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Introducing Captain Ro' Matlh

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2010 @ 2:06am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: IKC FHew

Hod Ro’ Matlh sat it his room with an open bottle of blood wine in front of him. Three others were scattered on the floor. He was deep in a dark mood, singing loudly.

“Jajmeyvetlh, jupna’wI’. Jaie’ DIQubta’ rInbe’. Jach Je lop rInbe’ je jaj!”

The door opened admitting his QeDpIn the tIQ. The old one looked around the room, listening for a moment to the song Ro’ was singing.

“We are arriving at the Federation Starbase 611, Captain.”

Ro’ nodded, indicating vaguely to another chair, “Sit, Ancient, sit. You don’t know tlhIngan do you?”

The Science officer shook his head, “Only what is in the songs. For example, yours says some thing like; ‘Those were the days, my friend. We thought they would be without end. We’d yell and celebrate without end and a day.”

Ro’ growled, “It is a song about the longing for the glory days. 20 years ago a D-14 B’rel was the most advanced ship in the fleet. Two of us could take on a Galaxy class with a bit of careful planning. My greatest hope was to die in glorious combat or to retire honourably on my first officer’s knife.”

“YIn mayIn mawIv. maSuvtaH ‘ej malujQo’taHwe.”

“Then the Dominion war, and suddenly everyone is retrofitting their Oberth to be able to fight. But not tlhIngan Hubbeq. No, the Empire decides to sink all of its resources into the Negh’Var and mass producing K’vort, and Vor’cha.”

“Quplaw’wI’ ‘ej popma’ maghajlaHbej”

“Now look at us. The FHew is relegated to ‘diplomatic duties’. RomuluSngan je DIvI’, Pah! My first Officer is a Romulan, and if she kills me it will be while I sleep. The House of Matlh has honour but has spent its strength. There is no glory for me here.”

He passed the Bottle to the tIQ and they sang together, “Jajmeyvetlh, jupna’wI’. Jaie’ DIQubta’ rInbe’. Jach Je lop rInbe’ je jaj!”


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