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IKC FHew - You were Fobbed off.....

Posted on Fri Jan 29th, 2010 @ 2:13am by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Ro' Matlh

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: DoH's Quarters


Hay’legh knocked politely at Ro’Malth’s door, all the while keeping a hand near the hilt of her blade. The Klingon had a bad habit of expecting everyone to want to kill him. Of course they did, but not necessarily at every moment of the day – and most of his relatives would only try it out of respect.

Ro' bellowed, "Who is it? What do you want?"

The door opened and the captain slowly released his grip on his Mek'leth, "you saw Haqtaj?"

Hay’legh tried to stop her nose from wrinkling as the sour smell of blood wine hit her. If he cultivated it, the man’s breath and body odour could become a deadly weapon in it’s own right!

“Yes, I saw your niece….She has no wish to see you just yet. Instead she gave us a babysitting run taking a Rihannsu and a Bajoran into Rihannsu territory.” As Hay’legh spoke she fished out the papers and handed them across to Ro.

“We are also to take with us medical supplies for one of the border planets – this is the payment for letting us through into Rihannsu territory by the Rihannsu Ambassador.”

Ro' grunted, "Are we now?"

He took the paper and scanned an eye down the scrawled writting, "Blah, blah, failed Romulan Merchant and goods, blah, blah, Bajoran Ambassador no aides, blah, blah, pay in advance, blah blah, provison of passage in exchange for, blah, blah... What are Immuno-Boosters?"

Hay'legh sighed, but kept her hand near the hilt of her blade. "They are for the sick at Morach Colony." She was loath to tell Ro about the Plague in case it put him off the job. Plus the less he knew about Rihannsu affairs the better.

"Hmmm," Ro' considered, "The Morach colony makes Prismatic Coils, does it not? I believe we are out of spares for the Cloak. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to procure some. Very well, when everyone is back, set course for Romulan Space. In the mean time, I have been called to attend some anouncement on the Prominade."

"Yes, DoH Ro. I assume that you would like me to await your return before leaving for Rihannsu space?"

Ro' smiled, "And how long do you think you would last as Captain with our current Medic and Tactical officer? I will not be long. I will probably be back before any of the others."

"You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I actually want to Captain this Klingon deathtrap DoH Ro." Hay'legh gave the Klingon a grim smile. "We will be ready to leave upon your return." The Rihannsu gave the Klingon a respectful nod and made her way to the bridge to begin the preparation for departure.

EL: Bridge



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