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Staggered Entrance

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2010 @ 9:05am by Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

Alyssa had been milling around the station now for several hours and still she was waiting for her meeting with Commodore DeVuor to assume command of the station. She was beginning to feel as if the Fleet Officer was avoiding her.

She was striding through Operations, noticing that a collection of Officers was gathered around the operations table. Her well honed senses told her these people were the ones that kept the station running correctly under and behind the scene's. These were the people that did all the work but never received any of the credit. That was always reserved for the higher Command level officers.

"Excuse me Lieutenant's", she cleared her throat and felt somewhat under inspection from the gathering of Junior Officers. "I'm looking for Commodore DeVuor. I'm supposed to have assumed Command of the station and I can't seem to find her... Could one of you point me in the right direction?"

It was at this moment that Helen and Amber stepped out of the turbo lift into Operations. Neither Doctor had been here before and noting the large gathering around the table, made their way towards them. Surely there would be someone who could show them around. The only person Helen recognised in the group was Lieutenant Jenkins; only this time he was not nursing a broken rib… And it looked as if there was another woman before them asking for help as well.

Jack was just sized up the new arrival when he spotted the Captain pips on her collar must have just shipped in, it was of little surprise, 611 was a heavily commuted area for all kinds of traffic.

"Commodor DuVour is busy with a debriefing at present".

"So I'm seeing!"
The statement slipped from her lips before she could catch herself and instantly she regretted the words. Commodore DeVuor was obviously respected and liked by the whole crew, what ever she did she needed to step carefully so as not to diminish her renown with the people she would soon be commanding.

"Maybe you could give me a report on the status of the station... Before I assume command?"
Her gaze roamed the table looking from each officer to the next waiting to see how they would respond.

Amber had nothing to say. She herself had only arrived that day on the station so she had no idea what the status was. She did look at the new commanding officer though as she knew that at some point or another she would have to work with her.

Thomas looked up from his position leaning over the table, both hands firmly planted on its surface with one occasionally raised to point at something on the screen. He smiled at Doctor Lyons, noticing her presence, making a mental note to apologize for his and Mason's actions the last time they'd met - and to ask her who her friend was.

"The USS Genesis has just docked, as well as the USS Kodiak." Thomas piped up. "A significant amount of the station's resources of late have been dedicated to the location and rescue of the Kodiak, which was manned by a number of key station personnel transporting medical supplies and samples of a highly dangerous and contagious virus. Another selection of the Senior Staff were assigned to the rescue; all should be back on duty shortly." He'd kept the update brief, and hopefully not too noticeably had left out much that couldn't have been obtained simply from asking around the promenade. He was wary to divulge too much until he'd spoken to Beverly. Although with her recent promotion he knew it was a matter of time before Starfleet reassigned her, she hadn't mentioned the captain's arrival.

Thomas paused for a moment, then smiled. "Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins, Strategic Operations. It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain." 'Strategic Operations' in title only, he thought to himself. The only information he'd been receiving about the looming war was hearsay and rumour. Starfleet was withholding information, no doubt with reason, but regardless he was annoyed. New to the position or not, he could do nothing without being in the loop.

Alyssa could see something pass behind the striking young mans eyes and with a slow dawning realisation it hit her. None of the crew had been informed of the change over yet. To maintain as much decorum as possible she moved up to stand next to the Operations table and extended her hand acknowledging the fact that this station was essentially his. Being Strat Ops meant that nothing came or went unnoticed by him. "Captain Alyssa Crawford reassigned from Starfleet Security". The smile she wore was the same sweet and toothy one that she always gave, and she hoped that it would relax the officers enough and not have them hate her from day one. "I was unaware that the Commodore hadn't informed her crew about the change. I am very sorry about my abrupt entrance on that one."

Jacks eye brows shot up into his hair line when he heard her say she was from Starfleet security "I'm sorry did you say you where from Starfleet security?" No way was this bubbly woman capable of holding a phaser let alone using it.

"I am", she dropped the smile this time, noticing the telltale stance and posture of a seasoned Security Officer. "I trained Martial Arts and Tactical analysis at the Academy for two years as well". Again she extended her hand to shake the Officers hand. "And you would be?"

"Impressed Lieutenant Jack Daniels assistant Security chief" taking her hand to shake he could feel the solid grip and knew that what ever this woman appeared to be she was not to be taken lightly.

Amber was a bit nervous but spoke to the captain. "Captain, we have something in common. I just arrived today myself. "Lieutenant Amber Winters; Assistant Chief Medical officer where I will be specializing in general practice."

"Not the Amber Winters from the USS Majestic?"
Alyssa's smile broadened as she turned to face the young officer realising that she had once been treated by the young women. Alyssa at the time must have only been one injured face in a sea of others.

"I was on the USS Majestic," said Amber.

"We have met. You treated me for theta radiation posioning on Na'Rishan Four... Along with so many others".Her tone dropped carrying a weight that didn't suit her frame.

Amber smiled. "I'm glad you doing okay now."

"All thanks to you", Finally her gaze fell upon the quiet one of the group. An older Trill Officer sporting a non commissioned officers pips and a teal uniform. "Chief!", she assumed that he was a simple duty Officer to help keep Operations running smoothly, as with most Civilian enlisted crew.

A pair of bleary, bloodshot eyes turned towards Crawford. The face accompanying them didn’t look in much better condition.

“Seems it’s the day for ringing the changes, Ma’am. I’m Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez, your new Chief Science Officer. The appointment came through a few days ago and we...ah...celebrated last night. I left reasonably early but I didn’t...ah...get much sleep afterwards. A certain matter of some Risan party tricks,” he finished on a sheepish note.

"So, that is where you disappeared to Chief..." Helen tried not to smile. "I did not get a chance to congratulate you last night. Or at lunch today. Maybe third time lucky - Congratulations!"

Helen then turned her attention to the new Captain.

"If people are introducing themselves, then I will throw my hand into the mix. I am Lieutenant Helen Lyons, I head up the Medical Research Division," she said holding her hand out to the Captain. "I am showing Lieutenant Winters around, but I am a little new here myself so we're both seeing some places for the first time."

"A pleasure to meet you Lieutenant", once again Alyssa extended her hand to the young women but before anything else could be said or done the now familiar voice of Commodore DeVuor filtered over the internal comm system.
"All Officers, Civilian personnel and Local Traders are requested to report to the Promenade!"


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