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State Of Intoxication

Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2010 @ 3:13pm by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

It had been a long quiet evening for Beverly as she had sat on the Promenade after leaving Toka's with a bottle or two of Bajoran Spring Wine in hand, drowning away her regret and upset in regards of one Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins. Maybe it wasn't the done thing for a flag officer to get into such a state in a public area, but none seemed to recognize her out of uniform, or if they did they said nothing.

The wine had done its job well and now she was weaving across the Promenade claiming she was fine. Each step taking as much deliberate care as she could muster and still the straight line eluded her. Granted she was not as bad off as some that had come staggering out of Toka's that night, but she was still wading her way through her first bottle.

Maybe it was the upset, or maybe it was the wine, but something hit her like a shuttle at warp. She had to fix things with Jenkins and fast before they all ran out of time.
She slung the unopened bottle under her arm, intending to use it as a peace offering and ricochet out of the Promenade like a seasoned professional, bouncing from wall to wall.

The journey to the Habitat saucer seemed to take an extraordinary amount of time, but eventually she made it, Leaning against the wall, and advising some passers by the be quiet rather loudly as she giggled and pressed the chime. She had to make things better.

It took a minute, but eventually the door opened to reveal a shocked, rougher-than-usual Thomas Jenkins in an unusual choice of civilian clothes. "..Beverly?" He asked, stunned, before the swaying woman hiccuped and lost her balance, falling into his arms. In a moment of concerned grace that defied the amount of alcohol he himself had already consumed, he managed to take hold of the bottle under her arm before she dropped it, and swiftly swept her feet out from under her and lifted her into his arms.

With slurred words and a hand that seemed to have a mind of its own she slowly started to talk. "I came to make peace... Your look like crap but I still love you and I am sorry I didn't mean what I said... Actually I did, but I didn't... Drink!"
She tried to catch hold of the Rose coloured Wine that Thomas now had a hold of but gave up when her hands wouldn't cooperate. Instead she settled for lying limply in Thomas's strong arms.

Thomas shook his head and made his way over to the living room, Beverly in hand. Thomas was starting to think alcohol actually made him more coordinated; taking off a shirt had devastated his quarters earlier, but now he managed to kick his duffel bag off the couch and onto the floor while still holding Beverly in his arms. As he laid the woman down onto the couch, resting her head on the pile of clothing at one end, he felt horrible.

"Beverly.." He stuttered, not having had the time to plan this conversation out in his head. "I should be the one showing up at your door." In fact, he'd planned on doing so later in the evening. He paused, kneeling down next to the couch and as he thought back to their last conversation. "..I said such horrible things, you didn't deserve any of that."

"Yes I did!", she sounded almost sober... Almost. "I closed you out because I was afraid of loosing you... I'm sorry!"
Clumsily she brought a hand up to cup his cheek, gently caressing the side of his face.

Thomas nuzzled into the hand, not having ever expected to see or feel the touch of the woman again. "I may have deserved to be upset, but I handled it wrong.." He looked down, avoiding eye contact. "I've never lost it like that before, at least not with someone I care about." He rambled a bit. "Usually I'm in a bar, drunk out of my mind, and the victim is a stranger who gets a chair upside the head." He paused, but still didn't give much time to process what he was going on about, trying to come full circle to make up for going off topic. "..You didn't deserve the chair, Bev, I'm sorry."

Before she could respond, he kissed her softly on the lips and stood up. "Did you want some coffee? I need some coffee." He asked, grabbing both the green and pink bottles off of the coffee table.

"Coffee would spoil the moment", she said as she pulled him back down to be next to her. "Besides... If I stay drunk a little longer I don't feel bothered about the crying on the Promenade earlier. I can deal with that when I'm sober", a devilish grin spread across her face. She was in a playful mood now the forgiving had taken place.

"In that case.." Thomas grinned a little, trying to get in the mood. As he squeezed to sit onto the edge of the couch next to Beverly, he leaned forward and poured them each a glass of their respective poisons. As he handed her a glass of Bajoran wine, he found himself unable to simply move past what had happened earlier - both on the promenade, and on the floor of his quarters. Despite their inebriated state, he couldn't allow Beverly to board a war-bound ship without explaining himself.

"I'd love to put this off too, but we don't have a lot of time." Thomas almost pleaded. As he looked down at the beautiful blonde woman on his couch, seemingly unphased by the fact that she was laying on a pile of his clothes, he could tell she was about to resist. He caught her hand she tried to put a finger to his lips, kissing the back of it. "We'll get back to your games soon enough," he promised, his trademark grin resurfacing for the first time since the scene on the promenade. "I just want you to know that my ..outburst.. had more to do with just you; it was more bad timing than anything, I think."

"And mine was out of fear for losing another person I care about". The devilish grin replaced by something akin to remorse. The images of her crew once again surfaced, each one burned into her memory like the mark a hot poker leaves. But the two that stung the most were Jason Hart, her old lover and fiancée as well as the father of her son. The nest was Stewart. Her only son that had never been able to forgive her for his Fathers death despite the fact she had not been on the away team that had caused his untimely death. "I don't want to lose you!"

Again she raised her hand to his face and gently stroked the cheek before resting it on his firm chest, allowing its warmth to filter through to her. Feeling the comfort she now felt, she curled up on the coach with her head resting in Jenkins lap, looking up into his eyes. "Your younger than me... But that doesn't matter. I have strong feelings for you, and the panic I felt after... What I said on the Promenade wasn't fair on either of us!"

Thomas' eyes looked off to the side as Beverly spoke, once she mentioned losing someone his mind instantly went back to war and the losses of his own. Everyone knew the risks associated with joining the Federation, why didn't that make a difference when you lost someone? "I understand loss.." His voice suddenly went quieter. "I lost my older brother at the end of the Dominion War, it tore my family apart and we've never dealt with it."

"Thats when I lost Jason... My Fiancée and I suppose thats when I lost Stewart as well". She looked up at him, the intoxicated sense evaporating as the conversation turned to this dower subject. "You must have loved him a great deal!"

"That's just it!" He almost cut her off. "I didn't even like my brother!" He tried not to laugh, though he chuckled a little as he said it. It was strange, he'd never spoken about his brother to anyone besides his sister, and even then it was a sore subject. "I hated him, actually - I should be glad he's dead!"

He paused, realizing how awful that had come out. "What I'm trying to say is.." He took Beverly's hand in his. "Losing my brother, someone I didn't even like, all but ruined my life." His voice went quiet as he tried to fight off the images of Beverly's death that had attacked him earlier. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, Bev. I panicked, and I'm sorry."

"Of that we are both guilty", shifting her weight she pushed herself up so her soft breath could be felt on the base of his neck, were the sinew turns into the shoulders. "But I'm here now. I'm sorry about what I said and I forgive you what you said."
Delicately she kissed the exposed skin, savouring the scent of his aftershave, allowing it to lift her to a dizzying height.

"I'm glad," Tom said as she nuzzled into his neck. His grin grew wider across his face and he began to forget the day's troubles. "Now, where were we?"

She shifted her weight so she could move herself in a manner that allowed her to better reach the soft skin of his neck and to be able to work her way up hungrily to his soft lips, but something was making her uncomfortable. Without stopping her assault on his exposed flesh, she dug around beneath herself and found the offending articles.
She produced an Information PADD and a small black snap case box. "What are these?" she asked finally abandoning her intimacy in favour of the question.

"Oh, nothing." Thomas replied, somewhat deceitfully. He was tapped out of the serious conversations for the night, and he was even more confused on where he stood on the Starfleet matter now. "You're not trying to distract me, are you?" Grabbing the items one at a time he carelessly tossed each one behind him. The second had hardly landed before he continued his attack on the woman's neck, and slid his right hand up the back of her shirt looking for more skin he could paw at. He had some thinking to do tonight, but even that could wait..


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