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Into The Fire...

Posted on Fri Jan 22nd, 2010 @ 8:41am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

The USS Morningstar situated herself at the front of the armada defending the planet Bellatrix IV. Infront of her awaited a massive force of Gorn and hybrid vessels the likes of which had never been seen. With details still unclear as to how the force threatening the Bellatrix system was assembled so quickly, the Federation had no choice but to respond with force. Force suited Ream Admiral O'Riley just fine. Filling in for General Harrison, Mason assembled the whole of Task Force 86 to the Bellatrix system to fend off this threat. Forty five ships in all came to the defense of this system, including thirty vessels from outside of the fifteen vessel task force. A force this large had not been seen since the Dominion War, and for good reason. The staggering loss suffered at the hands of the Dominion took many years to recover from, causing Starfleet's leadership to make some policy changes regarding major fleet engagements. Extreme circumstances, such as full scale invasions, were one of the few reasons a fleet of this size could be assembled. The drawback to this plan is it took the fall of the Cestus system to convince Starfleet Command to task the appropriate force. Regardless, all the pawns were now in place, all eyes in the Alpha and Beta quadrants were focused on this one system, two sides were about to face off in what is sure to be one of the finest battles of this age.

As he situated himself in the Command Chair of the Luna class vessel, Mason signaled the Ensign at the comm station to open up a frequency to the Gorn vessels "Attention Gorn Armada. This is Rear Admiral Mason O'Riley of the Federation Starship Morningstar. You have violated Federation territory, destroyed Federation colonies, and in doing so have caused war between the Gorn Hegemony and the United Federation of Planets. Retreat to your own territory, and we will send diplomats to negotiate your surrender. Failure to comply will be met with the destruction of your armada. Chose quickly."

The viewscreen remain fixated on the massive force infront of the as the scratchy voice of the Gorn Armada Commander came over the comm "Admiral O'Riley, this is Tharash, leader of the holy armada. The hull of your vessel will burn brightest under the Purifiers might." The communication cut out, leaving the bridge crew in bewilderment. Holy armada, Purifiers might? As confused as they were, they were set in the task before them. Defend the Bellatrix System at all costs.

"Ensign, open a channel to all ships. Task Force 86, this is Admiral O'Riley. Diplomatic relations with the Gorn forces have failed, and we are faced with a mighty task. Not since the Dominion war has a force this size been called, but make no mistake, we will not falter. The Trident is a weapon of the Gods in Greek Mythology, one of the mightiest of all times. We stand here today, Trident, ready to smite the foes of our loved ones, and bring our enemies to bear under our power. Stand strong in your resolve, and know that at the end of this day we will be victorious. Keep your wits about you, work together, and Godspeed to you all. CO's, check in with the Morningstar and signal your readiness. We wait for them to fire first. O'Riley out."


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