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Unwanted Attention

Posted on Mon Jan 25th, 2010 @ 5:21am by Lieutenant Linom Dekur

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Sickbay

Lieutenant Linom Dekur stepped into the station's sickbay, a look of absolute disgust plastered across his face. Over the past year, he'd spent more time in medical facilities than he'd ever desired. Neural reconstruction, skin grafts, the implantation of his artificial eye - it had been all he could muster to avoid simply giving up on the insincere platitudes of the various medical personnel as they assured him he would be "as good as new." He'd never achieve that falsehood of a dream, no matter how kindly and gentle they might say such.

As a scientist, he'd never taken any joy in the medical fields. Most called them sciences and a few had called them arts; Linom had called them the pursuits of those too inept to qualify for true studies. On Cardassia, rebuilding the body was not nearly as high of value as honing the mind and grasping for ever greater heights of understanding. In the moments he bothered to consider the situation, his sense of self-honesty forced him to admit that this was caused more by the lack of value placed on the lives of others than on any preference for the nature of the universe. And yet, as one who had aspired to - and achieved - excellence in the "higher" sciences, Linom was forever bound to look down upon those he saw as less worthy.

All of which made the mandatory visit to Sickbay even less bearable.

As an orderly stepped lightly by, throwing him the obligatory smile as he moved about his duties, Dekur's great paw of a hand shot out and caught the shoulder of his uniform in it's grip. The strength of the sudden jerk startled the young man as he was whipped around to truly gaze up at the dominating Cardassian officer before him. At nearly 168 centimeters of height, Dekur quite adequately loomed over the terrified petty officer.

"Get me your doctor," Dekur barked, releasing his hold on the man's uniform with a quick twist to send him moving. He hurried away, nearly falling as he stumbled towards an office to one side. Slipping inside, he was gone for only a few short moments before reappearing with a young woman in a white lab coat. Her blond ponytail swayed from side to side as the nurse walked beside her, his outstretched arm and finger aimed directly as his assailant.

Leanne had to see what ghost her orderly saw, when he tried to stammer out what he saw, it came out as "tall" and when she saw the Lieutenant she fully understood what he was talking about. "I'm Dr. Ulonova. You wanted to see me?" She looked up at the Cardassian and smiled. He was intimidating but tried not to let that on.

"Doctor Zh'Grelveshna instructed me to check in with the medical department upon reporting for duty," Dekur stated simply, his voice oozing with the disdain he felt at the order. He'd considered simply ignoring the Andorian's requirements, but had decided against it; he knew she would inevitably verify that he had complied and put in a request that he be removed from duty pending his cooperation if he had not. "Let's get this over with."

"Alright, well I'll try and get you out of here as quick as possible. I know most people don't like the doctor so I won't keep you long." Leanne tried to smile at him. "Please move over to the biobed here and we'll get started."

Dekur stalked over to the indicated bed, sitting heavily as the young woman gathered her instruments. "I do not wish this to take long. There is apparently much to be done with my department."

Leanne grabbed a tricorder and began to scan the Cardassian. "I wish that when they did transfers that they would just send your medical files over. It would speed up the process. I mean, unless you purposely fly through a radiation cloud, you aren't going to have much change in your cellular DNA." She smiled at him as she began to move the sensor over his his body. "Where were you stationed before here?"

"Deep Space Seven," he answered gruffly, listening to her inane banter with as much patience as he could muster. "And Doctor Zh'Grelveshna most likely did transfer the records. She simply wishes to annoy me one last time. My artificial eye and the neural reconstruction has taken well and she simply wishes to find any last opportunity she can to irritate me."

"We doctors sometimes do that if we have a particularly uncompromising patient." She looked up from her tricorder at the man. Everything seemed to be in order, she'd have to search through the database and find his records. "Everything checks out, vitals are good. Everything that Starfleet would hope for in one of our officers."

"Good," Dekur grunted, standing from the bed and marching to the door.

"Lieutenant, before you go." She stopped and turned towards Dekur and walked over. "It seems like you may not want to be here, or agitated, and well, that is fine, I know sometimes things don't work out, but I just wanted to say welcome to the starbase."

Linom growled something unintelligible in response, then turned and left.


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