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Flight Of The Kodiak

Posted on Wed Jan 20th, 2010 @ 6:37pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Station Operations/Kodiak Bridge
Timeline: Normal Timeline

USS Kodiak

Henk flew the Kodiak towards the Nebula. His mind trying to figure out what happend.
"We lost good friends, but we never lost them", Henk said as he looked out the window. "Something tells me that we owe them alot."

The reports were still flashing through Zeek's mind. Livia, Beverly, the station, and all those aboard died to send them home. It was, to say the least, a humbling experience. To sacrifice so much for three friends told alot of their character, and how much of an impact they had on them.

He straightened himself in the Command chair "Lieutenant, I think we've had enough of the future. Lets go home."

"Gladly." Henk said as he looked out of the window.
Slowly the ship dropped out of warp, and there was the nebula.

The small vessel shot towards the nebula like a bat out of hell, quickly closing the distance from the hope to their safe haven. "Kodiak to Hope, thanks for the ride. Good luck, and thanks for helping us out." Zeek wanted to say more, but the comm was cut off as they entered the nebula. As before, lights and consoles flickered as the temporal field took hold of them. Thinking quickly, Zeek reversed the polarity field on the Kodiak's warp core, hoping that would help send them in the right direction. The small vessel shook violently, sending sparks flying all throughout the vessel. EPS conduits ruptured, along with the plasma line to the port nacelle.

Shaken, but otherwise alright, the Kodiak crew breathed a sigh of relief as the shuddering came to a stop. The lack of a viewscreen gave the bridge crew a first hand look at what was around them. The nebula was dissipating, showing debris from a collection of vessels scattered around them. With most systems down, all they could do was send out a message, and wait. "Leanne, send out a broad range distress call...hopefully someone friendly will show up."

"I'm on it." She quickly tapped on the control panel and sent out a general distress signal, hopefully someone out there would hear their call for help. "Done, sent it out on all frequencies I guess we sit and wait right?"

Once the smoke had cleared from the dying consoles and other burnt out equipment during the transition came a rather strange almost frighted mewing sound from beneath their seats.

Henk slowly looked around. After a few minutes he saw a pair of eyes looking at him.
"I think we've got yourself a stowaway." Henk said as he slowly picked up the cat. "Who do you think this one belongs to?"

"I don't have the foggiest." She walked over and petted the cat on the head. "I can hold onto him if you'd like".

"I need a hand to fly the ship, so yes if you can hold on to the cat." Henk said as he carefully handed over the cat to Leanne.

From the rear of the shuttle where the black cat had emerged in all the drama came a thud followed by a groaning sound. Sprawled upon the floor having not been quick enough to make off the shuttle before launch Lieutenant Jenny Elkhart had been thrown around the craft on its journey. Now the small craft was settled she had released her handhold that had been suspending her from the ceiling.

Henk looked at how Jenny walked in staggeing as she did.
"Welcome to our time. Is this cat yours?" Henk said as he looked at Jenny.

Zig zagging Jenny flopped onto the floor wearily her ears rinhing. "We what? Where? Oohhh! You found Custard I wondered where he had got too." She saw her black cat lounging in Lennae's arms who had settled enough to star purring.

"Would you like him back? He is very sweet and it is a nice change from the chaos of the last bit of time we've had." Leanne pet the cat on the head.

Jenny shook her head. "Nah, he seams to like you you can hang on to him for a while." Unsteadily she climbed to her knees and peered through the forward screen out into stars. As she had expected they were just the same although two decades younger. "Oh no...what have I got myself into now?"

"Commander Aerelon," Jenny turned. "I've always wanted to see 611 in her hay-day but I didn't plan for this...what's going to happen to me do you think? I can't really go back."

Station Operations

Commodore Beverly DeVuor took her seat, probably for the last time in Operations. Looking over the display on the Ops table, Lieutenant Jenkins and Commander Lorran sat or stood on either side of her. Across the centre she could see Jrez working busily at the science station, no doubt trying to up the resolution on the stations sensor grid and finally Krissy sat at the mission ops station, no doubt also trying some tricks on the sensor grid.

Vos looked as tired as she felt having just returned with the Genesis after spending the better part of three days out in the Nebula searching for a needle in a haystack. He was obviously personally invested in the outcome of the search and hadn't let himself get much, if any, sleep for that entire seventy-two hour span. Still, he wouldn't let himself so much as sit down.

"Give me good news people. I need to know that they are on the way home before I depart the station".

"We've found nothing past that small bit of debris. There were some strange readings coming from the nebula, but the science department is still working on it. I'll be heading back out in fifteen minutes to start another sweep." Vos reported, sliding a hand over his face. He looked terrible.

Thomas had been confronted in recent days with an unusual amount of work, and as such stared intensely at the padd in front of him while the others conversed. A larger-than-normal amount of traffic had been coming through the station, freighters especially. StratOps had been coordinating with Operations to ensure there were places to put the exorbitant amount of supplies that for reasons beyond Thomas had all been approved. He felt comfortable enough to approach Beverly about it, but with recent circumstances felt it could wait. With the amount of time he'd been spending on the additional tasks, he'd not had the time to devote to the search party like the others, but he did what he could.

The Lieutenant's gaze shifted from the padd in front of him, to the woman next to him. "I've been asking questions of the ships that have passed through the area in recent days in order to dock with us." Although the statement started off promising, it didn't amount to much as he continued. "Besides the same-old reports of pirate activity in the area, no one's noticed anything out of the ordinary." He did his best to disguise the sigh as he finished, he was frustrated and disappointed that nothing had turned up.

With blood shot eyes that carried bags under them so noticeable that everyone seemed to purposefully avoid looking at them.
"Krissy... Anything?"
She was starting to feel exasperated and panicked. She had received word from Command to call of the search and start preparing for battle, but she couldn't. The crew on 611 knew nothing about the brewing war beyond the usual news reports and whispers. She had more information, but had no intention of passing the information over until her errant friends were returned.

Still sitting as stiffly as she had been for the last three hours Kristina Mason stared intently at the communications board looking for anything that she could call a glimmer of hope. The last three days had be hard on everyone who cherished the lost team, she too had been worried sick unable to sleep, unable to think. She had to blink to stop her mind wondering - did Zeek and Henk really mean that much to her?

That was a strange concept since she'd always remained detached from men in the past, and now she found herself unable to think of life without them.
Yet all their efforts had been fruitless turning up only debris and tonnes of questions that remained unanswered. "Nothing, Bev." She responded with dismay. "Nothing at all."

"Maybe its time to call of the search. What do you think Commander?", she turned to Vos who was now stood to her left examining some of the streaming sensor data.

"I think you should allow me to take out [i]Genesis[/i] for one last sweep, Commodore. We'll find them." Vos said, turning to face Beverly. "They're out there, I know it. I can't abandon them yet."

"If I could, may I accompany you?" Mason asked. "It might satisfy me actaully doing some old fahsion looking rather then making something do it for you."

"I can't buy you any more than three hours Commander", Beverly said looking as downcast as she sounded. "Find them and fast".
She turned her attention back to staring at the main screen and the Nebula which had until now always been something of a comfort to her. Now it was nothing more than an ominous cloud of swirling gases.

Vos nodded to Beverly, then signaled Krissy that she should follow him before heading out of Ops and all but running toward the Genesis airlock, communicating with the ship's bridge to make ready for departure as he went. He only had three hours and planned to make every second count.

The senior staff were dismissed and began to dissipate at the same time the Assistant Chief of Communications came barreling towards Thomas. With Zeek gone, the Assistant Chief had taken over his role in alpha shift but was slightly overwhelmed with the increase in traffic. Thomas had been subtly lending a hand - not necessarily a huge inconvenience, considering the two departments interacted on a regular basis.

"Lieutenant.." The man spoke quietly. "I picked up a general transmission but it's not from one of the surrounding vessels. It's faint, but it has a feder--"

Curious, Tom bent over while the man spoke and tapped his fingers against the buttons on the Operations table, trying to bring up the transmission. It wasn't a 'transmission' at all, it was..

"Beverly!" Thomas hollered out, interrupting the man next to him, completely forgetting in the moment to call his superior by her rank. The senior staff turned, curious as to what the commotion was about. "..We've got them!"

"Tom?", she shot back, some of the hope returning to her eyes.

"A distress call," he added. "It has the Kodiak's signature, just outside the nebula."

The grin blossomed across her face out of relief. She would be able to see them now before she departed for Bellatrix.
With confident strides she turned and moved back towards the Ops table and tapped a few controls to open a com link.
"Starbase 611 to Kodiak... Do you read?"

The transmission was faint, something about a starbase? "Leanne boost the power to the transceiver!" He said, excited that someone was trying to contact them.

Leanne turned back to the comm panel and tried working on it. "I.. I think I've got it" Her hands were shaking as she moved across the panel.

The message came through, more clear this time. The excitement spread across the crew's face as they heard the familiar voice. "Starbase 611, this is the Kodiak, we read you loud and clear Commodore!" Zeek said, the excitement showing through the tone in his voice "Can't say how glad we are to hear your voice. We could really use a pick up though, we're in pretty bad shape. I can't tell you much over an open comm, but lets just say it'll be an interesting briefing when we get home."


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