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first conversation (backpost)

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost

Ardeth stood in the turbolift waiting for the doors to slid open and let him out.
He had never liked sickbays and probably would never like them but seeming someone in there needed his help he didn't really have the option to say no.
It had been thirty years since he had last practiced his councilling. When Beverly had asked him to fill the role of ships counselor on board of the Genesis next to his regular diplomacy duties, he found himself in a unique position he could not possible let go unnoticed.
And now he was ships councillor, working with two departments under him who all needed his leadership and guidance.
He just hoped his, possibly outdated, knowledge would come to any use in the nearing approach.
Radiating friendly confidence, something you picked up in starfleet councilling classes and always worked miracals in calming patients, he walked into sickbay.

Henk was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling. He saw a guy walking into sickbay. You could tell by just looking at him that he was a counselor. But yet, he was not. He had a friendly face, but there was also something of ice cold hardness in him that was not normal in a counselor. So he might be or a marine, but his uniform wasn’t of the marines. Henk looked some more. The diplomatic section, I had to be.
Henk sat upright and looked around.
“Are you coming for me?” henk asked.

Ardeth nodded while he approached the bed, meanwhile looking if he could make eye contact with the supervisor.
'I am indeed. My name is Ardeth Franklin, I'm currently the chief counselor officer of the USS Genesis though my priority lies with my role as Chief Diplomatic Officer, how are you feeling?' He said, standing next to the biobed.

"I'm fine."Henk said. "I just want to get out of here, and back to the planet."

Leanne was sitting in her office when a nurse came in to get her. Leanne nodded and headed over to where Lt Franklin and Henk where. She had heard that there was a new diplomatic officer was also a counselor on the ship and expected them to be down at some point. As she walked over she made eye contact with Ardeth and stuck out her hand.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Ulonova"

Ardeth nodded understandingly at Henk before he introduced himself to the Chief Medical.
'Good day docter, very nice to meet you, how is our patient? Any medical problems?'

"He as been doing quite a bit better, I feel with a little more time he should be 100%. He's had a rough time." she reched by Henks bed and handed Ardeth a data padd. "Here is his treatment so far."

“You don’t want to read that.” Henk said. “Just some food supplements, liquids and something to make me sleep. I read it last night, when I couldn’t sleep.”
Henk looked at Leanne and then to Ardeth.
“By the way, Isn’t it inappropriate to stand by a patience when you talk about him?” Henk asked sarcastically. “I’m just a normal person, what do I know.”

Ardeth smiled his friendliest smile.
'I am sorry you are alright Henk, is it alright if I call you by your first name?'
For a moment Ardeth looked around for a chair, when he couldnt find one he sat down on the bed next the Henk's, he completely ignored the chief medical, hoping she wouldnt take offence of him making his patient feel he was the most important person in the room for Ardeth at the moment, which he was of course.

Leanne noticed that Ardeth was going to pay close attention to Henk. She had learned to let counselors do there own thing. She nodded at him then head back to her office.

The padd didn't contain any vital information, the medical scans were pretty clear on his condition, it would be up to him to decide if this, somewhat hostile, person was mentally stable.
He hoped Henk was, he had quit his job at Starfleet Medical to avoid the angry outbursts of patients, he wasnt sure he would be able to handle one if Henk decided to become violent.

“You can call me everything you like.” Henk said while turning to face Ardeth. “So, you’re here to see if I’m mentally stable. Good luck with that.”
Henk paused for a minute while looking at the floor with a smile.
“So, where do you want to talk about?” Henk asked. “Let me see, my adventure on the planet, my personal history. Maybe my parents?”

Ardeth laughed out loud, he wasn't going to keep up the role pattern if the patient didnt feel comfortable with it.
'No I am not going to discuss your parents, unless you want to of course. I am interested in your story though, what happend to you?'
Ardeth had stopped smiling but kept a neutral-friendly expression on his face, making sure he kept radiating the confident reassurance that always made his patients feel calm.

Now it was henks turn to laugh.
“Oh my, you counselors always do thinks by the book. And that counselor mask doesn’t work with me. I flew a starfleet admiral for years. After that I know when people set up a mask or not. So just skip the emotion bond you have with me and that sort crap. I’m fine.”

Ardeth frowned while he started noting down a reminder about Henk's passive agressive behavior and the continuous mentioning that he was fine on the padd.
'I am sorry, I wasn't aware that I am wearing a mask currently I will try to avoid it.'
He finished his note while he talked.
'So tell me, why are you avoiding answering my question Henk?' he said confrontationally.

“So you are the only one on this ship who doesn’t know. Maybe you captain should told you more so that you where prepared to talk to me.” Henk said. “Or haven’t you made a psychological analysis of my profile and what happened here? I know what’s wrong with me, completely nothing. So save you a lot of trouble just go home.”

'I am not your enemy Henk, I am here to help you by trying to find out if you sustained any mental injury from your expiriences on the planet. I am not leaving before we figured that out. So you can either tell me about what happend or, if you don't feel comfortable talking about that, you can tell me why you don't want to talk about it. I have all the time in the federation so don't worry about me wasting my time. If this is to much for you just say so, then we will discuss how you are currently feeling.'

"For the mental injury check with yourself. Now if you don't mind I like to get some sleep."
henk laid on his back and closed his eyes.

Ardeth frowned and made a small note on the padd, either this person was insane and didn't want to tell him he had killed off everybody or he was sustaining severe trauma from something horrible, possibly even suffering from amnesia.
'If you change your mind Henk, just call me and I will be right with you, everything you tell me is confidential. Remember that, how cliche it might sound, I can't help you if you don't let me help you. And on another note, you are making yourself suspect of something that you might very well have not done.'
Ardeth stood up and prepared to walk over to the chief medical.

Henk just keeped his eyes closed. His memory brought back most of the colonist.
~I will have my revenge~ Henk thought.

Ardeth walked over to the Chief Medical, making sure Henk wouldn't be able to overhear their conversation.
'His behavior indicated that he either has killed everybody there and is trying to keep quiet about it or that he has suffered severe trauma and is, or was, in shock. Did your first medical scans detect anything like that?' He asked, keeping a professional pose.

Leanne set what she was working on and looked at Ardeth. "When I first examined Mr. O'Brien he had been hit by a few phaser blasts to incapacitate him and had also been alone in the jungle for a few weeks. We've been treating him for those conditions." She stopped and thought back "He has had nightmares and cold sweats, I diagnosed them as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, he says that something, something horrible had taken the colonists and he was the only one left. I'm not a psychologist by any stretch of the imagination but it sounds like his mind has erected barriers up around the entire situation." She leaned back in her chair. "Physically, other then being a little undernurished and the shock the neural system from phasers he is fine."

Ardeth nodded, it was exactly what he had feared.
'It might become very difficult for us to break down the barriers he has errected around the memory, I would suggest intensive holodeck therapy but I will need to discuss it with the captain first. Thank you very much for helping me doctor.'
He turned around to look at Henk, who was lying with his back towards him.
'If he needs me for anything or becomes unstable, could you contact me right away?'

Of course Lieutenant. We haven't had much of a problem with Henk, if we do you'll be one of the first that we contact.

'Thank you very much doctor, I will be back later to check up on him, also, could you tell me who was the person who found him? I would like to speak to him, her.'

"I believe that was Lt. K'tan and Captain Jorvin."

Ardeth thanked the chief and walked out of sickbay, he already was thinking of contacting the lieutenant and captain by the time he pressed the turbolift button.


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