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Defensive Posture

Posted on Sat Jan 16th, 2010 @ 3:13am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Commander Lorran Vos & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Linom Dekur

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

USS Genesis

Beverly took her seat as the crimson glow filled the bridge casting blood and black contrast shadows across the crew. It was a horrific scene on the bridge with the fresh faced crew not sure what to expect and the fear was almost palpable in the air.

"Target phasers to the Starkes transwarp drive. We have to take it out and as quick as possible", she called across the cacophony of voices all shouting out into the dimly light room.

Aaron was at the tactical station. He quickly targeted the phasers at the Starke and watched as it hit its transwarp drive. As he was doing this, he said, "Targeting phasers now."

Station Operations

"Sir!" The shrill voice of Keeza Trinn called across the starbase operations. "Systems are overloading, I don't they've been been put under this much stress even in their prime!"

"Do what you can, Kez. I need the weapons to fire, and I'd be exceptionally pleased if we all didn't explode when we're fired at." Thomas paused as he thought of the comparison between the massive tank floating in space and the station's crumbling infrastructure. "If you have to get really selective with which parts don't explode - think fondly of Ops."

"I'll bear that in mind," Kezza said lowly.

Even in the face of a court marshal and potential death by friendly fire, Tom was a smartass to the very end. He quickly made his way to the Operations Table, a hologram of the station floating above its center with the various ships flying around it in real time - something he'd implemented many years ago. As the weapons platforms came online and the green dots littered the hologram of the station to reflect it, Thomas knew it was go time. As quickly as he thought it, phaserfire erupted from the Genesis. "Target those engines with everything we have and fire until the phasers fall apart!"

USS Farragut

The majestic Sovereign class vessel barrel rolled up and over the Starke as she passed, pelting the much larger ship with quantum torpedoes from her rapid fire turret and hammering at her shields with her many phaser banks. The Starke's weapons followed the Farragut through space, seeking to burn her out of the sky, but Captain Vos' Conn officer was able to keep the ship from taking several brutal hits that would have finished her.

IKC Liasion

"Admiral, the Federation ships are opening fire on the Vesta."

"Match course and speed to the USS Hope," Haqtaj replied. "Don't open fire till I give the word. Even with the Phase cloak we are suceptable to their transphasic torpedoes."

USS Dauntless

Livia swore she would not become involved should chaos ensue, that she would not endanger the lives on the innocent Dauntless crew for her own selfish gains. What she didn't count on was Director Ascott showing up in a Vesta and targeting his own people. He crossed the line and had to be stopped. Confident that this would be the last time she would command a vessel Livia nodded to her comm officer, who opened a channel to the Genesis "Admiral DeVuor, its been an honor serving with you over the past twenty something years. The Dauntless and her crew stand ready and are at your disposal."

Not waiting for a response, the Dauntless joined in on the fight "Tactical, target weapons, shielding systems, and their bridge. Lets vent that bastard into space."

USS Starke

The activity on Commander Tanner's console lit up like a Christmas tree in New York city. The large vessel was rocked from multiple angles as the ships surrounding the station began their attack "Sir, four vessels have engaged us. Shields holding at eighty percent, but I'm not sure how long we'll be able to keep that. Quantum drive is offline with warp power fluctuating!"

Jason set his jaw tight. He now saw the plan unfolding before him, and there was little that could be done now. Outnumbered, they wound not get the chance to peruse the medical vessel to its destination unless every ship, shuttle, and even the station was destroyed. His career was sinking infront of his eyes, and if its going to burn, so will everyone in his path. "Open a broad range channel to all vessels." He said, his gaze fixated on the mini armada forming infront of his vessel. The comm officer nodded, and opened the requested channel.

"To all vessels orbiting Starbase 611, this is Director Jason Ascott aboard the USS Starke. You have all been convicted of harboring temporal fugitives, and misleading the Temporal Investigations Department, and assault on a Federation Vessel. Those of you who live through this, will wish you hadn't. Those that don't...well I guess I'll see you in hell." He motioned to cut the line. "Tanner, lets show them who they're dealing with. Fire on the Sovereign, Galaxy, and the station, transphasic torpedoes full spread."

"...Sir, we've only got about ten of those. Not to mention that those are reserved as anti Borg weaponry only." Commander Tanner replied

"Are you refusing an order Commander?" Jason fixed his fiery gaze on the man stopping him from his retribution.

"I cannot in good faith follow this order Sir." Tanner replied.

Without so much as a word, Jason pulled his weapon, and shot the man in the chest, killing him instantly. "Anyone else want to disobey an order!?" He yelled, staring his bridge crew down. The shocked gazes all came with shaken heads. "Good, now I'll repeat. Tactical, Fire on the Sovereign, Galaxy, and the station, transphasic torpedoes full spread. Once those are expended, you are weapons free on all vessels."

The young Lieutenant who replaced Commander Tanner nodded, and executed the command. Ten transphasic torpedoes shot out from the Vesta's torpedo bay, all but one striking their targets. The Dauntless took the brunt of the damage, absorbing four of the nine successful strikes. Starbase 611 took three while the Farragut took two. The Starke, now reeling to one side began to unleash its fury on the rest of the vessels as she continued to take damage, each hit coming closer to ending its existance and putting the tyrany of Jason Ascott to rest once and for all.

USS Dauntless

Smoke filled the Bridge of the limping Galaxy class vessel as they attempted to recover from the violent assault. Livia was thrown from her chair after the second hit, but managed to crawl her way back to her seat. She could feel the blood rushing down from her forehead, but was glad she would go out fighting. Reports were flashing in from all over the ship, warp drive offline, shields offline, life support failing. Most of her bridge crew were either dead or incapacitated, and casualty reports from all over the vessel were high. The warning sirens of an impending warp core breach fell on deaf ears as Livia transferred tactical control to her console. Emptying whatever was left of the Dauntless weapons, she leaned back in her chair and smiled. Though 500+ innocent people would die by her decision, she was confident that they would all be back soon, none of them remembering the horror that was taking place. Zeek and his team would have to be successful...they just had to. Livia closed her eyes as the siren counted down. She lightly tapped the comm, opening a channel to the Genesis "Beverly, don't let him get away. Whatever you do...make him pay."

No pain, no feeling whatsoever as the bright flash of the vessel's warp core consumed its hull, destroying the USS Dauntless and all hands aboard.

USS Genesis

Genesis rocked from a shot that hit a mid ship blowing out the consoles to her left and scattering the young officers like dominion's, each one falling charred and motionless.
"Tactical, photon torpedoes full spread. Hit that bastard hard. Conn bring us around and put us between the Dauntless and the Starke", she turned to the comm panel on the arm of her chair. "Transporter room, get a lock on the crew of the Dauntless and get them over here now!"
Her orders came thick and fast and the crew, despite being young and inexperienced, carried out her orders like seasoned professionals.

Another blast caught the ship head on so hard the the ship pitched forward, casting Beverly and her crew from their seats and rolling across the deck. "DAMAGE REPORT!", she called over the hellish scene.

"Shields down to twenty percent," said Aaron.

USS Hope

The shock wave pulse from the exploding Dauntless shook the squat medical ship as she hurried to escape the firefight. Gripping the arms of her seat until her knuckles were white Bernari's jaw was tight as various reports were making it though. The Dauntless has fallen, Genesis severely damaged and the station too taking a pounding.

The only ray of light that was still on the Doctor's side was the Klingon vessel riding in their wake protecting them in the chaos.

USS Farragut

"That son of a targ is using transphasics against us!" Captain Vos stood up as the bridge shook around him.

"Sir, the armor won't be able to take another hit like that." Tactical reported.

"Dauntless destroyed, sir! Station and Genesis heavily damaged!" another bridge officer called out.

"Commander Daniels, let it be shown that that Ferengi ear weevil started this!" Vos snarled before continuing. "Release safeties on our own transphasic torpedoes, Tactical. I'm giving you permission to return the Starke's fire. This may be our last trip together gentlemen, but I aim to see that man put out of our misery before this thing is over."

Stepping over the rubble scattered across the bridge to stand next to Vos "Transphasic safeties have been disengaged their running hot" dropping his voice to a near whisper "Sir I apologize for my recent actions, I let you down."

Vos grinned his trademark grin at his first officer. "Already forgotten, my friend. Now target the Starke's engines and weapons and keep firing those transphasics until we're empty."

Farragut Sickbay

Helen Lyons threw herself over the man she was working on as the sickbay rocked around her. She had stopped him from rolling out of bed but others were not as lucky.

’This has to be some sick joke, Federation vessels firing on each other’

As the room stabilised, she quickly finished her work and looked up to see even more people streaming in needing attention. Her sickbay had suddenly become a sawbones factory, injured broken bodies coming in and not all of them coming out again. Helen could not help the anger that burned in her at this needless slaughter. Someone would have to pay for this idiocy and Helen suddenly had a feeling that she would not be around to see it.

IKC Liasion

Tactical information was being relayed by Vartog for the benefit of the Federation officers aboard. "The Dauntless has been destroyed. The Genesis is struggling. The station is still holding, but it is taking a beating."

Lepto interupted, "They have switched to conventional weapons. Scans show they have depleted their transphasic weapons."

Haqtaj grinned, "Position us between the Starke and the Hope."

Lepto glanced at the Federation officers, "Shouldn't we stay and release the trageting jammer codes? Or join in the fight?"

Haqtaj leaned back in her chair, "This is not our fight. We were not asked to participate. We were asked to escort the Kodiak to the Nebula and then blow it up. Until that time we will remain cloaked and hidden. What is our ETA to the Nebula?"

"Still another fifteen minutes."

Lepto added, "The Federation craft won't be able to delay the Vesta that long."

Haqtaj grinned even more, "Then you shall have your fight after all."

Starbase Operations

"TAKE IT OUT!" Thomas screamed, referring to the third transphasic torpedo that was glowing red on his tactical hologram. Commander Jackson must have been on his game, because the targeting on the phasers instantly changed, and the very next burst was concentrated fire all on the same target. One of the streams got lucky and the torpedo detonated before phasing into Ops, but only a fraction of a second before.

The first didn't phase at all, but rather tore straight through the station and out the other end, hitting a number of generators and cargo holds on it's path. Lights lit up across the warning panels as sections of the station erupted from within, but there wasn't enough time to read them before the second stuck. This one came through true to its transphasic title, phasing into the bottom saucer on the tower opposite of Ops before detonating. The explosion ripped through the saucer, leaving nothing. The station creaked as it leaned from blast and the long range scanning and communications towers exploded free from the station. Before the crew could even react, the third torpedo erupted outside of Ops, the flash blinding the room before sending the viewscreen and most of the adjoining wall imploding towards the crew. Emergency forcefields halted most, but certainly not all of the debris.

Thomas' head rang as he pulled himself up off the floor, shielded by the Operations table - hologram of the surrounding area now flickering sporadically. Everything was happening so fast, but in the seconds that followed he did his best to adjust his eyes to the darkness that now surrounded him. Save for the light given by the flickering consoles and the sparks flying from a number of locations, the only other light came from the stars and the phaser-fire that could clearly be seen beyond the emergency forcefield that encased what used to be a third of Ops. The Commander was disoriented as the room exploded into light a second time; the Dauntless' warp core breach rocking the station again.

Wide eyed with terror Kezza stared at the incoming projectile realising at the last second there was no avoiding the impact she threw herself to the fall while her console along with its neighbours exploded in blaze of light as its lining wall imploded.

Her petite frame was jostled across the room slamming against everything both mobile and stationary in her path until suddenly her journey came to a sudden, painful halt. A sharp excruciating pain resisted from her chest pinning her once sliding body to the floor. Coughing blood she cracked an eye open with her dying breath she saw what it was that had stolen her life - a splintered piece of jagged metal pieced through her heart. With her eyes now clouding her head rolled towards the stars where she had long concluded would be her tomb.

Cailyn slowly pulled herself upright. Her head still spinning she looked around. It took her a minute to see that parts of the station was missing. She quickly made her way towards the tactical station that was unmanned.
She looked at the readings and swallowed. They where no match, but she would die trying.

From the windows of any of the surrounding vessels, the remaining Ops crew could be seen clearly in the exposed mess that remained of the Ops center, like ants crawling out of an anthill stepped on by a child. The odd crewman climbed out from under a console, or from behind a thrown bulkhead. 'Damage report' was the first command that came to Thomas' mind, but there was no one to repair the damages on the old ball of dust, so why waste the breath? "We have four transporter rooms, they couldn't have taken them all out - survivors, beam them wherever it's safe!" He called out as he scrambled to his knees, hoping someone who knew how to Operate the transporters was still alive.

As he made it to his feet, someone called out that there were in fact no survivors, and Commander Jenkins' blood nearly boiled. "Enough games." He said calmly, but with a note of hatred less than hidden. "Transphasics on target. I want two to the bridge, try and phase two into Engineering."

"Sir--" A voice called out, Tom couldn't tell who. "We can't reach their bridge from this angle, and hitting the warpcore of a ship that size.."

Thomas' head snapped to face where the voice was coming from. "Then blow holes through the bottom of the ship until we CAN hit the bridge - I want that son of a bitch DEAD!" His voice became louder as it progressed into a full-fledged yell. The culmination of the last twenty years up to this point had finally broke the Commander's positive exterior.

"Two to Engineering!" He continued, carrying on. The station had six transphasics, but it was unlikely they'd all be loaded in an angle that would reach the vessel. "Everything we have on my mark - transphasics, hellfires, fire our probes and the station's garbage at them for all I care, just FIRE!"

USS Genesis

Beverly watched in silent horror as the lower section of the station was hit so violently that the lower prong was seared clean away from the main pylon followed with a shot to operations that blasted away the best part of the upper bulkhead. Several bodies could be seen motionless and drifting away through the vacuum of space.

"Bring us around into the line of fire. Keep us between the Starke and 611", she boomed across her smoky and decimated bridge that was somehow still operating. Once again she pulled herself into her chair taking a moment to glance around her bridge. Tactical was still manned, as were ops and conn but the science station to her left was a hulk of broken bulkheads and shattered consoles while to the aft of the bridge the collection of consoles was just blackened charred remains scattering the bridge and through the gash could be seen the observation lounge.

The Genesis banked around in a less than graceful arc until she was head on to the Starke and with the full might of her weapons arsenal she let loose what should have been a devastating volley of phaser and photon shots. Devastating assuming you were up against an even enemy. Each shot bounced harmlessly off of the Starkes Shields even though each hit was on target.

Genesis started to pull around to remove herself from the line of fire of the Starkes weapons officer, but too slowly. Several lancing shots of phaser fire peeled away from her weapons ports on her main saucer and impacted on the old Starship. Visibly she rocked under the onslaught. Moments passed and the ship held together, but only mere moments. The lancing blow tore through the hull and ripped away from Genesis via her engineering hull. The saucer began to crack like an egg shell, chunks of hull plating falling away until finally the Genesis erupted into a massive fire ball that was a matter/antimatter explosion. Once the oxygen of the Nebula Class Starship had been exhausted the flames faded leaving nothing but scattered debris floating away in all directions.

Station Operations

Cailyn waited until she got the mark from Thomas. She looked out into space and saw the Genesis.
"Thomas.." Was all she could say before the Genesis erupted into a giant explosion.
Slowly she lowered her eyes and something snapped.
"Just tell me when these bastards are going down. Even if I have to blow up this station to do it."

Thomas just stared out through the half of Ops that was now space, at the burning fireball that was the Genesis. The ship that launched his Starfleet Career - however late, was gone. Beverly, who had shaped him into the man his was; his star-crossed lover, gone with it. He ignored Cailyn's comment about blowing up the station for now, though he'd realized by this point that it might just come to that.

"We're doing our best – weapon status?" He came back, monotone, knowing full well that the more effective transphasics and hellfire torpedos had been expended. A large sum of their torpedo turrets and phaser arrays had already been taken out, though the station still had some fight left in it. They would keep firing until there was nothing left.

Thomas just stared out through the half of Ops that was now space, at the burning fireball that was the Genesis. The ship that launched his Starfleet Career - however late, was gone. Beverly, who had shaped him into the man his was, his star-crossed lover, gone with it. He ignored Cailyn's comment about blowing up the station for now, though he'd realized by this point that it might just come to that.

"We're doing our best - status of our weapons?" He came back with, monotone.

Finally a glimpse of hope. "Good! Communications are down, but fire a probe acting as a beacon in the direction of the Hope, transmitting the following recording." He tapped one of few buttons left intact on the tactical display, his message incredibly brief

IKC Liasion

"The Genesis is lost. The station's Structural integrity is down to 32%."

"Hold Course and Speed." Haqtaj growled. Let's see what sort of man this Captain is. Will he stay and finish of a stricken Starbase, or let them live to catch his prey? Prepare the Targeting Program!"

"I agree, Haqtaj, but we are the Federation ambassadors. We are here to give help," Daniel said to the Klingon ambassador.

Jrez took an instant decision that went against everything he understood the Federation to stand for but which went to the fundamentals of what he believed in. Strangely, every one of the previous Jrez hosts agreed with him. He hoped that was a good sign.

"Do it!" he barked in his most stentorian Warrant Officer's voice.

USS Starke

Damage reports flashed in from all over the ship. Weapons ports were going offline, slipstream drive was gone, warp drive was offline, impulse engines were fading, shields were failing. The majestic vessel was being overtaken, but she was not going down alone. Both the Dauntless and Genesis were destroyed, ending two rather large thorns in Jason's side. By now, Commander Aerelon and his crew were well on their way back to the nebula, with no chance of the Starke catching up. Those vessels left around the starbase were not about to let Jason live through this, leaving him with only one option. He took control of the helm from the deceased helm officer and pointed the reeling vessel at the starbase. "Dodge this." He said as he engaged the impulse engines.

USS Hope

Bowing her head slightly Annabella Bernari could feel angry tears burning, threatening to spill down her cheeks as the lives of those she had know for years were being eliminated one by one as the Strake continued its onslaught.
The sensation of suffering, pain and anguish she could sense across the stars was beginning to overwhelm her on the verge of breaking her composure. It wasn't surprising that her voice was quaking when she spoke: "Engage warp drive to the nebular. Aerelon," she wrapped the comm. "Get your team aboard we'll be arriving at the nebular shortly."

IKC Liasion

"The Vesta looks as if it is going to ram the station!"

Haqtaj smiled, "I like him. It has saved me the trouble of running our ship into his."

She turned to the Federation Ambassador, "Mr Ryci, open a channel to the Hope and Kodiak."

"This is Admiral Haqtaj of the Klingo-Romulan Starship IKC LIaison. It seems the immediate threat has been neutralised. Commander Maschnost has informed me of what needs ot be done when we reach the Nebula. We will remain in your wake until we arrive and then give futher instructions."

USS Hope

"That's much appreciated my old friend," Bernair smiled wearily. "We'll need some firepower if the Starke catches up, although I don't think she will."

"Alright," she keyed the comm. "Jenny, Zeek fire her up lets get this show on the road. Three minuets then we'll cutting you loose."

"Understood Captain. We'll have them out and rearing to go," Jenny's still bubling tone replied from the depths of the cargobay.

"Commander Aerelon," Bella added. "Keep them save, Godspeed."

USS Farragut

"Fire all weapons! Lock on tractor beams! Change its course! Change its-" Vos' knuckles turned white as he watched the full fury of the Farragut have little effect on the massive Vesta class ship. Tractor beams attempting to push the hulking warship off course slid off its remaining shields or just had too little power to fight the Starke's impulse engines. He could do nothing to change her course. "Damn that man...oh bloody Prophets, DAMN that man." he snarled as he watched Starbase 611's last few moments play out before him.

At least the Kodiak was safe...and with it their future.

Station Operations

As the Starke made its descent towards the station, Tom knew it was over. Not just the fight or their lives – but their future. With the Starke eliminated, his friends would have a solid chance at making it home, and this sham of a future would cease to exist. Nevertheless, if it failed, he had a crew to think of. “Escape pods!” He screamed, tapping the internal comm system and praying it still worked. “This is Commander Jenkins, all hands to escape pods, I repeat, all hands to escape pods this second!”

As the remaining crew in Ops headed for the turbolift, some dragging others, a few heads turned back to Tom. He remained at the Ops table, manning the weapons, continuing fire on the Starke. No one said a word.. No one had to. As the turbolift doors closed, Tom continued to fire. He’d stood by Beverly’s side for decades, and he would soon join her again. If nothing else, he refused to give his father the satisfaction of watching him thrown into a prison colony.

As the seconds passed Thomas abandoned the weapons, and slowly made his way to the front of Ops, standing inches away from the emergency forcefield in place of what used to be the viewscreen. Staring out he could see floating bodies of those who had died, and escape pods of those who had lived. Debris filled space, and the Starke barreled forward. His last thoughts were of Beverly before the Starke cratered into the station, instantly decimating the aged structure and seconds later exploding into a hellfire that lit up space.

IKC Liasion

"Commander Aerelon," Serge opened a channel, "Commander Maschnost here. You are in good hands. When you enter the nebula the Liaison will release an energy pulse via their torpedo volley. It should energise the Tachion's in the Nebula nad counter the... It should send you home. It will probably burn out your systems again initially, so be ready for that. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to get exact readings from your ship so the time is an estimate. You might arrive a few days before or after you left. This will enable you to avoid the pirates as well."

Serge cut the line, "I just hope I can get them to the same year. Admiral, If you would arm your torpedoes with the firing solution I have provided and launch an 18 torpedo volley at the Kodiak when they reach the Nebula."


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