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IKC FHew - First Port of call

Posted on Mon Jan 25th, 2010 @ 1:52pm by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Sileth Rekcut & Ro' Matlh & Shenk & HIchop Matlh & HoS Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: IKC FHew Bridge

Ro' strode onto the bridge in a foul mood, "Report."

One of the Klingon Officers began, "'Ejyo'waw' wIghoStaH..."

"DIvI' yIjatlh! Speak English on the Bridge. We have a mixed crew now," He waved his hand towards the Romulan Helmsman and Human Engineer and Quartermaster."

"Yes, sir. We are aproaching the Federation Station. Distance 4,000 Kelicams."

Ro' took his seat, "Drop the cloak and signal the station our intention to dock."

He addressed the Romulan, "Hay'legh, when you have secured the moorings, track down my niece and tell her we are here. "

"Imirrhlhhse'hr Klivan," the Romulan muttered under her breath, though clearly heard by all. Though most standing on the bridge did not understand her Rihannsu dialect much less were able to pronounce it! After all, they even botched up the translation of her name to Klingon as their slack tongues could not get around the subtely and beauty of the Rihannsu langauge. Verrul Klivanu.

"Yes DoH Ro'Malth. I'll see to it personally."

"Marie," the young quartermaster was next, "Off-load our refuse and arrange whatever supplies we need. I will tell you where to charge the account after you've tracked them down."

"You sure you want a crew left?" she sneered. Getting no reply, she strode off the bridge. "Your credit better be good. Just make sure the money's ready when I need it," she added as the doors to the bridge swooshed closed. Damn Klingons, why can't they have turbolifts like civilised species.?

"Jarad," This to the CSO, "Since we are now to be a Science vessel" the word was pronouced with a certain amount of obviosu bile, "See the Station Science officer and find out if they need anything... Scienced."

Jared nodded, hiding his smile. The captain wasn't exactly a scholar. It seemed to personally offend him if no-one was trying to kill him.

"Yes Captain!"

The Chief Engineer came next, "Terri, See if you can convince the kind people here at the statoin to part with the spare relays you need for the cargo deck. I am sick of walking around in the dark down there."

Terri muttered something about spare parts, elastic bands and sticky back plastic that would work better on on this rusty old bucket of bolts.
'Aye I'll see what I can do Cap'n' She replied Then added relays to the ever growing list of things she needed.

"Tactics, I want you to secure the ship and keep a guard posted at all times, particularly over the Cloak Drive."

HoS looked confused, though, with Klingons that wasn't hard to do. "Over the Cloak Drive, Sir? The ceiling height is too low."

Ro' sighed. Not all of the crew weer very good at English, "So'wI'Daq yI'avmoH!"

Understanding dawned on HoS' face. "Ah, of course. It will be done" and he strode purposefully off the bridge.

Lastly the officer that passed as the closest thing to a Medic on board, "You, talk to one of the doctors here. Find out what supplies the... Non-Klingons are likely to require and get some."

He switched on the ships internal Comms, "All hands, we will be docking shortly. Shore leave is approved if you are not standing Guard duty. We are here as representative to the house of Matlh so I will take reports of disturbances caused by my crew as a personal insult."

With a stab he switched of the comms and walked off the bridge.



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