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Thoughts and Transitions

Posted on Thu Jan 21st, 2010 @ 2:57am by Lieutenant Linom Dekur

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Personal Quarters - Linom Dekur (Deck 3)

"Computer," spoke the gruff voice, breaking the silence in the dimly lit room, "begin personal log." A slight chirp was the only response he received as he pulled on his regulation under-shirt.

"It has been two days since my arrival on Starbase 611, leaving behind the last remnants of the Lakota. Two days in which to put my life back into some semblance of order." He looked about the quarters, his eyes rolling over the few shipping crates left to be unpacked. Several uniforms still hung over one chair, waiting to be properly stored in his closet. It was hardly a room appropriate for him, one that befit his natural sense of order in the universe, but he knew it would take shape relatively soon. "I suppose I should be grateful that much of my own belongings were lost in the Lakota's last battle and the little time I've had since then to replace them."

He shook his head and he tucked in the undergarment, then reached for the uniform tunic. "I find myself station bound once more. Hardly a fitting assignment for an engineer, but it will give me the range of resources I require to continue my work with Riven. The system continues to elude me, though I feel I am getting close to an answer at last. I sincerely must believe that Sakura was correct - it is alive, a true entity within the machine, and I will find a way to prove it. Castleman thinks I'm being obsessive, and perhaps I am, but no true discovery was ever accomplished without some form of single-minded devotion bordering on the unreasonable."

Tugging the tunic straight one last time, he knelt down and reached for the low-cut boots that were uniform standard. While no specific requirement mandated a high level of shine to the uniform footwear - such archaic notions had been done away with by Starfleet long ago - he preferred the aesthetics of the appearance. The brilliant gloss touch served as a reminder of the life he'd left behind, long ago on a world that had since been reduced to ashes only to rise once more. A life he had little claim to any longer, yet still looked back to with nostalgia.

"Today," he continued, pulling on the first boot, "I report to the station's executive officer for duty. Following that meeting, I'll formally assume command of my staff and begin straightening out the station's operations affairs. Operations. Engineering without engines, I recall hearing it referred to as on D-S-Seven. A fitting description. However, Six-One-One seems to receive its own reasonable share of traffic, which will undoubtedly keep life interesting." He tugged on the second, then stood and checked his appearance in the mirror. Pulling the tunic just a hair straighter, he nodded with satisfaction. "I can only hope that this assignment is more permanent than my previous two."

Linom strode to the adjacent room, picking up the PADD with his orders on it as he passed the desk. "End log," he instructed the computer as the hatch hissed open, permitting him through to the corridor beyond. Stopping abruptly as the doors slid closed behind him, he turned to glance at the location decale upon them. Another nod of satisfaction saw him striding confidantly down the corridor towards the nearest turboshaft.

His staff had finished demarking his quarters. Where an empty space had been the day before, now their was a unique signifier to identify them as his.

"Dekur, Linom."


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