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One Last Time

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2010 @ 10:17pm by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

"What do you think she wants from us?" Leanne slowed her pace realizing that Vos was right behind her. "She seemed pretty choked up talking about everything." Leanne playfully bumped into Vos. "Maybe we are getting kitchen duty."

"I think we're going to have some role to play in this Gorn/Tholian War that's coming. So, I think kitchen duty might be safer." Vos replied, smiling despite himself. He grabbed Lee by the hip and pulled her closer. "If it's what I think it is, we should get together for dinner tonight in my quarters before the shitstorm blows in." he chuckled.

"I think I might be persuaded." She closed her eyes and leaned in next to him again. "Yeah I doubt what is coming up is going to be a sweet goodbye. 'Leanne grab a phaser you are going to the front lines with a ground unit'"

"Lucky ground unit." Vos commented as they reached the CO's office.

Station Commanders Office

Beverly had arrived at her office expecting to find her packing crates still sitting in neat piles across the room. What she found however was completely different. The room had been occupied by belongings not of her own. Her meagre oak desk had been replaced by an long curved desk mad from marble and glass with an elaborate holographic display off to the side. The large windows now had deep red drapes hanging from either side mimicking curtains and hanging behind the large desk was a impressive watercolour painting of a Japanese Garden.

She was momentarily taken aback, and the tears that had been falling gently ceased. A distinct feeling of being pushed aside filled her and suddenly, in a room that had once been her own, comfortable was now nothing more than someone else's home.

The door chimed behind her and she hurriedly wiped away the remains of her upset and placed on a calm exterior to fide the fact before turning and beckoning them in.

"Well, hopefully the two of us aren't getting run out of starfleet, the last vengeful acts of our CO as she is about to leave." Leanne smiled at Vos as "Enter" was heard through the Door.

Vos stood aside in a display of casual chivalry in order to let Leanne through and into the office first, then followed after. He took in the changed surroundings, knowing instantly they weren't Beverly's, and took their new CO's measure by the trappings she surrounded herself with. He filed away the details of the room for later perusal, however, instead focusing on Beverly standing in the midst of it looking like she was slightly lost. He spared her the embarrassment of commenting on it and instead went right to business.

"Reporting as ordered, ma'am." he smiled, tipping an imaginary hat to her as ancient Earth sailors used to do.

"Same here." Leanne stood next to Vos inspecting the crates and belongings. The metamorphosis had started to take place. "I'm sure floggings are about to commence."

A smile escaped Beverly's lips despite her dower mood. First things first though. "Vos... I think you know what I'm going to say. I have been ordered by Starfleet to assign commanding officers to the support craft we have station at 611. I need someone with combat experience to Command the McCarthur. I don't want to order you so I am giving you the choice. Would you do this for me my friend?"
The corners of her mouth twisted up into a slight smile at being in a room with these two. She had watched them over the last months building a relationship that suited both. Her one regret was having to ask them both the requests she had been ordered to make of them.

"You'd have a time of it trying to stop me, Commodore. She's a fine ship." Commander Lorran nodded.

"Glad to hear that. I wouldn't want to warp into battle without you by my side". She clasped Vos's hand tight in a manner not quite becoming of a Commanding Officer and her subordinate. It was a friendly move, one in which she wanted to convey how much she respected and enjoyed his company but more than that. She was truethfully glad he was going to be with her. So far all of her combat time had been spent with him by her side and she couldn't imagine him not being there.

Next she tured to Leanne. "I need to ask you to Command the Hope. We need an experianced Officer with medical experiance. I would like you on that ship Leanne. Will you?".

"I, I" She was stammered as she thought about the prospect of commanding a vessel. "I will."

Vos smiled reassuringly to Leanne, but pressed on with business. "Will we be allowed to choose our own crews, ma'am?"

"I have already spoken to Captain Crawford and she has allowed me to make use of the Senior officers and support crew here on Starbase 611. The only person I would assign to you would be Krissy. We need at least two experienced officers leading the ships into Combat. Commander Aerelon will accompany me. As for you Leanne, that task falls to you. You have a better understanding of who will be of use to you on a Medical Ship."
The recent change still troubled her, but things were moving once again at a pace were she was unable to allow things down and take them one step at a time. "We have less than an hour before we depart for Bellatrix. Approach who you would like on the ship but it is a volunteer mission only".

"I've got a few people in mind that I can tap, at least with a medical ship we should be out of most of the fray I would think." Leanne looked at the other two, hopefully her first command wouldn't be her last.

Finally, she stole one last glance at Vos and Leanne, burning their images into her mind.
"Any questions?"

"I'm sure I'll have plenty but none at the moment." Leanne had started to bite her nails, it was starting to sink in like bricks in a river.

"In that case", the Commodore spoke up her posture changing to suit the pending combat. "We should be making a move. We have a lot to do in a very short time. We launch at zero eight hundred hours in the morning, station time. Lets get this show on the road".

With a final nod she made a move for the door, leading the way from her old life into the next. Each step taking her farther and farther away from the life she thought she would never change for anything. Leaving behind the one person she had felt something for even if he was her subordinate and years younger than her. This was the defining moment of her life.


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