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Hello Doctor.

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2010 @ 7:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC]

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: 611 Sick Bay

While the physical transformation from Security to Intelligence had gone quickly and easily the paperwork needed to make it official was much more problematic.

Which is why he found himself in Sickbay for another physical in order for the CMO to sign him off as medically fit for the role. But finding a Doctor to give him the physical was proving difficult as everyone seemed busy, presumably to get ready for the upcoming assault.

In the end he finally lost patients and grabbed the arm of a passing Doctor "Hi I need a physical."

“As do the rest of the people waiting here,” Helen snapped as she spun around on the person who had grabbed her arm. But this was not a nameless face, this was someone she recognized…She had seen him in the Ops Center when she and Amber had met Crawford, though she could not remember his name.

“Look, just wait here a minute, let me finish what I was doing and I’ll be straight back.” Helen then pulled her arm from the Lieutenant’s grip and disappeared into the CMO’s office and returned to him a few minutes later with a fresh PADD and a few other odds and ends.

“Let’s see if we can find a spare bed and we’ll try and get you out as quickly as possible Lieutenant…” Helen waited for him to supply a name.

"Daniels, Jack Daniels look I don't want to seem pushy but I've got stuff I need to do" he said while trailing her to the nearest available free bed.

“As do we all Mr Daniels. I have more important things that need my attention than running medical checks that will only tell me that there has been no change to your physical wellbeing from the last MedEval,” Helen could not keep the sarcasm from her tone as she entered his details into the PADD. Why did people always assume that their time was more important than your own?

“Hop up on the bed and I’ll try and make this as quick and painless as possible.”

Jack followed her instructions while barely managing to restrain a put out sigh, he sat on the bed and quietly observed the Lieutenant. He had a vague recollection of spotting her in Station Operations when the new Captain introduced herself, besides that he couldn't recall ever meeting her directly or even getting a name.

"Well since we're both stuck here how about giving me your name?"

Helen tried not to frown. Stuck here? I'm doing him a favor. Maybe I should have let him wait his turn with the others, then he'd really know what stuck is! Helen clamped down hard on her thoughts, she had a bad habit of saying what was on her mind and that did not always go down well with people.

"Helen Lyons, but you can call me Doctor."

Jack had been trying to get an idea of what type of person she was and after that little statement only one thing came to mind Stuck up cow.

"Wow Doc I bet with that warm bedside manner your a hit with the patients".

“Well, it should make you happy to know that I’m more of a medical researcher. I’m more accustomed to working on samples and ‘subjects’ rather than actual patients. You do not need to cultivate facile conversation to be able to put them at ease to do your work.” As she spoke, Helen started the initial tricorder scanning.

Her bad mood at being stuck here in sickbay in the first place was beginning to get to her and Helen knew that she really should not take it out on this man. But she could not help herself and Daniels made such an obvious target…

“What’s this?”

Jack was still mauling over that little revelation when Doctor Lyons question filtered through anything that makes a doctor ask that can't be good "What is it? What did you find?"

Helen moved behind Daniels and ran the tricorder sensor slowly down his back. He wasn’t that bad looking – too bad he seemed to be a bit of a prick.

"I think I've found the spot where your manners have been removed.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Helen knew she had gone too far. She was acting worse than he was and she had nowhere near his excuse – medicals were stressful at the best of times and people didn’t need back talk from their doctor.

“Look, I’m sorry. That was uncalled for,” Helen said with genuine regret.

Jack was in a state of wide eyed shock, had she really just done that? Jack was about ready to tear into her, but instead he took a deep breath "Maybe I should come back another time".

Hopping off the bed he started to adjust his tunic trying to salvage a little bit of dignity from the situation.

“Come on. Sit back up on the bed. I’ve nearly finished and then you won’t have to come back here at all,” Helen said patting the place Jack had just vacated. “I am really very sorry. If you stay I’ll even show where you can report me for inappropriate behavior on the way out.”

Jack was hesitant to put himself back under scrutiny, but as she said the physical was almost finished and then he could officially take over his new post and forget that this ever happened.

Reluctantly he placed himself back in the spot he'd just vacated "I think we can skip that for now, lets just get this over with quick". The rest of the examination was done in tense silence with the only noise coming from Sickbay and the instruments Lyons used to finish up, by the end of it Jack near enough flew out of sickbay once given the all clear thank the stars that's over with.

Still just as he passed through the door into the corridor he couldn't help but glance back at Dr Helen Lyons his tormentor, strangely his eyes seemed to focus on her shapely backside she maybe a bitch but damn she has a nice ass was his last thoughts before the doors cut off his view.


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