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Family Front

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Perhaps it was still a little of last nights gin that was giving Kathy more courage than normal, but she wouldn't admit to it. The truth she was worried about her son Tim and the fact that he had been requested to go down to the planet to aid with the search party. He was only just outside his teens, too young in Kathy's opinion to be going down to the planet and too young to carried his own weapon.
She had argued her case before Lt. Mason but typically she gave her a prickly answer obviously Krissy was wound up tight by the pending assignment.

It occurred to Kathy as she rose in the turbolift that she had only been the bridge twice before this. The first time was on the Genesis' maiden voyage, the second was on the personal request of Jenning's mostly so he could discuss what we wanted her to serve on the menu once their alien quests had arrived on board the following day but also to enjoy the colorful view of a nebula they were passed by at the time.
Today, however Kathy had motivation behind her actions rather then answering a polite call. She wanted to protect her son for what ever strangeness was on the planet below.

She had a direct line to Commander DeVour whom appeared to be thinking long and hard on something. Her whole frame looked tense and her brow frowning slightly. From a distance Kathy had watched Beverly grow into the woman and officer before her, it made her feel proud of what she had already become and what she will be.

"Excuse me Commander," Kathy called reluctantly hating to disturb Beverly from her thoughts. "May I have a word?"

Beverly with a distant smile, waved Kathy into the counselors chair by her left.
"Of course, how can I help you?"

Sitting precariously on the edge of the chair Kathy fidgeted with her woolly jumper for a second. "I'm sorry for how blunt this might sound, but I don't agree with Tim being sent down the planet"

"I didn't think you would", Beverly turned very business like, sitting slightly straighter in her chair, "Crewman Edkins is part of Starfleet, and he has to carry out his orders, he is one of the senior science team on this ship and will not be left behind. Is that clear Miss Edkins?"

Kathy pulled at her jumper more victoriously fraying the fabric heightening her displeasure. "But he's only twenty years old! He's too young to be out there is this!" she caught her breath and continued a touch more controlled. "I understand the hierarchy on this ship and that Tim is right at the bottom of that. All I ask is that he remains on board with the remaining crew."

Beverly controlled her breathing so as not to betray her anger and disappointment at her long time friend. "As you say he is a crewman on this ship, and he will follow orders", she looked back to the view screen, cutting the conversation off, before Kathy could reply, "Good day Miss Edkins"

"But-!" Kathy jumped to her feet. "Commander," she snapped unable to restrain herself. "If you will not allow Tim to stay behind then I wish to volunteer to go down as well!"

Beverly was about to call Krissy to remove Kathy from the bridge, but her last statement had floored her.

It clicked then just what Kathy had said, but the damage had been done now she had to follow it through. "I wish to volunteer to go down to the surface to aid in the search."

"With all due respect, you haven't been in Starfleet for what... ten years?"
Beverly was trying to word this as delicately as possible. "You may not have the level of conditioning anymore".

Oddly Kathy smiled at Beverly's politeness to the topic. "True, I might be a little out of shape but I can still remember how to hold a phaser."

Beverly couldn't help but smile now, "I'm not going to be able to talk you out of this am I, and your not gonna let it go either are you?"

"He's my son, Beverly. He's the only thing I have left, yes right now we aren't getting on swimmingly well but I would never forgive myself should anything happen to him when he's down there. He's only here to gain experience not to became a lamb to the slaughter. I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to say."

She paused a moment, deciding. "Well, truth be told, we could use all the help we can get, and having you planet side would help with food and water dispensing".
She looked at Kathy, "You promise me to stay out of trouble?"

"I'll be good I promise," Kathy smiled tapped Beverly's hand affectionately leaving behind a couple of pieces of wool she had pulled from her jumper. Giving her a cheeky wink she stood, "Despite what ever we may find or not down their I'll ensure no one will go hungry."

"Very well", she stood and escorted Kathy back to the turbolift, "We are beaming down to the planet at zero eight hundred hours".

"Thank you Beverly," Kathy turned putting on a brave smile that masked her fears. "I'll try not to make any bizarre requests again." She stepped into the lift still smiling until the doors finally closed and the lift began to descend.
"What have you gone and done, Kath you silly woman?" Kath chided herself looking up at the ceiling for a moment. Beverly had been right, its been thirteen years since she changed her career due to Tim's unexpected arrival. Oddly in those years having been on board the Genesis it felt like she had never left Starfleet.
Her nerves weren't same as they use to be however, but that no doubt what simply motherhood that had changed that. The proof will be in the pudding in how well she could actully remember how to hold a phaser and how accurte her aim was.
But as the lift drew to a halt Kathy thought before she stepped out putting back on her brave face, at the first sign of trouble she would properly run as fast as her little legs could carry her.


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