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Girl's Night Out

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2010 @ 6:46am by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Crewman Seraphina Stryder & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Promenade

This was the first time that Helen has been out late on the Promenade and she was amazed at the transformation. The noise, music and lights made the place seem like it was letting its hair down to relax after a hard day. And to Helen it felt good to be out of uniform and it gave her a chance to wear her favourite black silk dress.

The large group of women was now standing just outside of Toka’s, causing enough of a disturbance to the flow of pedestrian traffic to draw sour looks from passers-by.

The looks soon shift as do the crowds as Haqtaj Matlh strides along. She is wearing a silver dress that apears to be made from very fine mesh. It sits over her full figure in a very distracting manner. At least it appears she is not carrying any weapons.

She spies the other women and moves quickly to join them, "Ladies. I trust I am not under dressed. Will there be dancing tonight?"

Balancing upon her high heels Annabella Bernari tried not to stare at Haqtaj, instead she smiled a touch strained. "I hope so, although I don't think my ankles would be able to withstand too much."

Haqtaj smiled, "Then use your hips more than your legs."

The surgeon smiled. "Providing mine remains intact unlike nurse Vrell's."

Haqtaj's smile never wavered, "I understand using Soap is a risky business. It is one of the reasons I never bother."

Cailyn had taken off her uniform and slipped into something more comfortable. A dress that almost reached her knees. After what happened her first day she sat in one of the bars reading a PADD. She looked up and saw a group of women waiting just outside a bar called Toka. She recognised one of the group.
She paid for her drinks and walked towards the group.
"Sorry for me to interrupt." She said as she walked towards the group. "But if there is a ladies night, why am I not invited?"

"Well," Bella started. "It was suppose to be just the ladies from medical but we've seemed to have picked up a few more. You are more the welcome to join if you wish."

"Something like this you can;t hold still for long." Cailyn said as she looked at all the new faces.

Thalal spotted a knot of people standing around in front of Toka’s bar. They weren’t exactly harming anyone but clearly they were creating an obstruction to the orderly flow of traffic on the Promenade. As she walked up to ask them to move on, she noticed they were all women.

“Am I missing something?” she asked as she got closer.

"Oh, I don't know. You might miss out on a fantastic night out." Brernari smiled boardly.

“Mind if I join you or is it officers only? Obviously, I’m on shift now; I pulled an extra four hours to cover for another security officer who’s off sick. I’ll be off in a bit under two hours.”

"Don't you mean Krissy is in the dog house?" Bella leant forward. "Of course you can, the more the merrier."

Haqtaj growlled at the mention of Mason but did not press the point.

“Are we going formal or casual?”

"Whatever you feel comfortable in, I don't think we ever decided upon a dress code other then no uniforms."

Beverly had taken the time to apply the makeup and let her hair down, allowing the red ringlets to hang about her ears loosely. This would be the last time she would see this place as her home and she wanted to experience the life of the Promenade for one last time before she bid her farewell.

So much so was this desire that she had broken out one of her most cherished dresses. It was Andorian silk that was so red it could have been a blazing sunset casting its hugh across the sky. It was also very form hugging to a degree that she had more cleavage than she knew she possessed. She had hoped that Leanne and Krissy would join her but given Krissy's incarceration that she had no intention of over turning, and Leanne preoccupation with crewing the Hope she assumed that she would be on her own.

She collected the glass of Bajoran Spring Wine as the slimy Ferengi waiter handed it over to her and that was when she spotted a small gaggle of officers... or were they? Each looked so much like a civilian that it was hard to tell. It made her smile to see that they could all still smile despite the fact that war was now descending upon them like a fog falling to cloud the matter.

She tipped her glass in the direction of the women, or the ones that noticed her before turning back to watching the people in Toka's bar. Allowing the swell of the people to swallow her and make her feel like just everyone else and not the local Commanding Officer for the sector.

Leanne walked down the promenade, the spikes of her heals making a distinct clicking noise as she walked. She had done her hair up in chopsticks and thrown on one of her black dresses. It had been a while since she dressed up like this, not since Vos took her out on a date. Reaching the bar, she scanned the area and saw the crew ahead. Smiling at them she waved at them and started to approach when she saw Beverly in the bar looking on.

"Hey everyone, I'll be right back, go ahead and get a table and get ordering." She smiled at the group again and headed up towards Beverly and quickly scooted in next to her in the booth she was sitting in. "What is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?"

"Burning an image into my mind!", she raised her glass to toast her morbid statement. "What is to come is going to be hell, you know this. I know this and I want one perfect memory before we ship out in the morning. The people made this place and thats what I want to remember!"

"I think that is why I'm here, I get the distinct sense that we aren't coming back, and that this whole operation is a horrible idea. I don't see how any good can come out of this." Leanne frumped down in the booth a little bit. "Figured I'd take one more night out, I heard that the Gorn only take prisoners to eat them, I don't have any medical proof of that but that is what I've heard."

"Don't surrender to rumours Leanne", now Beverly lifted her glass, the effects of the spring wine finally starting to take hold and her cheeks reddening slightly. "To all those we left behind!"
Again her thoughts were filled with the horror of the creatures that had butchered her crew so many months ago, and now here she was, a Flag Officer about to lead a charge into battle. "How things change. You'd best be off. The girls look like there about to get and move on!"

Leanne reached over and wrapped her arms around Bev and gave her a big hug. "Well, if you ever need anything, you know where I am..." She took one last look at her and then scooted out from the table over towards the other women.

The Commodore watched her go and with a heavy heart wondered if she would ever see her or any of them again.

Amber found her way to the Prominade where the rest of the females were gathering. She was wearing a nice pair of black pants and nice purple shirt. She said hello to everyone.

Haqtaj looked at the people milling around and the few faces already inside, "Shall we stake a claim now or wait till we have to fight for a good table?"

"I'm always up for a good fight." Cailyn said as she walked inside and looked around.
She saw a table that was free.
"Here is one. Just as we like it."

Haqtaj watched the Trill carefully, "Really? I was not aware there were such things as bad fights. Perhaps we could include a one of your infamous Federation Bar Room Brawls in tonights entertainments?"

Amber smiled as she walked in with everyone else and sat at the table.

Leanne walked over to the table where they had been set and looked at the Ambassador. "I didn't know that I should add chainmail to my eveningwear." She smiled at Haqtaj and giggled a bit. "I bet that stuff has to chafe."

Haqtaj shrugged, "Our skin is thicker than yours. I have edured worse. I went to a Betazoid wedding three years ago. It was cold. I drew a lot of attention."

"Trust me, the first man that make one wrong move will end up in sickbay with a broken hand." CAilyn said with a serious voice. "He won't be the first."

Haqtaj smiled, "How will he knows it is the wrong move until he makes it? That is not why I wear the armour. I have yet to have any serious advances in that area. I think men may find me too... coy."

Even though this was all Helen's idea, she was not really what people would call an 'outgoing personality'. She just thought this would be a good way of getting to know the people she would be working with, and also a way of making some friends. But she did smile at Hataq's response. "I don't think coy is quite the right word to describe you Hataq."

Haqtaj shrugged, "Perhaps I do not understnad men well enough, or perhapse it is I do not know your language well enough. You seem to do well with men, Doctor. I understand thre are a half dozen men lining up to mate with you. Your races promisquity is quite legendary."

Helen felt her face begin to go red. "If there is a 'line up', it's the first I've heard of it. Anyway, I have no wish to mate with anyone Hataq. Not now, and not in the foreseeable future," Helen said trying to keep her annoyance from her voice. Her non-existent sex life was none of the Klingon's business. “And I don’t think Humans have the monopoly on promiscuity, what about the Risans?”

"Ladies." Cailyn said as she felt the tension rising. "Every culture has their strange things. What do you think what the fedaration thought when they heard about the Trill symbionts? All that I know is that they where pretty shocked."

While their conversation continued music started to pulse through the bar turning heads. Beranri feeling the beat of the music fill her she put her glass down sharply grabbing the nearest woman by the arm.

"This is suppose to be a fun night, come let's dance." She then pulled the woman along with to the dance floor where the Doctor straight aware started to dance and throw her arms in the air, allowing the beat to control her.

Amber stood back and watched the rest of the females dance. She was not sure if she wanted to do that with everyone.

This was the time of a new surprise. Haqtaj can dance, and at a competative level. Perhaps it was her warrior training that made her agile and fit, but she soon cleared an area on the dance floor where those around watched in awe as the giant woman moved with speed and grace. She would move from spins to one hand suspended poses, and then on to fluid kicks and arial leaps.

Cailyn just leaned against a collom as she looked around. She never liked to dance. She stood around and just looked at people and laugh about them. Finnaly her eyes ended by a woman who was standing on the sideline. Slowly she made her way towards her.

"You don't like to dance?" Cailyn asked when she was near Amber.

"Not really," said Amber. She was a bit embarrassed about it all. Her face must be as red as her hair.

Cailyn just smiled.
"You are not the only one." She said as she looked at the crowed. "I'm not a dance person also. I just like to watch people."

Amber smiled. "Its not that I don't like dancing. I don't like dancing around big groups of people."

Thalal zh’Simal sauntered into the bar as if she owned the joint. She was really looking forward to this night and the chance to get to know some of the officers in a non-military environment. Taking a cue from what she’d seen the others wearing, she had pulled out her best pants-suit, the one which Akina drooled over every time she wore it and which she now fully expected to have every man in the bar doing. Her hair she’d done up in one of her more elaborate, gravity defying concoctions. She’d seen photos of Janice Rand – James Kirk’s yeoman on the Enterprise – but even Rand’s coiffure paled into insignificance beside what Thalal had managed to achieve. Somewhere in the midst of it all, her antennae struggled to peek out; only the very tips were visible. It reduced her sense of balance but, looking in her mirror when she’d finished, she considered that a small price to pay.

The same could not be said for her companion. Thalal had bumped into an old acquaintance from her days on the Explorer, the Vulcan tactical officer, T’Prel. After some arm-twisting, Thalal had managed to convince T’Prel to join her.

“It’ll be fun,” Thalal assured her. T’Prel did her best to not look appalled at the mere thought of fun. “Wear your best outfit, something to knock their socks off!”

Looking at T’Prel again, Thalal couldn’t help but think that no socks were going to get knocked off tonight – not around T’Prel anyway. Dowdy would better describe her than any of the terms Thalal would have wished to use. Her blouse was...loose fitting was a nice way of putting it. Her skirt fell to just below her knees and fell was an accurate description. Her stockings were plain and Thalal guessed there was nothing so adventurous as a suspender belt holding them up. Her shoes, well the less said about her shoes the better.... All in all, it was clothing designed to kill passion before it even had a chance to get started. Still, she was here and, for T’Prel, that was a step in the right direction.

Thalal strode straight over to Matlh, stopped her in mid spin and took her into a tango. “Who leads?” she asked as she dipped the Klingon ambassador, lowering her almost to the floor.

Haqtaj leaned further back till her head rested on the floor before coming up, "One of the things I like about dance is that you don't need to fight for leadership and you can still have fun."

She rose again, "You lead if you wish, Or we could do the Denobulan Waltz and change partners every three steps?"

She gave a sudden leap back and winked at Thalal, "That is unless you would like to learn some Capoeira?"

With her balance slightly out of kilter and given Haqtaj’s weight – slight no doubt for a Klingon but, in her current position, significant nonetheless – Thalal found it difficult to bring the ambassadress up without making it look so. I really must speak to Akina. That Earth program he uses – Pilates? – it’s meant to strengthen the core muscles. I don’t feel too strengthened right now! Maybe a bit more running to build up the legs and....

Haqtaj was, she suddenly remembered, still in an almost horizontal position. “Denobulan waltz would be fine,” she said as she brought the Klingon back up. “That way we get the best of both worlds. I don’t know about the...Capoeira, did you call it? Maybe, Madam, another time. I see there are others anxious to partner you and I’d not want to deprive them of the pleasure of....” She was rambling and she knew it. “Shall we dance?”

She let Matlh have the next turn at leading; together they spun around the floor.

As Haqtaj turned to her new partner, Thalal leant in close. “As I said, I don’t know what Capoeira is but...I’d like to learn.” With that, she smiled and stepped back.

With the coming hostilities, this was the last night that everyone could be together and everywhere on the Promenade was filled with people having one last fling to forget their troubles before the base support ships leave for the Bellatrix System. There would be a few sore heads the next morning but in the dark months to follow, there will always be the memory of this night to pull them through.


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