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Recounting The Future

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2010 @ 9:04am by Commander Lorran Vos & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

The room seemed to be closing in around her as she sat waiting for the called people to assemble. It felt oppressive and suffocating as her time slowly slipped away from her with her pending transfer. Only one thing still remained for her to do and that was lead an assault into Cestus. The crew on 611 still knew nothing about this coming hell. She knew and understood them enough to know that they would perform above and beyond the call no matter what, and right now that is what Starfleet needed. Once this meeting was concluded she would call all of the senior officers down to the promenade and assemble all of the people she could find. The news had to break before the rumour mills started churning out all the propaganda that they could produce.

Right now she had nothing to do but find out all that the returning friends could tell her and then she could break the news not only about the war but about her leaving the station. It had happened so fast that her head was still spinning, but she needed this change. She had done things in the past few months that frightened her even if one of the was someone she loved. Jenkins was however still so young and she a fleet officer. She had to go to stop things from falling apart.

Henk slowly walked towards the chamber that Beverly was in. With a PADD in his hand he walked into the room.

"Commodore, Good to see you again." Henk said as he looked at beverly.
Zeek was rubbing his forehead as he entered the room. Sleep was something that he hadn't gotten alot of recently. "Commodore, Lieutenant." He said nodding at the two as he entered the room. He took a seat close to Beverly, leaned back, and closed his eyes as he waited for the rest of the staff to arrive.

Leanne slowly moved into the room. She still was a little shocked over everything. She quietly moved into the room and sat down. She was still thinking about all the information that she had brought back with her. She looked at around at everyone then moved over and grabbed a cup of coffee then sat back down.

There was abnormal spring in Mason's step as she came into the conference room. She gazed around at the gathered faces noting their weariness even Beverly looked shattered. Krissy, however had sleep soundly the first time in the last three days safe in the knowledge that the Kodiak with her crew has returned safe and sound.

Watching the other stifle their yawns or stare deeply into their coffee without a word Krissy lightly trailed a finger along the back of Zeek's chair before sitting.
Zeek turned and gave her a quick wink.

Haqtaj was a surprise at the meeting. Technically she was not a member of the staff, but as information about the future events could have ramifications for the Klingon Empire it was difficult to dissuade her.

Lt Maschnost, as the head of Temporal Mechanics was also present... in body at least. His mind was a whirl with figures and computations. He had four PADDs and three tricorders in front of him and was working furiously even as people gathered. The remarkable thing was he was fast, efficient and focused. This was his field and he was DAMN good at it.

Fortunately Krissy had been able to avoid the Klingon Ambassador since their argument previously. Now however it seemed that luxury had not come to a close. Like a predator or a wary solider Mason watched Haqtaj from her seat sitting in stonily silence.

Vos entered and seated himself at the table. It seemed that heading off the MIA reports for the Kodiak crew had taken up a good portion of his time. He wouldn't have wanted anyone's families to end up with one of those letters by accident. He looked like the time he'd spent awake was beginning to get to him, but at the same time clearly happy with the way events had turned out. He gave Leanne a tired, crooked smile as he sat down.

“Priority message for Anthony Cardel”

His desperate venture to gain even a few more minutes of sleep ended when he was awoken by a strange voice. The first time he heard it, it confused him wondering if he had gotten his quarters mixed up with that of an ensign quarters, civilians only got priority one messages if (A) the station was under attack and a general evacuation was being ordered or in many cases door number (B) was that he was being subpoena for an upcoming trial.

Sadly neither was true, not that he hated the station but the few nights where he had been walking the corridors at the devils hour he couldn’t help but looked behind his shoulder to see if anyone was following him. It was a failing of him that while he enjoyed solitude, in the strangest moment’s things would make his eyes go wild for a second before he realised that the shadow he was looking at was merely the shadow of a workers platform above his walking route. It was the price he paid for nearly 15 years of night terrors, the constant paranoia was present and unwilling to relinquish control of his mind.

He quickly read the message and pondered aloud “A meeting with the senior staff?”
A voice in his head snickered in response “Maybe they want to take turns telling the Commodore they want you off the station” he smiled at the thought, sure he wanted to rebuild his career but he still wanted to go back to his home in the country side and await the last knock at his door.

Fully dressed and walking down a crowded corridor he started to feel himself, the same confidence that everyone knew him by started to creep back up. Replacing the fear and paranoia of the night it was strange that before it had never left him as weak as now.

He walked into the staffroom glimpsing at the unknown faces only a few he recognised. The woman at the far end of the table was clearly Lt Commander Kristina Mason the stations security chief, he hadn’t met her personally but what he could gather from general stories on the starbase she was a stickler for order and security. The next person he saw was clear as day, “The Klingon Ambassador” he thought to himself. He could never remember her name but he knew her diplomatic overtones had made her an asset in this sector of space to the Empire. One could only guess why the stations CO would see it fit to place not only a Klingon ambassador and a hated journalist in the same station let alone the same room.

Her eyes were weary but determined and as he sat down, he briefly met the gaze of her crisp blue eyes, dimmed only by the enormous weight of what she was carrying in her mind.

Beverly spotted the Civilian as he entered the room. The two guards at the door flinching towards their phasers. With an absent wave of her hand they went back to the silent unmoving forms they had been.

"Mister Cardel", she had never actually met him properly, but being the only Civilian she had invited to the briefing she assumed it to be him. She smiled warmly not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable or unwanted despite the steely stare he was receiving from Krissy. "I'm glad you could make it. I apologise about the ungodly hour that we called you. I have been asked by Starfleet to give you access to information that could be of interest to the Federation News Service. I assumed you may want in on this meeting to get the firsthand account of some returning time travellers?".

Anthony smiled back knowing that latinum might as well have fallen from the sky at the words of "time" and "travelers" "By all means Commodore DeVuor start your meeting, I'm sure any and all information that you provide will be welcomed by the FNS" He turned in his seat once again glimpsing the familiar and not so familiar faces of her senior staff and of course the Klingon ambassador.

The presence of Cardel created deep frown lines of Krissy brow as well as a heavy look of disapproval. On what right did Beverly have to invite him into the meeting? And by all accounts should she really be informing him, and then in turn everyone else about what had happened and what Zeek's team had been through. After all she didn't know the full story herself yet so why should the public know?

Haqtaj's eyes narrowed. Cardel was known even to her. It was an unusually transparent move on the part of the Federation to have the press present at a debrief. This would be interesting.

Serge looked up at the mention of the name, "Cardel? Is that being Caustic Cardel the... Ouch"

He rubbed his shin and looked either side of him to see who had kicked him. Jrez and Mason were stone faced though. It could have been either.

"Now that you are all gathered", again she nodded and smiled down at the report. Even to her Cardel was a wild card and she didn't see the wisdom of the Federation Council in having him present but who was she to disagree with a direct order. "Mister Cardel has been invited so we can try to improve relations with Starfleet and the FNS. Please all give him your utmost cooperation that includes you Krissy!"

Her mood was buoyant despite some of the news she had to recount to the gathering of officers around her. "Commander Aerelon, Lieutenant Commander Ulonova and Lieutenant O'Brien. Your presence here is to document your experiences from the past few days so that we can transmit it back to Temporal Mechanics at Starfleet so they can analyse any pertinent data. If you would!"
She motioned for the three to now take control of the meeting to cover anything they thought necessary and she would make a point of talking with them separately to find out all that they didn't mention.

"Commodor, with all due respect. Someone wanted to ask us the same questions in the future. He wanted to recruit us and travel back into time to change the timeline." Henk said as he thought back at what happened. "I would like to see that nebula disappear."

"Sounds like you had an interesting time!", she stated but kept a steely gaze fixed on Henk. "Lieutenant I can assure you that the information if for feedback to Starfleet only. They know the dangers of contaminating the time line".
Once she had finished her weak attempt to relax the young Lieutenant she turned to the more experienced officers. "Commanders... If you please!"

Krissy sat back in their seat crossing her arms showing her displeasure of the matter. Zeek had glossed over the details, they weren't pretty. Although Beverly had already giving her a warning Mason was still defiant. "Yes, the Federation know this but what about the darling public? They always get wind of gossip Beverly. We all know it travels faster than anything else especially around a station. It's a bit like airing your dirty linen - do you really want to?"

"Krissy. Give it a rest", her tone was stern. "The Federation Council has ordered this so we can't get around it and frankly I don't want to. I think this is a wonderful idea".
That said she now turned back to Zeek and Leanne.

Zeek nodded and began "We set out on a routine run to Starfleet Medical to drop off samples and such. En-Route we were attacked and disabled by a group of local pirates, raiders, whatever you wish to call them. Seeing as help was way out of reach and destruction was imminent, I made the call to divert to a nearby nebula, hoping it would hide us long enough for rescue." He tapped a few keys on the small control in front of him, and brought up a map of that location on the screen in the room.

"Upon entry into the nebula, many of the Kodiak's systems went offline, sensors, communications, weapons, pretty much everything. I figured we were done for, but we caught a break when the attackers did not follow us in. We waited until engines came back online, and moved out of the nebula to assess the situation. We were surprised to find a Sovereign class vessel waiting for us, the USS Farragut with a Captain Lorran Vos in command. After a bit of questioning and testing, Captain Lorran brought us to Starbase 611 to try and fix the situation we were in. Admiral DeVuor, Commandant Harrison, and many others were there to greet us, but you could tell by the looks in their eyes that the past twenty years had not been easy for them."

He paused a moment before he continued to let all the information sink in "We were put through another ringer of test to completely verify our identities, which were obviously proven authentic. The Admiral and Commandant assured us that even though the Temporal agency of the time had plans on detaining us indefinitely, they were going to send us home. After compiling all the data we could, the end theory was to send the Kodiak back into the Nebula, reverse the polarity on the warp core, and hope for the best. What we didn't expect was the arrival of Director Ascott in a vessel that’s currently classified in our time. Needless to say it took a station to bring it down. Livia, Beverly, so many died just to get us clear of the station..." He trailed off remembering the smouldering hulk of the Dauntless, Genesis, and the starbase. "And so here we are. Back home with a glimpse of an ugly future, one that hopefully we'll be able to change for the better."

Privately Krissy was glad for the moment Zeek had left out the personal information. He had done well to tip toe around the traps and stick to the facts even if they sounded a little cut and dry.

The shock on Beverly's face was as clear as text on a page and she could also tell that he had left much out of the report that he deemed to important to have in the public purvey.

"Doctor... Anything too add?" the words came out as a stammer as it became evident that her future self had committed an infraction of Starfleet regulations and that was now going to be in the public eye along with most of her senior officers and the Major General.

Cardel’s displeasure grew with the snippets of the chief of security, she had a hated for the free media that had through countless centuries insured the stability and prosperity of many worlds. And whenever a nation attempted to hide certain elements of itself from the transparency of the media abuses of power and exercises of executive power all occurred.

“I can assure you all in the room that while the FNS does consider many parts of this debriefing essential for public consumption, we are not without hesitation to release certain elements that may do more harm than good.” He glanced at the COS as he reiterated his statement.

“You have my personal assurances that any article written about these experiences will be undertaken by me and only me, any ideal threats about the “darling public” not being able to handle some of the more reasonable parts of these debriefing is laughable and flies in the face of centuries of Federation tradition of transparency with the media.”

Still with her arms crossed Krissy narrowed her eyes at Cardel. He maybe considerably older then them all here but in her opinion was still perfectly able to stab them all in the back and crate cankering, scathing reports.
"But the media often stretches the truth beyond all proportions, or blights the facts so much creating propaganda rather then actually constructive news." She knew yet again she had spoke out of place and in due time Beverly would ask her to leave, which suited her fine. There were more important things to do then listen to something she already knew and share company with a treacherous Klingon and snake tonged reporter.

"That is enough Commander", Beverly snapped. "I apologise for my Officer Mister Cardel. I know your reports have stimulated some strong reactions in the past... Even so, I am glad you are here".
The cold stare she now gave Krissy spoke volumes about the grilling she would receive later in the day. "Now Doctor. Do you have anything to add?"

Leanne looked down into her coffee, searching for something to add to benefit the retelling of the narrative, everything seemed so bleak that even remembering it brought up some bad memories. "I'm not sure what all I can say about it, the whole thing just seemed so dark. I don't know if going into any of it would make a difference, I just have a lot of work to do once we get out of here."

Serge clered his throat, "Well, I am perhaps being able to reassure, Cmdr Aerelon. The Nebula is disapaiting as we speak. The Tachyon flux was interupted by an intense energy burst, which is consistant with your story. Within a few hours there should be no real trace of it left, except for normal dust and gas."

Haqtaj raises her hand, "I have a question. In twenty years this starbase remains in place. In all that time it has not fallen to the Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, Cardasian, Borg, Lyan, Bajoran, Ferengi... It seems to me that the Federation must have been doing well. What was the need so dire, that they were willing to throw away their existence to expunge? And what of the other races involved? Was there still a Klingon and Romulan Ambassador on the Station? Did they feel the same?"

Zeek nodded "There was a Klingon Ambassador, but it was not a current threat they ere trying to get rid of. It was years of war they were trying to undo."

Haqtaj smiled, "20 years of war? No wonder the Klingons remained your allies. That sounds promising. When should I tell my people to be ready for the big adventure, or is that information to be released only to the Federation High Command?"

Ambassador we are not here to prepare for anything. What Commanders Aerelon and Ulonova and Lieutenant O'Brien experienced is one possibly existence. It isn't a given".
She abandoned trying to explain the nuances of temporal mechanics to Klingon's years ago. They always got the same deeply confused furrow to their brow.

Serge hazards, "I am preparing a set of briefing notes for a lecture on temporal mechanics if anyone... is... never be minding."

"Well... I think we can send a report to Starfleet without any problems. You three may have to sit through another debrief with someone from Temporal Investigations... Just so your ready for it! If there are no further questions I would like you all to assemble on the Promenade. I have a very important announcement to make."

"Commodore, can I talk with you for a minute." Henk said as he prepared himself for the most difficult talk of his life.

"Of course", she smiled at the room, trying to remember all of the faces, despite how drawn and tired they looked. "Dissmissed".

"I don't know if you have heard it already, but I'm leaving to the USS Achilles." Henk said as he hand over the PADD. "I'm leaving in a couple of hours."

"I had heard. Congratulations Lieutenant". It was heartwarming to see one of the young Officers under her Command blossoming into a very promising career and developing into a very reliable officer.

Now however she had a more pressing matter to attend too and it wasn't going to be a pleasant one. "I am sorry Henk, but I really do have to get to the Promenade. You should find it interesting".


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