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The Gift of a Friend

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Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: SB 611
Timeline: Current

After days of fruitless searching wondering while waiting to sleep to overcome the insomnia Kristina Mason found herself smiling as the USS Genesis the ship she had grown to love drew closer to the stranded Kodiak. The shuttle's occupants were alive and well, and dearly missed by everyone on the station including herself.

In the past she would have remained distant never allowing herself to become personally involved in a situation for it clouded a persons judgement even in the most hostile environments. Yet here she was, trapped by the uncontrollable thoughts and desires she had purged her mind from years before. The disappearance of the shuttle that held Zeek, a man whom had made her seen red now left her breathless and Henk another close, dear friend who had held mould her into a new woman had left her feeling empty. Seeing the shuttle hanging in space had filled her with relief and joy.

In a blur of activity and detaining a stowaway for questioning later Kristina along with the Genesis and everyone else had returned to 611 where things had settled somewhat she had enough spare time to talk off the records to those that meant a great deal to her.

Coming to a halt she keyed the chime to Henk's quarters knowing it was about time she came clean with him and at least thanked him for helping her change.

Henk put another pair of trousers into his bag. He had made up his mind about his transfer to the Achilles. He only had to report it to the captain and it was final. He heard the chime and looked at the door.
"Come." Henk said.

Of all things she had imagined Henk to be doing when she arrived packing wasn't one of them. She eyed the luggage suspiciously. "You going anywhere nice?"

Henk sighed and looked at Kristina
"I'm going to the Achilles. I'm going to be the new Conn officer there." Henk said. "I only need to inform the captain about this."

"You're being reassigned?" Krissy asked surprised drawing up beside him. "What do you mean 'only need to inform the captain'? Weren't you going to tell me?"

"I got a offer from starfleet." Henk said. "They needed a good pilot on that ship. I... When I was in that future I didn't want to end up on a station like that. I wanted to make a difference."

His comment stung. Kristina hadn't yet been privy to the details of the excursion the Kodiak and party clearly the event had had a profound affect on them. So he had been into the future and seen that 611 was forever stuck in a tunnel of time not weaving or changing with the tides. Did he feel wasted here? What about those around him? Was she destined to stay here on the base which had no future?

"I see," she said at length beginning to feel up tight. "I guess you've already made your mind up. Well just remember us when you make so much of difference you forget who your friends are." She turned swiftly marching to the door.

"Kristina." Henk called after her. "I cannot stay here. I cannot stay here and see you have a relationship with Zeek. But I will always remember you and this station."

Mason stopped shy of the door and turned looking over her shoulder. How did he know about Zeek? Had he seen it in the future? She thought about asking if they where happy or not but knew this was not the time.
Finally she turned fully around. "To be honest I don't whats going on right now. Zeek and I... well we'll gonna see what happens. Nothing is set in stone yet. Please tell me this isn't the reason why you are leaving"

Henk walked towards a window and looked out at the stars.
"I don't know why I'm leaving." Henk said as he tried to fight against the tears. "But it just feels right. I can't explain why, but my heart says that my place is on the Achilles. But that doesn't make it easy for me."

Slowly Krissy crossed the room pausing to smooth the already packed clothing looking for the correct words. It felt as if she had been on a ride: both men were missing, then found and now one of then was about to walk out of her life. She never knew this could be so painful.

"Well who am I to stand in the way of your heart?" She asked rhetorically. "You're a pilot you should be out there exploring the galaxy not cooped up on a station. Nothing is easy Henk, take that from me. I know."

"Look I don't want to forget you or the people on this station." Henk said as he walked up to Kristina. "Too much has happened. The Achilles will be part of the fleet that comes by this Starbase once in a while. I hope to see you alive and well when I drop by."

His choice of wording made her look up sharply. Alive and well? My God what did he see through that nebular? It sent a chill down her spine. "You never truely forget your friends, I know I won't." She paused looking down at her hands twiching uncormfortably. "You're right, too much has happened, mistakes made and I know I've hurt you. For that I'm sorry."

Chewing her cheek she took half a step forward and took his hands in hers wondering if he could sense the pain she was feeling right now. It felt like a piece of her soul was bein ripped out of her chest while in fact it was her heart acheing on the verge of breaking.
Too afraid to admit it Krissy knew now this was one of the reasons why she had stayed so distant for all those years. Love and heartache were murder.

"You're always be my friend Henk. I'll miss you greatly would you believe. Yes we've had our argeuments but they've been worth it. I'm changing, warming turning more human. It feels as if I'm nearly whole for the first time in my life and I have you to thank for that."

"You can always call me anytime you want." Henk said as he cupped her face so he could look into her eyes. "And for anything that has happend, I forgive you. That's what friends do. Forgive and help each other."
Henk lookd at his bag and then to Kristina. He walked to his closet and pulled out a sword.
"Here, a gift. I hope you'll use it with as much love as I did."

With her chin held firmly, yet softly in Henk's hand Krissy held his eye seeing for the first time the unshed tears and wondered if he could see her own. And if he had held her any longer stretching the moment, baiting the cruel beast she would not have been able to fight off the desire to wrap her arms around him practically beg for him to stay.

Instead that moment was broken, replaced with a offered of a gift that made her lips twitch into a grin. Gently she took the blade from his hand and tested the balanced weight. Handling a blade had always come like second nature to her she swished it in a swooping arc before turning back to Henk examining the handiwork set in the hilt and engravings upon the blade.
"It's beautifully." she said. "I cannot expect this, I have nothing to give you in return." She held the sword out for him to retake. "I don't deserve such a gift."

"Take it." Henk said as he pushed her hand around the hilt of the sword. "A reminder of the fight you have gone through to get to this point. And the help your friends gave you. Plus you could also use it if somebody give you problems."

She wanted to laugh but found her throat clenched too tightly making a hissing sound like she'd swallowed a lungful of air. Quickly she bowed her head, eye watering and held the sword to her body tightening her fingers around the hilt.

"Thank you," she whispered lifting her head feeling a warm tear roll down her cheek glistening in the starlight that streamed through the porthole.

Henk slowly reach out and with his finger wiped the tear from Kristina's face. Then with just as much care he pulled her closer just to hold her. Although his stay here was short, he knew that these people saved his back.
Now, he had to begin his life somewhere else.

Allowing her fingers to slack the sword slipped from Krissy's grip bumping softly onto the carpet. Feeling awkward she raised her arms, threading them around Henk's waist as he held her pressing his fair into her hair while she rested in the crook of his neck.

Together they stood in silence breathing in harmony clutching onto one another in hope that it would stay burned in their memories for years to come. "I won't forget you," Krissy said her voice slightly muffled we words lost against Henk's strong chest. "If it weren't for you I'd still be that cold ruthless woman I use to be. Right now I wish I once, then maybe this wouldn't hurt so badly."

"If it wasn't for you, I might not be here." Henk said as he let his fingers run through her hair. "But you don't get rid of me that easy. Every time when I'm in transporter range of this station, I will visit you. I promise you that."

The simply act made her shiver again. Never in her entire life had she allowed a man to hold her so so closely and toucher so tentatively. This was new ground to her and warning light were blazing now demanding that she pulled back feeling fears icy grip move in.

Twisting her head Krissy pulled away, her arms releasing their hold instantly feeling cold and empty without. Life would seem lonely without Henk, and far tougher then before without his companionship. Still she still had Beverly and Zeek but how much longer would Starfleet allow the family to remain together with whispers of war in the air?
Soon their be torn away from her too leaving with nothing other then the dark demons that kept her company to the very end.

"I'll hold you to that," she said sniffing and wiping away the last of her tears. Shaking herself clinging to what little self control and composure she could find she held out her hand for Henk to shake.

"Lieutenant O'Brien its been a pleasure, best of luck and keep safe."

When Kristina pulled away Henk opend her arms to let her go. Although he wanted to hold her, he knew that she still needed things to go on her terms. He gripped Kristina's hand and hold it.
"You to Commander" Henk said


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