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Posted on Mon Feb 16th, 2009 @ 12:10pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 1, Shortly After "Encounter in the Turbolift"

She did feel better after her talk with Ardeth, her mood has lightened somewhat, and now stepping foot from the turbolift onto the bridge she had started to smile again.
Sat in the command chair was Tory Jackson, the ships longest standing crewmember, other than Beverly. She was a security investigation officer under the command of Lieutenant Mason. She also acted as the night shift commanding officer.
Upon seeing Beverly entrance to the bridge, she snapped to attention.

"Ma'am!" she almost yelled pushing herself from the center chair, pulling two or three bridge officers from their concentration that was reinstated moments later "Can I help you?" she asked quieter.

Beverly nodded, still smiling, more out of amusment now. "Yes, I can't sleep, so I thought I would take command of the night shift, but first I would like to talk with you Lieutenant".
So as not to take command yet, Beverly took a seat next to her command chair.

"Certainly, Ma'am." she said calmly, moving closer to Beverly, hoping for the best... usually as it stood, when a CO wanted to talk, they meant business.

A slight laugh escaping her lips, "And for lords sake, relax Tory".

"Yes Ma'am, sorry... Long day. What did you want to talk about?"

When Tory had seated herself back in the command chair, beverly ran down what was going to happen with the away teams and the planet wide search, "But that means leaving a skeleton crew on the ship. Are you up too command it?".

"I've commanded the ship on may occasions, I was on duty when..." she paused remembering the accident and its effects on her, her tears almost flowed "I was the one who was on duty when it all started."

Beverly was barely holding back her emotions, but for the sake of the duty offices she had too.
"And because of your actions, the ship escaped. Thats why I want you in command".

Tory gave a feint smile "I understand, Ma'am."

Beverly straigtned up in the chair, determined to change the mood that had fallen, and recapture the high spirits that Ardeth had instilled in her.
"How have you been Tory. Its been a while since I last saw you".

Tory put her palm on her face and sighed "I have been running around all this mission. I've been a little pressed for time, you know what its like."

Beverly nodded her understanding. Maybe her taking over the night shift would be a blessing for Tory. It would give her time to catch up with her other work.
"In that case, let me assume command, and it'll give you time to catch up with anything else you have".

Tory sprung up and grinned "That would be terrific, I really need to write a report for Krissy... I mean... Lt Mason, she wants it ASAP. Thankyou Ma'am." She smiled and power walked off the bridge to write her report.


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