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A Quiet Chat

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2010 @ 11:51pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Promenade SB 611

Jrez stopped as soon as he exited the restaurant. He had a good notion where Moshchnost would head but he wasn’t about to go blindly rushing off. He looked first to the left. Luckily, Serge was fairly tall and stood out above most of those conducting their business on the Promenade. Jrez knew he couldn’t just run headlong after his friend – that would mean pushing and jostling people and upsetting them. Such would be totally inappropriate for what was, after all, only a minor matter. That didn’t mean he couldn’t walk briskly and if his shoulder did occasionally, accidentally, nudge someone, well...accidents do happen.

“Ensign Moshchnost!” he called out.

Heads turned but not the one he wanted to see. Then again at this distance and, given the normal hubbub on the Promenade, that came as no real surprise.

He dodged a small knot of people inspecting goods in the display window of a jeweller, sidestepped a young girl hurrying in the opposite direction and almost ran into a man pushing his child in a stroller. He offered a hurried apology on the run.

He was closer now. “Ensign Moshchnost!” Still no reply. “Serge!” That was better. It sounder friendlier – less like a Command Chief and more, he hoped, like a friend.

Serge stopped without turning for a moment, then he deliberately straightened his shoulders as if bracing for a reprimand and turned to face the music. He was surprised to see Akina running after him. He waited for the junior officer to catch up to him.

Jrez knew better than to let Serge get in the first word, so he just blurted out what he wanted to say. “Serge, you’re making a big mistake. Lieutenant...“ No that wasn't right... “Helen didn’t mean to patronise you or insult you. She was trying to say that...not that she forgives you but that...well...she doesn’t hold the accident against you. She’d still like to have lunch with you.”

He reached out and took Moshchnost by both shoulders. “Serge, I don’t know what Helen wants beyond lunch – that’s for you to find out, not me. I can tell you this, though; her offer of lunch is an honest one.”

Serge looked confused for a moment, then the colour drained from his face, "I am being sorry, sir. I am not having much experience at this. I am not good at it like you and Thalal. What should I do? Should I be saying something?"

Jrez chuckled. “Like me and Thalal? Believe me, Serge, we have our fair share of problems – including a previous host who loathes Andorians! Should you say something...? Yes. Take Helen up on her offer of lunch. She wasn’t being patronising or demeaning. She was trying to say you both need to talk but somewhere private, somewhere where – hopefully – you’ll feel at ease.”

Serge nodded, "At ease, yes. Where are girls feeling at ease? I will talk to here there. What do I say? Dimitri, he knew what to say to women. He has always got women to be talking to. Sometimes they stay at his house all night talking."

Serge thinks for a minute, "You don't think, Lt Smith will be angry with me?"

That one came right out of left field but then.... Helen Lyons was a nice woman. She had a lovely personality and...well, yes, she was good to look at. Her smile lit her whole face and her eyes twinkled in a decidedly disarming manner. She was witty and intelligent; that made her a good match for Moshchnost if only Serge could keep his act together long enough to get a coherent sentence out in her presence.

"I am hearing that Lt Smith in Opperations is seeing Dr Lyons for few days now. I am not sure I should be talking girl who is seeing someone, yes?"

“Answer me this, Serge. Do you want to spend time with Helen? Forget about a relationship for the moment – let’s take one step at a time. Do you want to spend time with Helen?”

Serge blinked, "I am hoping so. Dr Ly... Helen is the only person, apart from you, who is wanting to spend time with me. I have not many friends on this station."

That chuckle threatened to erupt again but Jrez replaced it by a broad grin. “Oh, it will happen, Serge. Give it time, but it will happen. You’ll make friends all right, don’t you worry about that. If I may make so bold though...two pieces of advice....”

Jrez waited but Moshchnost didn’t respond. He took that as an indication to continue. “One; forget about Dimitri. No wait...,” he said, holding his hand up as Moshchnost made to interrupt. “I know he’s your brother and I gather you love him dearly, but.... He isn’t you. I will repeat that. He is not you. Just to make sure, Serge: You are not him; not now, not ever. Trust me on this, stop living in your brother’s shadow; step out and see all the glories the quadrant has to offer you. Second, you have to be patient. Serge, you – forgive me but you blunder into every situation that faces you. It’s only a lack of confidence and experience will rectify that. Oh, and I have a third.... Sorry, but..... As for what people are saying about the two of you; ignore them. I’ll have a word to Vrell as I think his attitude is inappropriate. If any of the crew step out of line, let me know. It’s my job as Command Chief to make sure they respect their crewmates – enlisted and officers alike. If they persist, I’ll refer the matter to the XO.”

Serge nodded mutely. Akina was such a wise person, and he had so much to learn. Perhapse the library had a book on it. He would have to check straight away.

"Thank you, Sir. I will remember. I will try to think of things to be saying to Dr Helen."


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