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Never Go to War on an Empty Stomach

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2010 @ 8:53am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: Senior Officer's Quarters

Light had started to stream in through the window, which in and of itself was unusual when one lived in space. The feel of the bare sun caressing her skin gently rose her from a deep restful sleep.
Extending her arms she started to stretch working out the aching muscles and joints after the exertions of the previous evening. She didn't regret her actions, but a small part of her soul did feel some apprehension over conducting this affair with a man so young.

As she came to full wakefulness she could hear the mumbled voices in the other room and a wonderful smell wafting through from the same room.
She pushed the sheets aside and swung her bare legs out of the bed and once again stretched her length. It felt glorious to be so comfortable with someone again that she could do this, but what if someone found out about it, which no doubt they now would after the show on the Promenade last night.

She couldn't find any of her own clothing, but she did find the blue shirt she had almost clawed from Thomas's muscular form the night before, and it still had the scent of him on it. Gathering it up and pressing it to her nose so she could inhale a deep breath of the masculine scent before sliding her arms into the sleeves and buttoning the shirt up. It was all she needed to cover herself, no modesty involved as the man she was about to go in search of had seen all she had to offer.

As she emerged from the bedroom, the source of the voices became clear. The living area had been cleaned up; clothes put away and the duffelbag she vaguely remembered being kicked on the floor had vanished. Tom stood at his desk, in uniform, chipperly - or far to chipper for 0500 anyway - bantering back and forth with someone over the comm while breakfast? The majority of Senior Officers' quarters were without kitchen units; with the number of shops and restaurants on the promenade, and the access to replicators in each set of quarters, there was little need for them. Nevertheless, Tom had somehow managed to scrounge up a mobile stove-top and an arrangement of fresh fruit and other breakfast items, and had converted his desk into a counter-top. He bantered back and forth while he chopped a banana, bacon sizzled in the pan.

Jenkins: "I understand, Sheffield, but those reports were submitted last week, we don't have anything newer?"

Sheffield: "Afraid not, Tom."

Jenkins: "They're not giving us much to go by, are they?"

Sheffield: "I'll set up another meeting with the boys down in Intel, but I can't promise anything."

Jenkins: "Good idea. Hit up Communications, too, I want to know if there have been any more rumours - sadly enough it's been the best source of information in recent days."

Sheffield: "Sounds good, boss. I'll dig up everything else I can, and I'll have a report to you within the hour."

Jenkins: "Talk fast, my friend, I need it in 30."

Sheffield: "I'm on it. Sheffield out."

As the communication ended, Tom set down his knife for a moment to look over an over-sized padd that was hidden amongst the buffet spread on the desk. Shaking his head, he turned to grab some more fruit when he noticed Beverly standing in the bedroom doorway.

"Good morning." He smiled, making his way over to her.

"And to you", she snaked her way across to him and slid her hands around his waist until she was pressing her palms to his chest. "This looks amazing" she offered looking down at the spread. "I didn't know you could cook!"

"I wouldn't call breakfast 'cooking,' really." He admitted, modestly, and unusual characteristic for Tom. "Just a little bit of imagination. Are you hungry?" He asked, referring to a different kind of hunger they'd satisfied the night before and kissing her good morning before she had a chance to respond.

She accepted the kiss and reciprocated the gesture by wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders.
The kiss lingered a moment before they released each other from the embrace and she plopped down at the table waiting to be served by her lover. She was about to ask where he had been assigned in regards of the pending battle but something caught her eye. She had spotted the PADD on the table and caught two words near the head of the text. Immediate and Resignation hit her like a photon torpedo.
"Thomas?", it was a simple question she asked as she lifted the PADD up so he could see what she meant.

Thomas turned to face the one word question, a plate in each hand heaping with bacon, sausage, ham, toast, eggs, and fresh fruit. "Shit." He mumbled, noticing the padd in her hand; he'd meant to dispose of it before she'd woken up.

"That old thing?" He asked, trying to save himself as he made his way to the table and set the plates down. "I found it under the coffee table yesterday, it's a relic."

She was almost insulted to think he would believe her to be that blind, but she kept her composure and simply placed the data PADD on the table in front of her. "You don't think I'm that naive do you?", gently she tapped the screen with one of her manicured nails. "It has yesterdays date stamped on it!"

She could almost believe they were a couple now, discussing matters that affected them as a pair, with the sun still streaming in through the window. In a small part of her mind she was replaying a similar conversation with Peter, only they had the luxury of a view of a lake. "Whats this about Thomas?"

The man sighed, committing to the conversation but not willing to give up his breakfast. He calmly handed Beverly a knife and fork, trying to make light of the situation through body language. "I drew that up yesterday." He started. "Before you stopped by.. Before I had a chance to think about what I wanted to do." He hoped she wouldn't delve to much into it, but given that it was the second resignation he'd tried to pass, he had a strong feeling she would.

She accepted the plate of food, and the smell was making her mouth water, but the conversation needed her to focus. Thomas was a friend, a lover and one of her crew. She needed him on top form and if something was bothering him she needed to know about it.

Tom shovelled a fork full of eggs into his mouth, not wanting the food to get cold. "Bev, you have to understand that I wasn't exactly raised in the most nurturing of environments." He washed it down with some orange juice. "My parents were too obsessed with my brother's career in Starfleet, and their own careers in Starfleet. Hell, my sister and I might as well have never existed. I was dragged into the academy, it was hardly a conscious choice."

"That still doesn't explain this", waving the PADD in the air, while picking at the bacon with a fork in her other hand.

Tom continued to eat, motioning for Beverly to do the same. "So I haven't exactly had the best track record." He admitted. "You've seen my file, it took me eight years to hold a non-junior position for more than three hours, and even that took you having some profound insight into my potential."

"If you don't want to tell me then fine. At least be honest to yourself though."
Finally she tasted the bacon and it was wonderful. It had been many years since she had eaten real food, having come accustomed to the replicator you often forgot how tasty real food could actually be.

Tom sighed. This woman was going to know his entire life story by the time the morning was through. "It's not like that at all, I just don't normally go around broadcasting my general distaste for the Federation, and I honestly didn't think you'd want to hear it.. my god I need some coffee, this orange juice just isn't cutting it." He rose from the table and headed for the replicator, not having thought to look for real raktajino on the promenade.

"And I don't expect you too. All I'm saying is be true to yourself instead of hiding behind the mask of bravado". She continued to eat trying to make the conversation more matter of fact than an argument brewing.

"I didn't realize I was until recently." Tom grabbed the newly-replicated cup from the alcove and made his way back to the table, sitting back down. "I wasn't in a great place last night, and I may have overreacted." He paused. "But I definitely needed to do some thinking. Now's not exactly the time to be unsure of where I want to be."

"Speaking of which... We had best make a move. Its time!"
The weight of her words caught her for a moment. She knew what the words meant, but it was hard to believe that she would be charging into war.


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