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Home Alone

Posted on Sat Feb 20th, 2010 @ 5:09pm by Lieutenant Linom Dekur & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Eloise Star & Crewman Seraphina Stryder & Shenk & Major General Aio Agara [PNPC]

Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

Alyssa had finally reached the end of her patience. She had been stuck in her office for the better part of her tenure so far on 611, either that or in her quarters or helping chase down maniacal Klingon's on the Promenade. Enough was enough. It was time she put an appearance during a duty shift in Operations. She also needed to inform the respective stand ins about the state of play so far and what was happening.

She had placed the call for the most senior officers from the keep departments to report to Operations as well as the head of the trading association. She didn't like inviting a civilian to Ops, no less a Ferengi, but she had to inform them about current states of play.

This was the first time she had seen it properly, the clean lines, the well oiled lines of communication between departments and the fact that none of them batted an eyelids she entered. Most may still not know who she was, but the informality of it suited her fine.

She took the seat at the head of the ops table and started to leaf through the traffic reports for the day noting that a Boslic Freighter was due in. She made a mental note to inform security to keep an eye on them. Boslics were well known to deal in shady goings on and she wanted none of it to happen on her station.

Eloise felt that she had barely settled in. Her personal items were yet to be unpacked. Heck she wasn't sure whether to even bother yet. Her last 3 posts she just didn't bother. She just wasn't there long enough. Even though this was supposed to be a permanent position, she was yet to see if it was a good match. After all this was not really traveling the stars now was it? She sat on her bed and looked at her personal effects and wondered whether it was all too much of an effort when she went through the ceiling as an alarm went off to let her know she had a message already.

A little more than surprised she retrieved the message. Apparently she was required to appear at Ops along with other staff members. Not knowing a soul meant she had no idea why she was being called to Ops nor how she would be involved in the upcoming meeting. "Fascinating" she said out loud to herself. It was time to slip into her uniform and find her way to Ops. Today was going to be interesting day. She could feel it in her bones. She hoped she wasn't going to be let down.

As the doors slid open on the turbolift to ops, Shenk eyed the scene warily. He didn't like being this close to where all the politics and military things happened.

A security officer asked him rather impolitely if he was lost, at which point he silently flashed the PADD with the invitation from Captain Crawford. The two eyed each other with equal dislike as the officer gestured the right direction.

He knew he should have refused when they asked him to be head of the trading association. But the Ferengi all knew the other Ferengi were trying to cheat them, the Yridians didn't trust each other for a moment, the humans insisted everyone else was corrupt, and the Klingon had no head for numbers and an inclination to hit people he was suspicious of - which was most of the trading association.

Shenk on the other hand made a point of keeping his nose clean, and was known to be highly suspicious of people who offered bribes. He also treated all the traders the same - he disliked all of them equally, without particular bias. This was as close to a neutral party as Ferengi commerce ever got.

'It's a figurehead job' they'd said. 'You don't actually have to do anything'.

Sure. Until the Captain decides she wants to... talk about something...

He approached the table cautiously, and sat down a wary distance from the officers already seated.

Jack had surprisingly been in Ops when the message came through, which was fortunate as he'd been slowly making his way through a small mountain range of PADDs detailing everything from Starfleet Intelligence operations in the area to what the local races are suspected of being involved in.

The problem is it was all very defensive and reactionary and none of it dealt with the Gorn or Tholians, Jack was seriously starting to wonder what he had gotten himself into.

Helen and Serephina arrived at the start of the Captian's speech and quietly seated themselves at the table so as not to interrupt.

Alyssa watched her small gathering of crew assemble around the table, some still had yet to arrive, but there was no point waiting any longer.

"As you all know we have been thrust into a conflict with the Gorn and Tholians who as of thirteen twenty yesterday afternoon solidified their arrangement with a formal decoration of Alliance. Starfleet is moving against them in the Cetus System in a bid to weaken there hold in the sector after a decoration of war was issued. We need to get the station up to gather and operational. At present the weapons systems are mostly offline due to a massive refit of those systems. A suggestion was made that we replicate some Sentinel Drones...the Guardian Class. They will however take almost a week to get them into place and active. We have no other choice. We also need some fresh Intel on the situation within the Gorn Hegemony not to mention some assistance from the civilian population to get the station up to spec again. We need to complete this as we are a prime target for a counter strike. My hope is that the attack on the Cestus system will divert the attention away from us long enough to implement this plan. Thoughts and suggestions!"

"We could use an old trick from World War 2, send out a runabout to scout for warp signatures. It might give us a little more time to prepare," Jack just threw the idea out there more to get the ball rolling than anything.

"Sound idea Lieutenant!" she cast her eyes around the table;e, hoping that someone else might have an idea... Any idea that might help keep the station safe. But it was this moment that the sensor grid sprang to life. It started to scream as multiple blips moved towards the station at high speed, pursued very slowly by hundreds of other objects.

Aio shook her head, war wasn't a pretty thing and she hated the idea of Avo being sent off on some quest for, well.......something warlike. A sudden flashing beep at the console beside her made her eyes widen. "Captain there is a large Gorn fleet dropping out of warp!" She yelled.

Sounds and activity faded around her into something similar to white noise as her eyes focused on the screen in front of her. A sea of Gorn ships descended upon their sector of space and the tell tale glow of charged weapons from the ports at the forefront of the ships.

Alyssa's mind raced with possibilities and none of the good. "Raise shields. Linom can you get any of the torpedo turrets online, or bring the phaser arrays back online... Anything?"

Linom Dekur had been in his office, preparing for the meeting with the new captain. He had been running late - something that annoyed him greatly - due to the needs of some of his more incompetent staff, having only arrived to pick up two of the reports that he had already prepared about the woefully inadequate supplies and organization within his department. Now, those two laid amongst a dozen others scattered on his floor as he shot out of his office into the Operations Control Center at the first sound of alarm.

The facility was part of a larger complex at the heart of the station, with this particular room designed like a two story cavern, with a variety of control stations along one wall and auxiliary computer core units along the other. His office was found on the upper floor, attached to a walkway that ran the circumference of the room. A walkway he now found himself on, barking orders to his personnel.

"You!" he bellowed, having not yet had the opportunity to learn the names of any of his staff. "Have two DC teams report to Phaser Array Twelve and get it online immediately! I will tolerate no excuses!"

As he turned to the next affair to be addressed, the captain's inquiry filtered through the communications line. It was a simple request, one he could easily answer. But he hadn't met the captain, did not know the sound of his voice, and was not particularly inclined to responding to random voices making annoying requests when he had much more pressing matters to be concerned with.

"I don't know who this is," he sneered, his mind racing to the next matter of importance, "but if you don't clear the line, I won't be able to get much of anything done. We're trying to get the weapons array back, so get off this channel and let us work!" With a tap of the combadge, Linom cut his connection.

"You! Have security send four more teams to the reactor..." As Dekur set back about issuing his orders, the captain was dealing with matters of her own.

"Lieutenant Agara raise the lead ship. Lieutenant Daniels charge what weapons we have and prepare to return fire. Only fire if we are fired upon. Counselor, I'll need you to organize the evacuation of the civilian population to the shelters. Miss Stryder would you assist her and make sure the Security details are on full alert".

"And I'll go back to medical and prepare for the causalities that will be coming our way." Helen said as she rose quickly from the table. This would be her first time working in a medical bay during combat conditions and she was dreading the prospect. Annabelle and Amber have more practical experience in this area than she and Helen would help them in any way she could. And she hoped to god that everyone would pull through this attack intact.

The orders tumbled like pennies that had been dropped. Showering down around as she moved across the Operations centre like a frenzied women trying to find some way they could escape this nightmare.

Aio nodded and opened a channel to the lead Gorn ship. "Channel open sir," Aio replied. "And sir, may I recommend as Chief JAG officer that we evacuate the civilian population to the Bombay or some of the civilian liners." Aio explained.

"Not unless we want to use them as Cannon fodder Lieutenant", Alyssa barked at the young Officer. She had no intention of letting the civilian population die in a futile attempt to evacuate just to have the Gorn fleet pick them off one at a time.

"Then should we atleast call for reinforcements?" Aio asked. "There are three ships in a five light year range, not to mention the Bombay has not yet left the system." Aio answered, checking the sensors to where the ships were at the moment.

"We don't have time for this Lieutenant. Just do what I say... NOW!"
Alyssa knew she was young and inexperienced, but if they made any move to untether the Bombay from its moorings, then she would be torn asunder by the approaching fleet before she could even raise her shields. It was also likely that the Gorn had blocked all outbound communications from the station to delay any such reinforcements from arriving.
"Open fire with everything we have! All deck prepare for boarding parties, all security personnel report to the nearest key facility and render aid and protection. All hands battle stations!"

To Be Continued


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