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Calling The Charge

Posted on Sat Jan 30th, 2010 @ 9:07pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Ensign Aaron Cross & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & HIchop Matlh & Shenk & Ro' Matlh & Crewman Seraphina Stryder

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

Bitter and sweet always seemed to go hand in hand no matter be it pleasant or sour. This very moment in Beverly's life was a joint melting pot of these emotions for one reason or another. On one hand her dear friends had been returned. One another she would be leaving them herself in a short few hours. Yet things on 611 had finally settled down into some semblance of life after the Borg invasion, yet still war was on the Horizon. So far she was the only one on Starbase 611 that knew just how close war now stood. The usual rumours and whispers had started and most of these had reached her ears, but nothing compared to the standing with which it would happen.

The walk to the Promenade was one of the longest and most painful she had completed in her short stay on the station. It seemed a lifetime ago that she had first arrived and yet in actual fact only four short weeks had passed. So much had happened and she would no longer be part of the success that had come from the ashes of 611. This station really had become a Phoenix, a light in her life that had grounded her after her whistle stop tour of Command. From the days when she was simply a Science officer under the Command of her mentor Captain Jennings to this point in her life. A Commodore about to joint lead a fleet of Federation Starships into war.

Without realising it she had come to a stop outside of Shenks shop. This was it, the moment of truth. For the briefest of moments she took in the sights and sounds and smells of the promenade. Scanning the crowd picking out the faces that meant so much to her. Vos, Zeek, Krissy, Leanne, Jack, Thomas, T'Arjia and finally Akina. Then there were those that she didn't know as well and wished she had the time. Helen, Cailyn, Amber, Aaron, Haqtaj and Anthony. Each one unique in there own way, each one precious in their own way.

She paused a moment longer watching a short Ferengi in elaborate clothing pushing his way to the forefront of the crowd coming to stand next to the Klingon Ambassador.
"Ladies and Gentleman. Thank you all for coming."
Again she paused not sure how to word what had to be said. "In recent months Diplomatic relations with the Gorn and Tholians has deteriorated far beyond salvageable. You have all read the reports and seen the news clips about ships going missing in the Triangle region of space. Starfleet Intelligence has found evidence pointing to a new Gorn and Tholian alliance. Starfleet will no longer tolerate this!"

She allowed a moment for the information to be processed by the crowd, amazed at the silence from the crowd. It would have been possible to hear a pin drop. "Task Force 86 is massing in the Bellatrix System, and all combat worthy vessels have been called to help defend this region of space. It wasn't too long ago that we were at war with the Dominion. Some of those scars are still healing...", this was the moment she spotted an unfamiliar face in the crowd. He was Cardassian donned in Starfleet Operations Uniform. "Some scars will never heal. But one thing can be said. We will not allow the Gorn or Tholians to expand into Federation, Klingon or Romulan space. We have drawn a line in the sand and we will defend it".

Once more she paused allowing the information to settle in and each face had the same stunned expression except for the collection of Klingon Officers. Each one of the Klingon's had the same look, one of pride and respect for the Fleeters before them. "This station will be refitted over the next few days to be able to better defend itself while most of the Senior Officers will be Commanding the Genesis, McCarther and Hope into the fray... And on a more personal note I will be bidding you all farewell. This will be my last address as the Stations Commanding Officer. I will be Commanding the Genesis into the battle and from there I have not received orders yet."

This was at this moment she felt a dampness around her eyes. She had expected this moment to be the most difficult, but she had pulled this crew together and she respected each of them that it felt hard to leave them behind. "Commanders Lorran and Ulanova please convene in my office".

She turned and moved away with such haste to avoid the questions that were no doubt pending and to hide the tears that were falling down her cheek freely.

Haqtaj and Ro' were standing either side of the Ferengi Merchant. Haqtaj mused, "So the Federation goes to war to protect the Romulans and the Klingons. How nice of them."

"Will house Matlh be involved?" Ro' asked.

"We were not asked. Go about your business, Uncle. If this is a war the Federation can win, then we need not waste our arm, and if it is one they will loose, then they will come to us for help soon enough."

Ro' drops his voice even lower, "And if the Federation cannot win?"

Haqtaj replies in kind, "The House Matlh have always backed the winner, until they were no longer the winner. If the Gorn petition us, I will give it due consideration."

"Not quite so with the Duras sisters," Jrez reminded Haqtaj in an undertone. It was snide but sometimes the Ambassador needed taking down a peg or two. This, he felt, was one such time - a time when the focus should be on co-operation, not exploitation.

Haqtaj turned to Jrez, "Were you addressing me, crewman? I do not believe I was addressing you."

Jrez smiled. "You weren't; I was. I don't think I'll be looking to you for advice when I next place a bet. Your tips are not quite as accurate as you purport."

Leanne was just behind the Klingons trying to listen to Bev, she couldn't help but overhear the mutterings of them and their little conversations. Not only was this whole situation turning into another excuse to fire up the phasers and eradicate sentient beings, they had to worry about backstabbing Klingons now too, as she walked towards the commodores office.

Next to Leanne, but slightly behind her, Vos was not witness to anything the Klingons had said. His frown was on account of Beverly being taken from them so soon. He was happy for her, since it meant she was moving up in the world, and he had known that it would happen, but it still wasn't easy. She had become a close friend since his assignment to the Genesis, and he wouldn't enjoy the fact she wouldn't be coming back after the whole Tholian/Gorn situation was overwith. Vos shook his head sadly and followed Leanne toward Beverly's office.

"You should probably keep it down a little," a voice near Haqtaj's elbow said casually. It was the Ferengi bookshop owner - Shenk. "Some of us have very good hearing."

Haqtaj noticed the Ferengi from the shop, "Yes, apparently Half the station has exceptional hearing."

He nods at the Commodore, "Something very 'I don't know if I'll ever see this place again' about that speech, wasn't there? Sounds like these Gorn and Tholians aren't mucking about."

Ro' Growls, "A commander who expects to find death, usually finds a way."

Standing in the thick of the crowds Mason stared feeling her mouth go dry. She had heard rumours like everyone else but didn't know just how close they stood upon the threshold of war. Realistically she knew when Beverly had been promoted the sand in the timer began to trickle away marking the end of her control on 611.
Slowly one by one those from the 'original' Genesis where fading into the darkness, some through death, others through promotion or transfer. Soon she'll be the only one left.

Instantly she wanted to speak out with the other voices around her that cried out as soon as Beverly's message had ended but her words were lost in the madness. In the less then one day she now faced losing her most cherished friends, ones that could never be replaced. She felt now if she was standing still with the rest of the universe revolving around her leaving her behind in a void. Where would that journey lead her after today?

The news was something unexpected. Zeek hadn't been on 611 for long, but he was involved with many of its more interesting stories. Beverly gave him a chance and accepted his transfer, and now she was leaving. Things were changing fast, but the truth was they always did. She said the senior staff would be going into battle, meaning that he would once again leave the station. Zeek loved space, but it would be nice to fully assume his new role before being whisked off again. With major refits beginning on the station, he was sure to have a desk full of paperwork, complaints, and botched refit reports when he returns...if he returns. Zeek moved towards the bar for a drink, it was sure to be a long night.

Henk looked at how Beverly walked away with Vos and Leanne in tow. Henk sighed and started to walk away. He had some packing to do.

Cailyn looked around and saw a Woman who looked like Kristina Mason. She over to her and jumped to attention.
"Cailyn Tarke reporting for duty Ma'am." Cailyn said as she handed over her orders.

In the crowd the action of this new officer smacked Mason into reality like a blow to the head leaving her dazed. Automatically she took the extended PADD and glossed over the details. "At ease Lieutenant," Krissy said without looking up. "Your record is exceptional, I would expect that to continue."

"I will try" Cailyn said as she looked around. "So, what can I do for you Commander?"

Lowering the data Padd Mason studied the petite woman briefly wondering how she was able to hold her own as the records explained. Shrugging off the thought. "Expect the civilian population to be frightened, try and calm them but be on the look out for looters and troublemakers that live of fear and panic." She spoke softly very aware that they were in the public eye. "Liaise with Lieutenant Daniels and Ensign Shire they will be able to show you the ropes. If you excuse me I need to speak with the Commodore."

"I will Ma'am" Cailyn said as she picked up her bag and moved off in search of her quarters.

Jack had taken his usual position toward the back of the gathering, the news of the upcoming war with the Gorn and Tholians didn't come as such a shock to him. After the incident with Mitchell, the man who'd impersonated a Starfleet crewman to plant unknown devices through out the Stations systems, Jack had done some digging into what he'd done on Cestus. The more he dug the more he realized that the hostility between the Federation colonists and the Gorn had grown, then barely a week ago all contact with the colony had been lost.

To Jack it seemed obvious that something had happened, and sadly that something seemed to be an all out attack. Carefully threading his way through the crowd he made his way back to his quarters, maybe I can dig something else up it was a long shot but it was better than nothing.

Amber really had no feelings on the matter since she had only arrived on base that day. She met Beverly that day and from what she could tell, she was very nice. As always things change. There were some assignments that she was stationed with her twin sister Renee and yet others that they were not. Currently, this was one assignment that was not with Renee. It was okay though as they fought constantly, but that was their relationship. Even though her and her twin fought constantly, they still loved each other.

As DeVuor spoke, the colour slowly drained from Helen Lyon’s face. War. It was a word that every doctor worth their salt dreaded. The needless injury and death of possibly thousands of Starfleet personnel would be every ‘Fleet doctors nightmare. She turned and studied the faces around her, knowing that some of them crewed the three ships the Commodore mentioned and immediately wondered if she would see any of them again after this conflict has ended. But there was a positive note in this gathering…Doctor Ulonova and the rest of the missing were back, safe and sound…only to be dragged straight back into battle.

“Amber.” Helen placed a gentle hand on the young doctors shoulder. “We had better get back to Medical and be ready for Leanne when she gets back from her meeting with the Commodore.”

"Okay," said Amber. "Lets go."


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