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Welcome Back!

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2010 @ 11:05pm by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Amber Winters

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Medical
Timeline: After the Commodores Announcement

Helen and Amber made their way back to the main medical bay and, as they waited for the return of Doctor Ulonova Helen showed Amber around as best she could. Annabelle Brenari would have been the better choice to give the tour but she had not yet returned.

"That's okay," said Amber. "It gets us some time to get to know each other. I'm sure I will probably be asking your assistance from time to time."

It had been a long day, briefing after briefing, explanation after explanation, and Leeanne wasn't sure how many more times she could say she wasn't sure how the ended up there. Walking down the corridors of the station, it felt good to be "home", the station of the future wasn't home, it didn't feel like anything, just despair.

Opening the door to the ward, she sat her medical case and bags down by it. Looking around she coolly said "Honey, I'm home."

Amber looked at Helen and just smiled. "Shall we?"

"That depends on what you have on mind." Brenari arrived behind Leanne dumping down her gear likewise.

“It’s good to have you back Leanne.” Helen could not help the smile that came to her face. “And I have someone here for both you and Annabelle to meet.” She then gestured Amber forward to present to the two doctors. “This is Doctor Amber Winters, our new ACMO for General Practice.”

“And Amber this is Doctor Annabelle Brenari our Chief of Surgery,” Helen then gestured to Leanne. “And this is your new boss. Doctor Leanne Ulonova.”

"Pleasure to meet your Amber," Bella said. "I wish we could have met under more peaceful circumstances."

"Likewise," said Amber to Annabelle. Amber then looked at Leanne. "Nice to meet you doctor. I've heard stories about you."

"I'm sure most of them are lies or outright fabrications, unless they are good that is then they are all true." Leanne smiled and extended her hand to Amber. "It is good to have more doctor here."

Amber laughed. "I'm sure we will get along just fine."

“We were discussing having a girls night out earlier at lunch, but after the Commodore’s Speech today, that now might not be such a good idea.” Helen then shrugged. “Or it could be the perfect excuse to let our collective hair down for a night because who can tell when we would get another chance to go our and enjoy ourselves?”

"I'm okay with it, if everyone else here is okay with it," said Amber.

"I would be fine with that." Leanne picked up her stuff and walked over to her office and threw it in. "Besides, it would allow me to take my mind off of everything that is going on here. I'm not too thrilled about the events taking place."

"So," said Amber to Helen "Where we plan on going tonight?"

“I’ve really not given that much thought. I’ve invited Thalal and a few others along as well. I suppose we could all go somewhere decent for dinner and then maybe go to Toka’s after, but I am open to other ideas.” Helen waited for any alternative suggestions from the others.

"Oh okay," said Amber. "As long as we don't have a repeat of lunch."

"That sounds fun, I need to go to my quarters and change though, let's just hope something doesn't wipe out the entire medical department on our little night out, the station maybe in trouble." She smiled at everyone. "20hundred fine for everyone? That will give me chance to get cleaned up."

"I'm down with that," said Amber.

"Excellent!" Helen smiled. "I'll inform the others and we'll meet up at 8:00pm."


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