still think, in time, Serge will make a fine Chief Science Officer. All he needs is confidence. I’ll do as she suggested and ease him into Starfleet. There’s a lot of talent there and I can help bring it to the fore. That, after all, is what a good Command Chief should be doing for the enlisted crew so why not take that into the role of Chief Science Officer? So for now I do the job and give it my best. I must say it’ll be interesting. Jrez smiled at Moshchnost. “Give me a hand and we’ll clean up this mess then I suggest you go talk to Helen."

Jrez was not exactly walking in a consistently straight line as he and Thalal made their way back to their quarters. Thalal decided he needed sobering up. “You remember that cute woman from Engineering I introduced you to – Natalya. Yes, Akina, I saw your eyes light up and yes she is from Risa. She’s taught me a few Risan tricks. I’ve been saving them up for an appropriate occasion.”
He sobered up in an instant. A new-found spring appeared in his step and his stride lengthened. If the night had been good so far, it promised only to get better.

Jrez lay panting on his bed. Those Risan tricks had taken his breath away and much, much more. He took Thalal in his arms. He kissed her then moved his tongue lightly across her cheek. From there, her sleek neck opened to him. Two can play at this game!
It was some hours before they got any sleep.


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