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Posted on Mon Feb 23rd, 2009 @ 9:11am by Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly materialized in an open meadow, Vos by her side, and the sun on her back. It was beautiful, and that disturbed her more.

Vos knelt down and picked a single, sharp-bladed piece of grass from the ground, looking it over for a moment before letting his eyes trail across the meadow. He took in the landmarks, mentally mapping the area out, then dropped the blade of grass and watched it spiral down to the ground carried by a soft wind. He nodded to himself, seeming to have gained some kind of knowledge about the area just by a cursory inspection of some grass. It was an old habit in situations like the one he found himself in, learned through repetition during the Occupation. Vos looked over to see where the crew was gathering.

She on the other hand moved towards Mister lake and Mister Wesdon who seemed to be in conversation with Mister O'Brien and Doctor Ulonova.
"Lieutenant's, Henk", she greeted as a one, wanting to get the niceties out of the way. "Mike and Podi, I want you two to go over the West Ridge with a fine tooth comb. Anything that is out of the ordinary I want investigated thoroughly", she took a moment to smell the air, it was sweet with the scent of blossom. "Podi, I want you to look at the engines, if that ship is still space worthy then I want to take it with us. Mister Lake, I want you to pour over the logs and other data in the ships banks. I want both of you to be careful, investigate that entire ship, and see Captain Jorvin about having a marine assigned to your team".

"Very well, Commander you have my personal guarantee that ship will be checked over every square millimetre, not a single factor will be overlooked." Podi beamed his patented 'Podi cheesy grin' and looked to Mike. "Whatdiya think, was that to seedy salesman?"

Beverly couldn't help but chuckle, Podi was always able to make her smile not matter what the situation.

Mike nodded "Ok, will do, Ma'am." he moved in slightly "Don't worry, I'll keep Podi on a leash for you." he sort of smirked and then wandered back over to Podi.

While Beverley was giving everybody assignments, Henk was looking around. He was glad to be back, but on the other hand it disturbed him. the feeling of being watched was creeping over his back again. He looked at the ground and saw a footprint. he looked closer and saw something disturbing.
"They are here." Henk said. "This footprint was made sometime last night."
He slowly looked around in the treeline and towards the shadows.

Leanne took out her tricorder and began to scan towards the treeline. She was still nervous about what was going on, the longer she spent with Henk the more she was convinced that something dark was going on. She looked at the results of her tricorder and frowned. She had no idea what exactly she was looking for. The doctor turned towards one of the medical personal that had come down with them. "Make sure the bio-sensors are set up around the perimeter and make sure each team has at least one medic with them and an emergency transporter. If something happens, we want to make sure we can get them out of here quickly." The nurse nodded and went about what she was doing. Leanne hated the thought of anyone getting hurt but new it was a definite possibility.. especially with the things that had been going on.

"You can't find them on your tricoder." Henk said. "Now I know how a zebra must feel like."
He looked at the footprint again and then to the treeline.
"There stalking us. Trying to find our weakness. we're the main course."

After hearing what Henk said Leanne instinctively moved closer to Beverly, she was curious about what was going on but wasn't going to take chances. She started to panic a little bit. "If we can't see them coming... how are we supposed to find them."

Mike's expression could be easily told as a 'what the hell', he was almost totally lost to what was going on, that Bundy and cola really hit him. He looked to Henk "What?"

"Were dead by morning."Henk said as he stood up. "Stay close to me, you might live."

Mike nodded "Right." he looked back to Podi "Alright, gather up, Podi."
he then made his way over to Jorvin "Captain, may we borrow a marine for our scouting task?"

Jorvin turned to Podi and Mike when they walked out. He gave them a 'once over' "are you sure you don't need an entire squad to keep you in line?" he asked.

"Don't worry, I have the best sixth sense you can get, I'm half Betazoid to top it off.' Podi clicked and gave a head-twitch-wink at the same time. 'Man, that 'Betazoids' card never get's old."

Jorvin signaled one of his men over and assigned him to the 2 Lts.

Mike smiled "Thanks, MC. Alright," he looked back to Podi "Time to get going?"

Podi looked at his watch which was always fashionably late. "I would say it is time to go ages previous to your remark." Podi started to move slowly in circles, trying to assess the local geographical features and other possibly important features.

Beverly moved over during the banter, it was nice to see her crew getting along, but she needed to get them moving.
"Jorvin, you're with us", she said indicating herself, the Doctor and Mister O'Brien. "Were heading to the Obelisk and Pyramid".

Before anyone could say anything else, she had started to move across the meadow, pulling out her Tricorder as she went. The readings were distorted and it seemed that the bio-genic field was intensifying.

Leanne made sure that she had her phaser and headed out across the meadow after Beverly.

Seeing that as his cue to stop chatting and head out Jorvin readjusted his rifle and followed the Captain out.

Mike and Podi were left with their marines and one of Podi's staff engineers "Alright, Podi, lets cricket!" Mike gestured over in the general direction of where they were supposed to go.

Podi began to hum the tune of the earth classic song 'Whip It', as he bopped along with Mike and the troupe towards their target destination.



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