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Posted on Sun Feb 14th, 2010 @ 3:06am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Captain Crawford's office

Few things worried Thalal zh’Simal the Andorian Imperial Guard, one did not ask for favours. She had a very big favour to ask. Hopefully Starfleet would be more accommodating. At the girl’s night out, she’d thought to approach Commodore DeVuor but that august person was clearly in no mood for conversation. Perhaps it was for the best. She shouldn’t go above her captain’s head, even if it was only for advice.

She pressed the door chime and waited for a response.

This was the first chance that Alyssa had had to actually come down to her new home, her quarters. They were more lavish and almost seventy percent bigger than her last set of quarters. If anything this was more like a full size apartment, like the ones you would find back on Earth. One large living space with a small utility kitchen as well as a dinning room, two bed rooms and a wash room. She also had some of the best views on the station. The large Gas Giant hung in space with the coming horizon facing her windows. She had just taken a moment to admire the view as the sun burst across the ellipse of the planet. It was breath taking, but sadly things like that never lasted in the role of Captain. Her peace was broken by the chime.
"Come in!"

“Captain,” she said. She drew a deep breath. “I’d like to request extended leave of absence to return to Andor.”

The request came out much blunter than she was accustomed too, but she respected the fact that the Andorian women was direct.
"With all due respect crewman but we are currently entering a war time state. I can't have anyone leaving the station at present...", she paused wondering what the reason's behind it were. "I'm not fully without heart Crewman. May I ask the reason's behind the request?"

“As you’d be aware, our numbers – those of Andorians – are shrinking. Because we have four genders, we must have four mates together to procreate. I have avoided my responsibilities for...well, for reasons which seemed important to me at the time. However, those reasons – or some of them, at least – no longer apply. I wish to return to Andor to mate before it is too late. However, I am a zhen. It is my part to carry the embryo to term. Therefore, it’s not a simple matter of going to Andor, mating, then coming back to the base. I will, of necessity, remain on Andor until the child is born. I know this is not a good time. I’ve heard the rumours of war and Akina has indicated they’re more than just rumours. He’s not said much – I assume it’s classified – but enough to suggest all hands will be needed. That’s why I’ve come straight away. Is there a possibility of my being given leave?”

She sympathised with the women as it was the one thing she had wanted but never had achieved in her life. Still the war took priority over anything like that. They needed to preserve life to be able to create life.
"We can accommodate that Crewman... But not until the current crisis is averted. Once the ships return to dock come and see me again", she smiled, hoping that would be an acceptable answer for the young woman.

Thalal’s face fell but she tried to hide her disappointment – the reply was no more than she expected. “Thank you, M’am,” she responded. She offered a salute which was perhaps not quite as crisp as might be expected, turned and exited Crawford’s office. She held her back straight as she marched down the Promenade but inside she was eating up. After avoiding responsibility for so long she had finally accepted her duty, only to now have it denied her. Who knew when a suitable opportunity might arise?


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