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Last will and testament

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Mission: Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5
Location: CMO's quarters
Timeline: After "Girls night out"

Leanne stumbled back to her room, the night out with everyone was refreshing, loosened her up a bit and for a few hours at least, made her forget about the impending chaos that would be coming in the morning. Opening the door to her quarters she slowly moved over to one of her couches and landed heavily on it. Tossing her heels casually towards the wall, they landed with a heavy thud. Raymond, her cat, who had up until now been contently sleeping in the bedroom trotted out and jumped on the table next to her.

"Why hello there." She pet him on his head and tussled his little ears. "If I don't come back after this mission who is going to take care of you my dear?", suddenly, a wave of dread came over her. What if she wasn't coming back. She picked up Raymond and sat him on top of her. The usually flighty cat just sat and purred. There was something that she needed to do that she had been putting off for quite a while and if she didn't do it now, she might never get the chance.

"Computer, please start recording a letter to Alexa Ulonova, Moscow, Earth."

The computer processed for a moment and signaled that it was ready. Leanne stopped for a moment and thought about it, it almost seemed silly to be writing one of these, but she wished that her father had the same opportunity.

"Hi Mom, unfortunately, if you are getting this, then something terrible happened, and you may have already gotten a visit from an Admiral saying that I served with distinction, did my duty and honor to Star Fleet and the Federation and to uphold its principles. Unfortunately, we've both heard that story before, I think that must be in the training documents you get when you become a flag officer. We are heading into battle tomorrow with a force of Cardassians, Gorns and Tholians. They have decided that a system in Bellatrix is worth sending a bunch of people to die for, and of course we are not allowing them to just have it, I've been put in command of the USS Hope and will be joining the Task Force in the defense of the system. I, I'm not really sure what to expect but, I've been told they don't take prisoners...

I just want you to know that I love you, and that you mean everything to me, and that even though I don't call a lot, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. I may not be going into this fight thinking that it is the right fight, but I am going to be helping people, and ultimately that is the important thing. I'm not sure what else to say, it seems silly writing something that you may never get." she started laughing a little bit. "but I just wanted you to have something in the case that something does happen. I'll have someone here at the base watch over Raymond while I'm gone and hopefully all this is for naught and you never even get this.

Well, I need to do a few more things before we leave, we are heading out at 0800 and I still don't have anything ready yet. Take care of yourself Mom and try and keep out of trouble.

Love, Leanne"

"Computer End recording, send on confirmation of KIA of Lieutenant Commander Leanne Ulonova"

The computer gave a confirmation beep and there was nothing but silence save the light purring of the cat and Leanne's slow shallow breathing. She looked down at the cat who was half asleep on her chest. "I don't want to think about not coming back Raymond." Rubbing his back, he slightly opened one eye and then quickly closed it again.

Thoughts of the morning swirled in her head, who else should she send one to? Bev, Vos, her medical staff? She could feel her eyes starting to get heavy.

"Computer *yawn* begin recording to Commodore Beverly DeVuor Starbase 611

Hi Bev, if you are getting this then things didn't go so well in Bellatrix, either due to something I did, or something that was a freak accident, or who knows what. I just hoped that in the defense I did my best. I want to thank you for everything that you've done for me and I hope that you made it out of there in one piece. No doubt if this does reach you, you are taking it pretty hard. Don't worry, take a deep breath, put that determined face on that you are so good at and move forward, there is no point in worrying about it.

I'm not sure what else to say, hopefully you don't get this and my rambling is just that tired, semi intoxicated rambling.

Take care of yourself and keep fighting.


"Computer End recording, send on confirmation of KIA of Lieutenant Commander Leanne Ulonova" She yawned and pet Raymond again, Just two more to do

"Computer start recording, letter to Lieutenant Helen Lyons, Starbase 611


If you are getting this congrats on your promotion to Chief Medical Officer! I know, sick twisted humor to the end. Just wanted to say good luck on your future medical career, I know your going to do amazingly well, In a weird way I've seen it already and you are amazing.

In case the operation at Bellatrix doesn't go well, I'm leaving an encrypted file with this letter, the password is the name of my furry companion that lives with me here on the station, and I'm not talking about Vos. This file is a copy of Beverly's medical record that may have found its way back here from the future. Take care of her and yourself.

"Computer End recording, send on confirmation of KIA of Lieutenant Commander Leanne Ulonova"

Leanne could feel her eyes starting to close as the rhythmic purring of her cat worked a spell on her.

"Computer last recording, Commander Lorran Vos Starbase-611" The computer beeped and she took a deep breath, this one was going to be the hardest to write, even though they had decided to keep their relationship fairly low key, there definitely was something between the two of them, and this might prevent anything from ever happening.

"Hey there, if you are getting this, then, well something bad more then likely happened and you are probably blaming yourself. I'm sure that if there was something more you could have done you would have. I have loved the time that we've spent together, at first I thought that it was like a little girls infatuation, but can see now that it really was starting to turn into something more. Please don't linger on me, I've seen what happens and it isn't you. Find someone who will make you smile, make you laugh and most importantly someone who won't remind you of me. You have so much to offer and I don't want you wasting it remembering a memory of me.

Always smile, look for the best in people, and we'll always have Florida.

Take care of yourself Vos.


"Computer End recording, send on confirmation of KIA of Lieutenant Commander Leanne Ulonova"

Closing her eyes and leaning her head back she could fee sleep almost taking over her. "Computer time."

"Current time is 01:30 standard station time."

Feeling her body relax and go limp she opened her eyes one last time to look at Raymond, who was fast asleep on top of her, his tail wrapped underneath him. "Computer set wakeup call for 06:00"

The computer beeped and everything went black.


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