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Going down the Chain

Posted on Fri Jan 22nd, 2010 @ 8:29am by Captain Damion Rayne

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Timeline: Current

Well, things were going smoothly on Arcadia. Though Damion still was a bit distracted with his ship sitting still at a base taking on crew and supplies..his XO, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Security Officer had all reported aboard with a majority of other crew members. He had of course kept Arcadia's sensor array fixed on the nebual and the task of searching for a missing runabout as the Commodore has requested but nothing had turned up.

Hearing that a new Captain was taking over soon as CO of 611 prompted him to return to the station from Arcadia. Procedure and respect would demand him to give her the curtosey of an introduction and an offer of help should she need any.

Upon arriving to the promenade, he'd hit a computer panel and request her location.

"Computer. Location Captain Crawford.." he asks.

The computers bland female voice replyed in clipped tones 'Captain Alyssa Crawford is on the Promonade".

"Huh.." damion says to himself. He must have either walked past her or just not seen her. Being as he was walking about the Promonade himself. Well, drat..might as well get moving and hunt her down. Ah! There she is.

"Captain Crawford, a moment of your time please ma'am." She was his rank, the ma'am was not needed, but a curtosey.

Alyssa had taken the time before the ceremony to grab a bit to eat and spend some much needed rest hours just wondering the station and getting to know the feel of the people about her. From the majesty of the Orion Women that owned the Restaurant to the shifty Ferengi that owned Toka's. It was a most unusual mix of people and races, but all seemed to get along and live in harmony.

Now she was busily eating some replicated pasta salad of some kind. It was edible but nothing special.
At the voice she looked up from her meal and smiled at the officer before her. "Of course please take a seat Captain". She opened her hand and indicated for him to take a seat across from her. "And drop the formality. My name is Alyssa".

Damion's Arcadian eye's seem to glint just slightly as he lets a smirk cross his ace. "Allright Alyssa, you can call me Damion. At least that's how Federation Standard pronounces my name." He grabs a chair and sits down. "I wanted to introduce myself, seeing as you'll be taking over for the Commodore soon. I thought that even though Arcadia sits docked her and inactive that I could still offer my assistance in anything you needed to use me for."

"Other than the rescue attempt its all plain sailing here for the moment", she smiled at him as she chose another piece of succulent meat. "So how goes the Arcadia. Is she up to scratch?"

Damion shrugs his shoulders, "Mostly, though I am still missing a few Department heads. I recived word that Starfleet COmmand wanted to forgo our shakedown and bring us into service imediatly. I suppose it's the Gorn/Tholian crisis."

"I have my briefing with the Commodore in a few hours in that regard. All I know is that she is leading a team to Cestus. What have you heard Captain?"
Alyssa's curiosity had been raised and she would milk him for all the information he had.

Damion shrugs his shoulders, "Nothing, nothing really. Other then that I am to have my ship ready, fully staffed or not. In the event the Commodore needs me. As far as why we are doing this, I've only heard rumor that the Tholians and the Gorn are either going at it or teaming up to go at us."

Damion sighs, "What about you? Any word on your end as to what's going on and why Starfleet Command would be willing to risk an under-staffed and brand new starship?"

"No news I'm afraid. Like I said, I'll probably get the full story in the briefing with Commodore DeVuor in a few hours". She sounded almost downcast when she said that. Alyssa had always been one to stay in control and have her finger on the pulse for almost all situations. Now however she was as much in the dark as Damion.

Damion didn't like being in the dark so to speak either. He would sigh somewhat and stand from the table, "I need to get back and finish getting Arcadia ready Captain. Please, keep me posted. Arcadia will be ready when she's needed." He turns after a slight bow, must be something his race does and walks off.



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