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To Sleep to Dream to Wake but Death

Posted on Wed Jan 20th, 2010 @ 7:44am by

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Anthony's Quarters
Timeline: Original Timeline

He lay awake on his bed unable to sleep and more importantly unable to reach the same bliss he enjoyed during his dreams. Many times they were erratic with many images and emotions passing before his eyes. Yet whenever he awoke from these dreams it made him bitter, in the dream world everything was set forward, everything had a purpose a message, a meaning. The world in which he lived in kept all its means and purposes in shrouded darkness, eluding even the most learned individuals.

He looked up into the gray ceiling of his quarters and narrowed his vision, in the blackness of his quarters shapes seemed to spawn from every corner and with every shift of his eyes a black cloud would seemingly pass just outside his sight. He rose from his bed peering out into the darkness of space, many thoughts filled his mind. Had he chosen the right life? Had he made the mistake of denying himself the love of a partner, the sweet embrace of having a daughter or a son? In the darkness of his quarters the thoughts of what could be melted into regret after regret until it nearly over whelmed him and brought mist into his blue eyes.

He chucked to himself slightly at the rise of emotions that only presented themselves when he was alone. Even as a child losing a love one meant grieving in the privacy of his room not screaming in agony like the rest of his family. It made him seem cold, dark and disconnected, but it wasn’t so even the accidental death of a childhood friend sent him into a depression that would last days if not weeks. Even when he attempted to show some sadness it never seemed to wash over him as the term was deemed. He felt it bubbling to the surface but before even a tear could fall an emotional dam would rise up and plug the whole and damn him to the stony figure that he hated and detested.

He rubbed his hands together feeling the icy coldness that his dark thoughts brought him. He finally lay on his bed a muttering a few words before pulling the covers over him and slipping into a dream like sleep. “To sleep to dream to wake but death”


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