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Drawing the Line Against the Light

Posted on Sun Mar 1st, 2009 @ 5:22pm by Captain Jorvin

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly was striding ahead of her group, her mind racing with possibilities and excitment. This could be the greatest discovery of her life. An ancient race long dead, and she would be one of the ones to uncover the secrets of this race. What were they called, what did they look like, even what there religion was.
She flipped open her tricorder as she approached the obelisk. It was massive, standing almost thirty foot high, and it was as black as obsidian, the only thing that was a clear, unfaded colour.
She turned her tricorder to it, but the bio-genic field was confusing the readings. It seemed stronger around the temple and pyramid than anywhere else on the planet.

She couldn't help it, she reached out her hand and ran her fingers across the smooth surface. It was cold to her touch, but an unusual blue aura seemed to radiate from the black stone where her fingers traced some of the engraved hyroglyphics.
She turned her tricorder to make visual recordeings of the markings. At the very least the device would be able to do that.

Leanne looked around at the jungle and got a cold shiver down her back. From what Henk had described at any moment something could leap out the darkness and get her. She moved closer to Captain Jorvin, hopefully if something came after her he would intercept them and protect her. She looked down at her tricorder and noticed that it wasn't showing anything. "Commander I'm not detecting any lifeforms, it looks like the biofield is even stronger here."

Jorvin was more interested in the safety of the Captain and crew, he stood out of the way with his rifle ready and his eyes peeled.

She was too caught up in her own thoughts to fully understand what everyone was saying, and her eyes had caught the temple at the summit of the pyramid. She guessed that the answers she was seeking would be found in the small, apparantly untouched by time, temple at the top.
"We need to go to the temple. What ever may be happening on this planet will most likely have answers up there".
She was now pointing at it. A gleam in her eye as she started to assend the large, beautifully engraved stone steps.

Looking at the pyramids, Leanne thought back to school and an old explorer named Howard Carter and a curse on the tomb he found, "This reminds me of something I read once, about King Toot.. or Tut.. something like that.. do you think that maybe these are all warnings to stay out, a curse or something?"

Henk was just walking around while everybody was looking at the obelisk. He looked around and then to the temple.
“ King Tut was a Egyptian. They believed that anyone who disturbed the resting place of a Pharaoh was cursed.” Henk said. “They build the Pyramids to send the soul of there leaders to the next world. I suggest not going there captain. It’s to much in the shade.”

Jorvin walked closer to the group, "I agree with Henk. It's not wise for such a small group of us to go up there alone."

"I agree, some unusual happening have befallen those that entered a pharaoh's toom, but there again most of it was just words to frighten a very supersticious culture", she stopped to consider what her Officers where saying, and she would be lying if she didn't feel any of the apprehension that they were also feeling. "Would it be better for you Captain", talking to Jorvin, "If only two of us went up there?".

"I do not like the idea of leaving the others alone." Jorvin responded.

Henk looked at the temple. He has been there a couple of times. A piece of this puzzle was in that temple. But inside it was pitch black. A perfect place for these things.
“If you really want to I will scout ahead. I will signal you when it’s safe to come up.” henk said. “But I need a gun.”

"Sorry Mister O'Brien, but that isn't going to happen". Beverly had weight all the options, and decided that gathering information was more important. "Jorvin take point, the rest with me".

Jorvin went to the head of the group and started up the stairs.

Beverly started the asscent to the top of the pyramid, and along the way she was admiring the view, but large black clouds were hanging in the distance. A distance that was closing rapidly.

Leanne Followed Jorvin and Beverly, the whole thing situation gave her a sense of doom. She made sure that her phaser was ready to be pulled in case someone, or something jumped out at them.

Henk walked just behind the team. He picked up a small piece of wood, in case they need it. As they climeb towards the temple henk looked towards the treelines and the entrence of the temple. he was on full alert.

The temple was again a beautiful piece of engraved stone work with a large open arch that lead into a dark, but again equally as elaborate chamber. A small stone work column of waist height in the center of the room.
Beverly went over to it to investigate it further, flipping her tricorder open again to take more visual readings.
"Fan out, see what you can find", she ordered the rest of the team.

Jorvin went off to the left to see what he could find. Not being much of an explorer Jorvin didn't know what to really look for.

The doctor moved to the right, and started to scan the carvings on the wall but she couldn't make out what she was actually looking at, it could be an ancient cooking recipe for all she knew. Looking back Leanne could see the lights coming from the rest of the party which comforted her a bit. Being in the dark of an ancient ruin gave her the creeps.

Henk slowly walked with the team. He didn’t like being in the dark. especially here. Slowly he looked around hoping that his eyes would adjust to the dark. His mouth a bit open just to hear more.

Stalking within the deepest of the shadows something was stirring, watching the team examine the temple, starring the sacred plinth with the alien eyes. One stepped closer, but as the torchlight flashed they saw nothing and were left with only the sensation of the hairs upon the back of their necks rising.
The shadowy figure sunk deeper into the thick darkness keeping a distance between itself and the aliens. Only when one of them reached out to touch the column did it make a defensive noise similar to a growl

Beverly snapped around, what ever it was had startled her, and she could see the rest of the team where the same, including the unflappable Jorvin.

Sensing that something was wrong Jorvin headed over to the Captain. He felt a cold chill run down his spine and could tell that the others had the same sensation. "Are you alright," he asked, looking at the Captain but referring to everyone. Jorvin had his assault rifle ready and was scanning the area with both his eyes and the rifle's built in tricorder.

Leanne pulled her phaser from its holster and held it out at arms length while scanning the area. Nothing was coming up and that bothered her a lot. "Did all of you guys hear that too?" Leanne backed away from the wall towards Jorvin and Beverly. It almost felt like something was watching her through the darkness.

Henk just nodded. He knew this was a bad idea form the start. But these were explorers. Even when he gave them advices that this was dangerous, they would continue.
He looked around, but couldn’t , but because of the temple the sound could come from every direction.

What ever it was hadn't moved back into the shadows fast enough. Beverly could make out a shape, short, skulking around in a corner.
She aimed her palm beacon at, what ever it was. What she saw surprised her even more.
It was a young Human Girl.

Henk was stuck on the ground when he saw the girl. He looked around and then moved a bit closer. He lowered himself so he could looked the girl in the eyes.
“Who are you?” He asked in a soft and gentle voice although he knew he couldn’t get a straight answer

Covering her face with her small hands the girl pressed herself against the walls of the corner as if trying to escape. Sliding down the stone she whimpered fearfully the curtain of red hair masking her majorly of her face, her flora dress was torn and ragged.
"Mummy," she sobbed pressed further into the corner.

Leanne put away her phaser and knelt down trying to make herself look as nonthreatening as possible. "Come here little one, we aren't going to hurt you." she stretched out her arms coaxing the child towards her.

At the Doctors soft words the child lifted her head and drew back the curtain of long hair revealing what use to be a pretty face sprinkled with freckles. Now, however the child's face appeared to be missing a large amount of the pink skin that should have covered her cheeks and forehead. What healthy skin that remained was now highly discolored with large red sores that oozed green pus. Several pieces appeared to be flaking from her jawline as if she had scratched at it. Sickeningly where the skin had previously been removed the away team could see muscle rippling beneath the regrowth where her body had tried to repair the damage.
Her eyes glittered in the torchlight emitting a strange blue hue.
The remaining flesh visible beneath her dress had the same appearance as her face, discolored, covered in larger more vicious sores and larger sections of skin partially upon her scrawny leg had either been torn or simply fell away.
"You shouldn't be here," she whispered the tears being absorbed by her dry skin before they rolled down her chin. "They did this to me, and took my mom."

Henk looked at the girl and then remembered.
“You where the first.” he said in a soft voice.
He looked at the team.
“ We lost a girl and her mother about an hour after we landed. We sent out a search party but they didn’t find them.”
Henk suddenly stood up and looked towards the exit longingly.
“We should go.” he said half panicking “Leave her and go back to the ship. We overstayed our welcome.”

Leanne shot an angry look at Henk... all the fear that was on her face moments before was gone. "I am not leaving her alone in this place, she's sick." The doctor took out her tricorder and started to scan for airborne toxins. "We need to get her back to sickbay so I can treat her."

Jorvin stepped in between Henk and the Doctor. Turning to Henk he said "Calm down Ensign, we will not leave until the Captain gives us orders to leave."

"Thank you Captain".
Beverly was regaining her stomach after seeing the young girls appearance.
"Doctor, take the girl, get her back to the ship".

Leanne closed her tricorder and put it back on her belt and slowly started to walk towards the girl. She looked into the strange blue hue of the girls eyes, "It is ok sweetie, we are going to get you back to the ship and make you better."

But before the Doctor could get a hold of the girl, she release a scream that pierced them right down to the bone. A pitch that wasn't Human and jarring all in the room, an echo bouncing from wall to wall enhancing it.
Beverly stumbled, surprised by the noise, and equally as in pain. Her hands shot to her ears and she stumbled backwards, slamming into the waist high column.

In so doing, a small blue light began to pulse from the glyph on the slanting top edge. Radiating outwards until it filled the room.

The pulsating blue light was the same shade of the child's eyes. The unnatural screaming ceased abruptly and while the team wondered blinded by pain she rose to her feet.

Beverly glanced outside towards the Obelisk, that was now the same shade of pulsing blue. Without warning, and inhuman speed the girl launched into a violent attack, reaching for the one nearest to her which just happened to be the Doctor.

Leanne tried to push the girl away but was quickly knocked to the ground. The girl started to gnaw, kick and punch at her. Any vestige of humanity that was in the girl a moment ago was gone, replaced with some kind of animal brutality.

Henk just swung the piece of wood with all the strength and momentum he could muster. When the wood hit the girl it no affect upon her instead the wood splintered in his hands. Henk looked at the wood and then to the girl. He let go of the wood and slowly began to walk to the exit.

"GET HER OFF ME! HELP!!" The Doctor could feel the girls attacks starting to take a toll on her. She tried to roll the girl off but it seemed like a supernatural power was giving her more power then a full grown adult.

The child baring its teeth hissed as she scratched at the Doctors neck and face leaving deep trails in the wake. With a lunge she leaned closer opening her mouth wider then possibly normal with intention to bite.

Jorvin rushed up and grabbed the girl pulling her off the Doctor. The girl began to claw at him, but he was able to throw her off just in time to see Beverly pull her phaser out.

Beverly pulled her phaser and set it to kill, as the stun setting had no effect on the girl. She went down without a sound, and hit the stone floor with a dull thud.

Henk was now outside. He looked around and saw the obelisk, then he saw the clouds in the distance. He dropped with his back against the wall and just looked ahead.
"We are all gonna die" was all that he muttered

Leanne slowly picked herself off of the ground and stood up. She could feel the bruises already had started to form on her legs and chest and the warm blood that was now trickling down her face and neck. She knelt down next to the now lifeless girl and put a transporter beacon on the body. She wanted to get it back to the Genesis to find out what happened. "Thanks," She clutched her aching her ribs and walked towards Jorvin and Beverly. "What... what is going on?"

"I don't know".
Beverly was now drawn to the obelisk. Running from out of the temple, and out onto the open section just in front of it, slightly out of breath.
A large bead of charged blue energy was being emitted from the tip of the obelisk, charging off into the sky, and no doubt into space.

Her com-badge chirped just as Beverly was speeding down the stairs, attempting to reach the obelisk in a futile attempt to stop it.
=^="Lorran to Commander DeVuor. We've found the...remains of some of the colonists, maybe thirty people, and the crew of the Klingon ship. They've been slaughtered, Commander. It's bad. I'm going to collect material for identification and then return to base camp. I don't want to stay here any longer than I have to and I'll need a larger team if we plan on burying these people."=^=

She hit her badge to respond, "I'll get back to you Commander, we have a situation of our own at the moment".


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